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Chapter 50: A one-sided massacre! The first battle is a success!





A rain of arrows poured down like locusts passing through.

It was all over the place!

Among the densely packed arrows, the 108 martial artists first sneered and blocked with their blades!

But with the passage of time, each of these martial artists’ hands was getting sore.

This time…… There was no end to it!

Arrows were completely non-stop!

Qi made preparations during these years.

It was revealed at this time.

The Xia Kingdom had built an unknown number of crossbows and arrows!

At this moment, it was impossible for martial artists to get close!

The three-man hunting team was firing at the same time!


There was another scream.

A tall and sturdy martial artist fell from mid-air.

Tightly holding his right leg!

Upper, middle and bottom……

The bottom was the most difficult to defend.

In addition, the arrows from the three-man team were extremely tricky.

If one of these martial artists was not careful.

It’ll get shot!



Two more screams.

The two martial artists who were closer fell in response to the sound.

One arrow was in the thigh and another arrow was in the abdomen!

Such injuries were not considered fatal for martial artists.

However, it was impossible to continue fighting in a short period of time.

Such a three-person team was the bow and arrow combination researched by the Transcendental Research Group, specifically designed to target martial artists!

It looked simple but the cooperation and tacit understanding among them was been years of hard work!

Gradually, as the martial artist’s stamina and concentration decreased, the screams grew more and more, one after another!

At this time, the big man at the front line was not even close to the huge shield formation yet!

The remaining martial artists could not help but feel a trace of fear and did not dare to move forward.

“Trash, a bunch of trash.”

Seeing this scene, the tall and strong boy Wang Teng couldn’t help but curse, “Those are all ordinary people, what are you doing Why are you being **ed so badly by a group of ordinary people!”


“Attack for me!”

“Charge over, charge into their army.”

“Tigers enter the flock of sheep!”

“What follows is a one-sided slaughter.”

Wang Teng shouted with anger!

Affected by this, the remaining martial artists also regained some of their courage.

They screamed and kept rushing up but the mind was in disarray.

Not to mention the formation was as if a vicious dog was pouncing on food.

A swarm of people!


Seeing these chaotic martial artists, who actually rushed towards the shield formation.

The general in command gave a direct order.


That was, every archer no longer cooperates.

See the opportunity for yourself.

Hit the enemy with precision and deadly strikes!

Instantly, a stream of arrows, like a life-threatening rope, pouncing on one headless martial artist after another!

Aimed at the weak points of their insteps, thighs and heads, under the dense rain of arrows, no martial artist could survive……

This seemingly short but unreachable journey!

Screams resounded one after another!

Just for a moment, on the ground, there were a dozen more martial artists who were hit by arrows.


The remaining martial artists were afraid.

Facing the 3,000 troops of the Great Desolate Army, a look of fear appeared on their face.

A martial artist shouted.

Followed by……

Turned around and ran away frantically.

The other martial artists seemed to have been infected.

They also ran away.

Only the first few people were left behind!

“Shoot him!”

Qi himself gave the order.

He pointed at the burly man with the knife.

Immediately, almost all of the arrows were aimed at this big man.

Thousands of arrows pounced one after another!

Even if this big man was the strongest of all martial artists, he couldn’t resist either.

In the eyes of horror, the big man with the knife was shot into a hornet’s nest!

The rest of the martial artists were horrified!

There was no more hesitation.

They turned around and ran away!

Seeing this scene, Wang Teng’s hands in the battle room were trembling slightly.

The man with the knife was the one he was trying his best to nurture.

He was one of the most talented martial artists.


He actually died on the battlefield!

“All troops in pursuit!”

Qi waved his long sword and pointed forward.

The shield formation, spear formation and archery formation slowly moved forward, approaching the martial artists!

Because this was the arena, the space was limited.

With such a slow pace could also catch up with agile martial artists.

The martial artists at this time were shrinking in the other corner of the battlefield like quails.


After the Great Desolate Army approached, another round of arrows rained down.

These martial artists had no room to retreat.

They totally became a live target.

There were continuous screams.

Martial artists were constantly being shot into hedgehogs!


“I surrender!”

In the battle room, no matter how unwilling, Wang Teng still helplessly raised his hand!

No more surrendering.

He had painstakingly trained these martial artists.

They were going to be shot to death!

The referee next to him——

A level two planet master immediately terminated the game.

A white flag appeared in the sky above the battlefield of the martial artist.

Announcing the end of the game!

First battle……

The Great Desolate Army won the victory step by step!!


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