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Chapter 52: Fatal weakness! The biggest dark horse!

This fatal weakness of the Gollum monster was discovered by accident.

It was……


Extreme greed!

They were even more greedy than the legendary dragons!

Once they would see the shiny gems or gold coins, these Gollum monsters wouldn’t walk away.

For a piece of gold, they would even fight with their own companions!

Taking advantage of this, Qi rushed to transport a batch of yellow and orange-gold coins and crystal clear gems from the Xia Kingdom’s Treasury and threw it to the opposite field with a stone thrower.

Next, let the Great Desolate Army retreat some distance.

Sit back and wait for these Gollum monsters to fight.

As expected, there was no external threat.

These Gollum monsters’ sanity was completely outmatched by their nature!

They crawled out of the cave and bounced straight on the gold coins and gems on the ground.

The Great Desolate Army was also based on the number of heads of Gollum monsters.

They controlled the number of gems and gold coins.

Some of the Gollum monsters who didn’t grab it had the coveted look.

Soon, they started to fight!

One member of the transcendental team came up with an even better idea.

Just let the archer hang the gold coins on the arrows, then shoot it out.

Surprisingly, these Gollum monsters didn’t dodge at all.

Instead, they used their hands to try to pick off the gold coins from the arrows.

Even though several Gollum monsters got shot.

The other Gollum monsters also remained the same.

The opponent in this battle was the first to suffer.

He surrendered directly!

For one gold coin, the battlefield was full of foolishness.

It was really too humiliating.

This TM…… who could stand it.

But there was no way around it.

Who told him that the initial energy he transformed was the most suitable for cultivating these greedy monsters.


Of the first six matches, these Gollum Monsters were the trickiest of all.

If it wasn’t for the fact that a scholar had discovered the weakness of the Gollum monster, the Great Desolate Army would probably have to pay a heavy price.

To be able to defeat these ugly monsters, after this battle, Qi also paid more attention to the Transcendental Research team.

He decided to add more scholars in the next match.

After three days of rest, the seventh match of the group stage continued.

The opponent’s strength was not strong, and it was a low-level civilization planet.

Transcendental species were also common on the planet.

It brought no trouble at all.

The Great Desolate Army won easily!

The eighth match was a crucial match!

The opponent’s strength was stronger than before.

But in front of the well-prepared Great Desolate Army, there was still not much resistance.

It took less than half an hour and the opponent surrendered!

So far, in the first eight matches, the Great Desolate Army surprised everyone.

With eight consecutive wins, they had the initiative to qualify!

In the first group, a dark horse suddenly appeared.

An unknown male student actually also won the first eight matches and became the biggest dark horse of the big competition!

Exactly the same as Jiang Fan’s battle record!

The last match was between Jiang Fan and this dark horse.

Whoever won, would get the only qualifying spot!

Jiang Fan had not been idle during this time.

The strength of the Great Desolate Army was crushing but Jiang Fan was not careless.

He collected videos of one opponent after another.

Using light projection, it was transmitted to Qi on the Blue Star.

Qi was also very serious.

During the rest time, he was leading the Transcendental Research team to watch these videos over and over again.

At the same time, matches of other groups were also almost near the end.

The situation of many groups was already very clear.

Not as big as the first group to watch.


Near the end of the afternoon.

The ninth match was the last game officially started.

Inside the viewing room.

There were a lot more teachers gathered around.

Everyone was concerned about who could get the only qualifying spot in the match between Jiang Fan and this big dark horse!!


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