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Chapter 54: Powerful Serpents! Xia Kingdom’s big killer!

Jiang Fan’s estimation was not wrong.

The number of Serpents was exactly 300.

A lot of them had just awakened a month ago.

There were so many transcendent beings.

It could be said that it was extremely rare!

On the Great Desolate Army’s side, Qi’s face was obviously a lot more dignified than usual.

Qi did not dare to be careless in this battle.

The number of the Great Desolate Army was directly increased to five thousand.

Followed by a fifty-member transcendental research team, both sides were in the desert.

Each set up their own formation!

Unlike the previous opponents, the Serpents were born warriors.

They didn’t require much training.

Naturally, they knew how to cooperate and battle in the formation!

Not the least bit messy, a giant snake man with a human head and a snake body also held a huge bone trident in his hands!

The Transcendental Research Team observed for a moment.


These tridents should be……

Made from the bones of other large creatures on the Serpent Planet.

It also seems to have a trace of transcendent’s aura.

No ordinary beast bones could be compared.

A huge body of up to three meters tall plus the giant trident that was almost as tall as the snake’s body!

The oppression given to the Great Desolate Army was unprecedented!

The Great Desolate Army followed the previous way of fighting.

Foremost was……

Giant shield formation!

Behind it was the spear formation!

After the spear formation, it was the largest number of archers.

This was also the main killing power!

“There are actually weapons!”

Qi frowned slightly.

A group of scholars from the Transcendental Research Group also frowned one by one.

“Warriors of the Serpents.”

Fang Yan’s voice rang out over the giant snake men, saying, “Kill them! Smash these weak mole ants!”

On this serpent planet, Fang Yan directly transformed into a god, guiding the growth and cultivation of all the serpents from above!

The Serpent was another race that worshiped gods.

Fang Yan’s order was very compliant!

Immediately, a giant serpent man who was dragging his huge snake tail, glided quickly across the sand!

The sandy surface was soft enough to trap an ordinary person.

The snake man walked on it.

Yet it was easier than flat ground.

“Release the arrows!”

Qi personally commanded.

Arrows shot out in an instant!

Flying towards the fast-approaching giant snake man.

A team of 3,000 archers collectively fired a rain of arrows.

All the enemies fell like locusts, in the previous eight matches.

That was the most famous killing move of the Great Desolate Army!

Many teachers were a little stunned by this!

However, faced with this terrible rain of arrows.

These huge snake men were not anxious.

They stopped moving forward.

Then they lowered their head.

The snake’s head and the thick blue-black scales on its back were exposed!





Arrows shot on these blue-black scales made a crisp sound!

But it didn’t hurt the scales half a point!

Due to the smoothness of the scales, some of the arrows just slid away.

A round of arrows came down.

Three thousand arrows were blocked by the thick blue-black scales on the back of the snake man!

Not a single snake was injured or killed.

“Against your greatest killer, how could I be unprepared”

Inside the viewing room.

Seeing this scene, Fang Yan sneered: “The scale armor of the snake people is one of their greatest talents!”

“With these ordinary arrows……”

“Don’t even think about breaking the defense!”


“Arrows…… ineffective!”

After seeing the snake man’s perverted scale armor, Qi immediately made a judgment.

With such a perverted defense, it was impossible to take advantage of the number of arrows.

Ordinary arrows shot through.

It was like a toothpick stabbing a steel plate!

No matter how many were shot, none of them worked.

It was the first time that unbeatable arrow rain attack lost effect!


There was no panic in Qi’s heart.

Arrow Rain Attack!

It was also just one of the most common and conventional tactics of the Great Desolate Army!

The trump card of the Great Desolate Army was not quite issued yet!

“We have to use the big killer!”

Qi’s gaze was slightly fixed.

The decision was made in an instant!!


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