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Chapter 56: Terrifying talent! King’s research team!


“It’s a petrification technique!”

“A snake person of a first-class planet is able to awaken such a natural divine ability!”


Inside the viewing room, every teacher felt that it was unbelievable.

The reason why serpents were recognized as a powerful race in the intermediate civilization was the terrifying talent of “petrification”!

It was able to ignore almost any defense.

Furthermore, it could even cross levels.

Let the opponent who sees the eyes of the snake man……

Directly petrified!

In the previous competition, there was a snake-human race cultivated by a talented student.

One of the leaders took advantage of this magical power and a single snake took the opponent—

An advanced civilization was petrified.

It was shocking!

Today, everyone saw this race again.


Tong Zhen Sheng’s slightly discolored face said with a hint of gratitude, “There are only a few snake people who have awakened this divine ability!”

One successful awakening was scary enough.

If there were three hundred snake people on the battlefield and all had petrification, then there was no need to play this game.

Not to mention the 5,000 troops of the Great Desolate Army.

Even if this amount was doubled tenfold, it would still be all petrified!


On the side of the Great Desolate Army, the soldiers at the forefront were being petrified and solidified.

The soldiers in the back.

They looked at the changes in their comrades in front of them.

Couldn’t help but be a little confused!

Faced with this bizarre scene, the Transcendental Research team in the back was also stunned.

This was the first time that the snake people had shown this trump card in the competition.

Naturally, there was no previous video.

A female scholar picked up the binoculars.

She wanted to see what was going on.

A few moments later, her whole body stiffened.

Same as the soldiers in the front.

A grayish-white color rose from the soles of her feet!

“Don’t…… Look at the eyes……”

This female scholar only said these few words and the whole body was petrified!

Everyone was shocked.

“Eyes, it’s their eyes!”

A male scholar specializing in transcendental animals immediately reacted and sharply said, “Give the order, don’t look at the eyes of these snake people!”

Qi was not far from here.

Naturally, he heard this.

After a slight daze, he couldn’t figure out why, but still, he immediately shouted, “Keep your heads down, all of you!”

The Great Desolate Army took obedience as its duty.

In an instant, all of them lowered their heads.

This included members of the Transcendental Research team.

After lowering their heads, everyone was surprised to find out.

All around this bizarre petrification phenomenon, there was no continuation.

This time, the male scholar just explained quickly: “This should be a kind of talent of snake people.

It is a divine ability.

Anyone who sees their eyes will be solidified!”

“What should we do now”

A young scholar asked anxiously.

In just a while, among the 5,000 troops of the Great Desolate Army, the front row was almost completely solidified.

Some of the soldiers behind were also solidified!

“Don’t look into their eyes yet!”

The male scholar said, after a pause, he added, “If we can blindfold them, or if our soldiers don’t look at……”

Speaking of which.

The male scholar could not go on.

If the Great Desolate Army didn’t see the snake man.


How else could they attack!

Even arrows couldn’t be aimed!

As for blindfolding the snake man’s eyes.

That’s even more impossible.

Others also frowned, stumped by the surprise.

Fortunately, the leader of the snake man on the opposite side was releasing petrification.

The other snake people next to him didn’t dare to move forward.


A young soldier suddenly said, “We can use…..

the third set of plans that we used to deal with the Gollum monsters!”

Qi gave it a little thought, then he remembered.

At that time, when they were targeting the Gollum monsters, there were several options.

The one finally adopted, the way to cast gold coins and gems.

The third set of plans had not been implemented.

“Prepare immediately…… Fire attack!”

Qi made an immediate decision and decisively ordered!

Immediately, the large pots were carried up by the soldiers and placed on the projectile.

The stone thrower, which had been ready for a long time, started quickly.

The big pots were fired.

The pots arced through the air.

They fell into the Snake-People’s camp at the same time.


When the very lightly made pots hit the giant body of the snake man and broke in an instant, some were pierced directly by the serpents with their tridents!


The kerosene contained inside the large pot leaked out, flowing onto the surrounding desert.

The stone thrower in the back continued.

Large pots kept pouring over.

After a while, on the ground where the snake men were, almost all were penetrated by kerosene!

It emitted a pungent smell.

“Release the arrows!”

Qi ordered loudly.

The arrow team was replaced by rockets!

In an instant, thousands of arrows were fired!

The target was not the snake man on the opposite side.

Rather, it was the kerosene on the ground.

puff! puff! puff!……

A rocket broke through the air.

Some were blocked by tridents, but most still fell on the ground.

In an instant, huge flames shot up into the sky!

Enveloping the huge body of the snake men in it.

“Damn it!”

Fang Yan in the battle room cursed secretly but there was only a slight frown.

Serpents were transcendent creatures and they also had thick scales.

They were not afraid of this ordinary fire.

The snake people also responded quickly.

While they were burying their huge bodies in the sand, they also used the sand to put out the fire by sweeping the sand around with a huge snake tail!


The purpose of the Great Desolate Army was not to attack by fire!

That kerosene oil was specially made.

A lot of other substances were added to it.

Once ignited, there would be a thick smoke of fire!

As the fire grew larger, the smoke rolled up.

The line of sight of the entire competition venue was almost blocked!

Until this moment, most of the teachers were watching the game.

Only then did they see the real purpose of the rocket launch.

In this way, neither side could see the opposite side.

The petrification of several snake people didn’t work any longer!

“Not bad.”

Jiang Fan, who had been observing the situation, showed a smile.

The moment the bodies of the people of the Great Desolate Army solidified, Jiang Fan then thought of the words “petrification”.

But there was no reminder.

Instead, he let the Great Desolate Army discover it on their own.

Qi and others were doing a great job.

It was soon discovered and quickly thought of a solution!

Take advantage of the illness to kill!

While the smoke was rolling up, Qi immediately ordered.

The soldiers at the back activated their crossbows again.

A huge amount of arrows were fired!

They achieved great results by this!

A snake man who only buried his body in the sand reacted slower.

In addition, the surrounding flames were blazing.

Their formations were even denser!

Ten huge arrows fell!

There were seven hits.

One shot through the huge body of the snake man and nailed it directly to the ground.

Other snake men rushed out of the sand.

They would rather……

Endure the thick smoke, and didn’t want to be pierced by such a big arrow.

At the same time, the 1,000 Great Desolate Army that had been waiting for a long time, started to move.

They were divided into two teams.

Five hundred people as a pair.

Respectively, from the left and right directions.

Straight into both sides of the snake formation.

Above the sky, large pots and rockets were constantly being fired at these sides.

Providing cover for their operations!

These elite cavalrymen were going to finish the final part of the match with a fatal blow!!


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