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Chapter 5: First Life! Birth!

In a hot spring with boiling water.

A microorganism that could adapt to high temperatures was born—Thermophilic bacteria!

Although it was just a tiny bacterium, but it could also be considered a creatureMeaning… This small planet, which was less than a kilometer long, gave birth to the first life.

To become a real life planet.

This represented the successful awakening of the planet

Jiang Fan became a planet master.

Seeing this tiny thermophilic bacterium, Jiang Fan heaved a sigh of relief!

At the same time, Jiang Fan noticed that the panel in his mind had also changed—

【Planet Name: None

Planet level:1

(The newly born planet is extremely fragile and unstable.

If one is careless, it would disappear like a meteor.)

Planet diameter:0.9 km

(The size of the planet depends on the life force of the planet.

The stronger the life force, the larger the planet.)

Planet species: 1

Deduction route: None】

“The diameter of the planet is a little more” Jiang Fan raised his eyebrows.

It was not too strange.

The size of a planet completely depended on the life of a planet.

The so-called life depended on the following three aspects——

Life level of the planet.

For example, humans were considered high-level life forms.

It provided more life than a lion.

A lion’s health level was higher than a grass.

Naturally, the life force provided was even more.

And so on.

As for the lowest level of life like thermophilic bacteria, their life force was pitifully low.

Number of life on the planet.

The more life, the stronger the life force of the planet.

Planet species richness.

The richer the planet, the higher their life force.

Now, Jiang Fan only had one life on this planet.

It was also the lowest-grade microorganism.

Naturally, there wasn’t much life force.

A planet over a kilometer in diameter.

Putting it outside, it could be said that it was the lowest existence.

But Jiang Fan was not in a hurry.

The evolution of this planet had just begun.

The birth of thermophilic bacteria was only the first step.

There would be more and more life after that!

“I’ll name the planet Blue Star first.”

Jiang Fan looked at the planet and found a familiar name.

The surface of the planet was no longer earthy yellow.

Instead, most of the area was covered by the ocean.

It was slightly blue.

It’s name was Blue Star!

Jiang Fan checked.

He discovered that there was still a quarter of the origin energy left.

Origin energy was very expensive outside.

Ordinary families could not afford it.

Only when awakened, only the authorities would provide one free copy.

Jiang Fan did not want to waste it.

He continued to consume the remaining energy to speed up the evolution of Blue Star.

As the owner of this planet, Jiang Fan could clearly sense all the changes happening on the planet.

Inside the warm ocean, the number of thermophilic bacteria slowly increased.

As time passed, other microorganisms began to appear.

The first ones were the same as thermophilic bacteria, the lowest grade Prokaryote.

Time continued to pass.

Prokaryotes evolved into protozoa.

It was still the most primitive, simplest, and lowest creature.

However, the structure and functions had changed a lot.

A protozoan called Cyanophyta, it evolved a characteristic that allowed photosynthesis.

This kind of algae had strong adaptability.

It could endure high temperatures, freezing, lack of oxygen, dryness, high salinity, strong radiation, and other harsh environments.

Algae and some bacteria continued to photosynthesize.

They created a large amount of oxygen.

For the birth of a higher-level life, it provided sufficient conditions.

At the same time in the ocean, there were some eukaryotic creatures with real nuclei, such as primitive sponges and jellyfish-like creatures.

This also represented the birth of real animals and plants.

Animals and plants were higher-level creatures.

It could bring extraordinary life force to the planet.

Due to the increase in life force.

The planet was also gradually growing bigger!

At this point, three hundred million years had passed since the birth of the planet.

Other than the evolution of life.

There were also huge changes on the surface of the planet.

There was more and more water.

The oxygen content slowly increased.

The land gradually disappeared.

Almost all of them were submerged by the ocean.

All creatures were born in the ocean.

Due to the good environment Jiang Fan had set up, the development of the species was much faster than Earth in his previous life.

At this stage, Jiang Fan had no choice but to stop because the origin energy had been completely exhausted!

Jiang Fan could only stop the acceleration of the planet.

The size of the planet had also taken shape.

From the very beginning, it was less than a kilometer.

Now, it had grown to its current size.

In his mind, the panel data was shown——

【Planet Name: Blue Star

Planet Level: Level 1

Planet diameter: 35.2 km

Planet species: 215 (does not include microorganisms and other lower life forms.

There is no further notification.)

Deduction route: None】

Even though they were all normal life forms, there were many different types and numbers.

It provided a lot of life force.

The size of the entire planet had skyrocketed to a shocking level.

Those Extraordinary stars outside.

Despite their high level, the quantity and variety were far inferior.

To the newly awakened Extraordinary planet, to be able to have five or six species, one could be considered a genius.

Use quantity to supplement quality.

This was Jiang Fan’s strategy.

At the same time, the awakening of the others outside was also coming to an end.


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