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Chapter 55: Amazing killer! The talent of the snake man!

Jiang Fan watched all the videos of Fang Yan’s previous eight matches.

He then conveyed everything to Qi by projection.

Qi and the people in the research team studied it for unknown times.

For the characteristics of the Serpents, various strategies were developed.

The snake people’s perverted back scales.

It was within Qi’s expectation.

“Prepare the crossbow!”

Qi waved his hand.

At the very back of the Great Desolate Army.

Ten big structures covered in cloth revealed their faces!


There were ten large crossbows!

In Jiang Fan’s previous life, the crossbow was in the age of cold weapons.

It was a super-enhanced version of the normal bow.

Its power was immense.

A crossbow was able to span distances of hundreds of meters.

It was then nailed into the thick wall.

These were the Xia Kingdom’s crossbows.

The craftsmanship was more mature than in his previous life.

It had more power and had more range!

Each crossbow could be manipulated with as few as twenty soldiers.

On top of the crossbows, the arrows were already filled.

These arrows were thicker than the spears of ordinary soldiers.

All around, the archery team’s arrow rain attack didn’t stop there.

The main purpose was to cover the firing of the crossbow.

They didn’t let their opponent find out in advance.

Dang! Dang! Dang!……

The sound of arrows falling on the blue-black scales kept ringing.

After the snake people gradually get used to the arrow rain of this intensity.

Fang Yan shouted: “Snake warriors, go ahead and kill the opposite side!”


The leader of the Snake-People Tribe shouted.

Immediately, the entire snake people race was boiling with enthusiasm!

As they came forward, Qi seized the opportunity and shouted loudly, “Fire!”

In an instant, arrows on top of ten crossbows launched in unison.

They were shooting directly at the tall snake people in the front!

On a wide battlefield, the lethality of the crossbow was actually limited.


On this small battlefield, the Serpents were in dense formation.

Plus there was no defense.

Feeling a huge cracking sound, the snake head directly bent and used the thick scales on the back to resist!


A huge crossbow’s arrow broke through the air and shot right in the back of a giant snake man!

There was only a “poof” sound.

The blue-black scales of the snake man were ripped straight open!

The huge crossbow arrow penetrated the entire body of the snake man!

Even that huge force took this snake man and flew backward.

It pounced the snake man in the back really hard.

The two snake people couldn’t help rolling into a ball!

As for the other nine crossbow’s arrows, half of them fell short and half of them landed precisely on the snake-men.

The entire thick scales and snake body of snake people were torn apart!

There was a hoarse scream.

Seeing this horrible scene, other snake people who were still advancing, stopped in unison.

A hint of fear appeared in their eyes.

“It worked.”

Qi, on the other hand, breathed a sigh of relief!

Not to be outdone by this force, he had been insisting on building such a large-scale destruction weapon that could not see any use at the beginning!

“Holy **…… What kind of weapon is this”

“So much power!”

“Actually, it can’t be stopped by a snake man with a strong physical body”

Inside the viewing room, the teachers were also surprised.

Most of what they saw in the past was a showdown between transcendents.

Weapons were also relatively monotonous.

They had never seen such a large crossbow.

Fang Yan in the sparring room clenched his teeth and stared deadly at the crossbows in the Great Desolate Army’s formation.

“There is still such a trump card hidden.”


“I also have trump cards!”

“Serpent warriors!”

“There is no need to fear!”

“Use your innate divine ability to destroy your opponents!”

Fang Yan’s voice resounded in the sky above the Serpents.

The look of fear in the eyes of the serpents gradually dissipated.

Followed by a few of the largest of these snake men, the pupil inside their snake’s eye,  gradually turned into a thin line.

Within the thin line, there seemed to be some terrifying fluctuations coming out!

The soldiers of the Great Desolate Army looked suspiciously at this move of the snake people.


In the next moment, in the forefront, the body actually stiffened little by little of the soldiers behind the shield formation.

The whole person stood there like a stone, unable to move at all!

That tall and mighty soldier suddenly stiffened from the feet to the head.

The skin of the body became like a layer of lime.

It became gray!!


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