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Chapter 49: Specially targeted! The Trinity of the Great Desolate Army!

By the book, three thousand people was not much.

But it depends on who you compare it with.

Transcendents were inherently difficult to feed.

Not to mention the planet that had just awakened only a month ago!

Opponent Wang Teng built a martial artist planet.

On the planet of Chinese martial arts, the number of martial artists was 108 in total.

All of them had a good aura.

Standing there, they were like 108 ancient beasts.

But in front of the heavily armed Great Desolate Army of 3,000.

Their momentum involuntarily decreased a little.

“Are those martial artists”

Qi glanced at it and immediately ordered: “Get ready.”

The Great Desolate Army had the most experience in facing martial artists.

They immediately took action.

In the front row was a huge shield.

These shields were two meters high.

It took two soldiers from the Great Desolate Army to lift one.

The shields were then stuck into the mound of earth.

Used to block the first wave of the martial artist’s attack.

Due to the limited iron ore in Blue Star, Qi had always been careful.

Every piece of iron was used on the blade.

These shields were all made of iron.

Amazingly thick!

Behind the shield formation, was a formation of spears

These spears were not ordinary spears but specially made.

Each one was over two meters!

Seeing this scene, Jiang Fan nodded slightly.

In his previous life, this formation was used to deal with the king of the feudal era – heavy cavalry!

After the spear formation, it was a squad of numerous archers!

Xia Kingdom’s bow and arrow technology was at its peak.

It had reached the point of no progress.

Qi sat in the middle.

Commanding from the center!

Always ready to support or raid!


Over time, in the middle of the field, the energy wall slowly disappeared.


Officially started!

The tall and strong boy Wang Teng glanced at the lineup of the Great Desolate Army and shouted: “Don’t be afraid, there are many people on the opposite side, but… they are just a group of ordinary people, a group of soft sheep.”

Unlike Jiang Fan, other people had a transcendent planet.

As a planet masters, they would all end up directly communicating with the transcendent beings on the planet.

Some of them even claimed to be gods!

After all……

For planet master, any life on the planet could be easily killed!

This tall boy Wang Teng had established a sect.

He was self-appointed as the Patriarch.

108 martial artists also reacted, from the surprise just now.

The big guy in the lead licked his lips and shouted: “Sect Master is right, these ordinary people are like sheep.”

“It looks like a lot, but in fact…”

“If a tiger kills one, the other sheep will run away in fright.”

“And we.”

“That’s 108 tigers!”


“Directly disperse these ordinary people!”

The big man in the lead raised his machete and shouted.

The voice fell.

He took the lead and charged.

Wang Teng and the leader of the big man’s understanding was not wrong.

There had been duels between ordinary and transcendent civilizations in the past!

In fact, that’s what happened.

Ordinary people looked at the crowd but Transcendents charged.

Most of the ordinary people were so frightened that they ran away in a panic.

Hating their parents for giving birth to two less legs.

It’s just that……

Those were just ordinary people and the Great Desolate Army here was a regular army that had fought hundreds of battles!

There had never been an ordinary planet before.

That could be like Blue Star.

With so many people.

Naturally, they couldn’t afford to form an army!

The speed of the martial artists was quite fast.

In the blink of an eye, they crossed a large distance.

There was no hint of panic in the Great Desolate Army.

The sound of arrows breaking through the air sounded.

Arrows rained down.

Keep rushing towards these martial artists!





The fierce martial artists kept advancing while fending off these arrows.

“Get ready!”

A general watched this scene indifferently, and immediately raised his right hand!

Behind him, a team of archers picked up the arrows in their hands.

This archery team was divided into small teams of three.

Specially used to deal against martial artists.

The martial artist’s jumping ability was very strong.

One step could reach nearly ten meters and just as these martial artists took off into the air, they hadn’t even landed yet.

The arrows in the archery team’s hand shot out.

The three-person team each targeted the same martial artist.

But the specific parts were different!

Aimed at the top, middle and bottom respectively!

The martial artist was completely sealed off.

The martial artists in mid-air were unable to move around.

They could only use a knife to block it!

This way, more flaws were revealed!


A scream sounded.

A martial artist who jumped in mid-air was directly shot in the leg by an arrow.

It fell from the air.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh……

From the archery team.

One after another, an endless stream of arrows came out!

Aimed specifically at those martial artists who jumped into mid-air!

As for the other archers.

They covered the whole area.

No room for martial artists to dodge!!!


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