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Chapter 53: The battle for the top spot in the group! Serpent Planet!

Unlike before, this time, all the teachers put away their contempt for Jiang Fan.

They began to discuss seriously.

“This student named Fang Yan, whose awakening diameter is less than 25 kilometers, can actually create such a powerful race.

I am very optimistic about him.” A teacher said.

Many teachers nodded in agreement because there were already eight games ahead.

Everyone knew the situation of the planet of the biggest dark horse “Fang Yan”, he had an intermediate civilization!

He was still cultivating an intermediate civilization, an extremely rare and powerful race –

The Serpents!

It impressed many people.

Of course, there were also people who were optimistic about Jiang Fan.

Inside the viewing room, Tong Zhensheng and Qiu Yunfei were already standing, waiting for the match to start.

At the same time, the situation of the other four students of Jiangcheng No.

7 Middle School had basically settled!

Tang Qingqing was ranked sixth, in her group

She was standing out, her strength crushed the crowd.

She quickly won nine games in a row and easily got the qualifying spot.

As for the average strength of Ma Songtao and the square-faced boy, they won less and lost more in the group.

They had been eliminated early.

Jun Hao whose diameter of the Awakened Planet was similar to Tang Qingqing’s was not so lucky and was classified as a recognized death team.

In the beginning, it was also smooth sailing, singing high.

The first six games were all wins but in the seventh and eighth match.

He consecutively lost to the two geniuses of No.

1 Middle School and Jin Yao Middle School!

In this way, they lost their chance to qualify.


The only hope that remained was on Jiang Fan.


Outside the battle room, Jiang Fan met Fang Yan, the big dark horse in the same group –

A skinny guy!

Fang Yan just glanced at Jiang Fan.

There was a hint of arrogance in his eyes.

He went straight into the battle room.

Jiang Fan smiled slightly.

It was not taken to heart.

“So what if the awakened planet is of average diameter”

Fang Yan sat on the chair in the battle room, clenched his fists slightly, and thought to himself, “I, Fang Yan can still create a powerful civilization!”

“Qualifying from the group is just the beginning.”

“My goal……”

“Is the winner of this Grand Competition!”

Fang Yan’s eyes showed a trace of pride and confidence!

On Jiang Fan’s side, he did not think too much.

All attention was placed on the Great Desolate Army who was about to enter the arena.

This time the opponent’s match video, Jiang Fan also sent it to Qi.

Because the opponent was not easy.

Qi had only three consecutive days.

He was discussing strategies with the research team!


Passage opened.

The Great Desolate Army entered the arena with ease and familiarity.

The competition followed……

Officially started!

The venue for this competition was a desert.

Jiang Fan was a little surprised when he saw that.

The venue was immediately drawn.

Jiang Fan could only lament that the other party’s luck was really good.


Desert terrain was very favorable for the Serpents!

It could be said that it was a natural home for them!

On soft sand, it was difficult for unusual creatures to walk.

But for the serpents, it was smoother than flat ground.

When a giant snake man with a giant snake tail, a human head and a snake body appeared in the desert, the faces of Tong Zhensheng and Qiu Yunfei in the viewing room couldn’t help but change slightly!

“It turned out to be desert terrain!”

“Jiang Fan is in trouble now.

The strength of the serpents in the desert should at least…… be increased by two folds!”

“This battle…… is difficult!”

There was a lot of talk among the teachers.

Jiang Fan was also observing these serpents.

Their body shape was huge.

It was up to three meters or more!

The surface was covered with thick blue-black scales!

Under the glow of light, there was a hint of danger.

A long snake letter spited out from their mouth.

It was intimidating!

The number was even greater.

With a glance over, there were around three hundred heads.

This was also since the group fought.

One of the most numerous and strongest opponents that the Great Desolate Army had encountered!!


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