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Chapter 57: Despair and admitting defeat! Group leader!

Around the three hundred snake men, this was the area with the highest concentration of kerosene and rocket fire.

Soon, in these locations, huge flames were burning.

There was a wide fire path!

Three fire paths plus the field restrictions behind tightly surrounded the snake men in the middle!

Although the thick scales on the back of these snake people were not afraid of fire!


The scales on the abdomen were not so thick.

It looked softer.

When it was touched by fire, it was still very painful.

This was also after the Transcendental Research Team had studied the video several times.

The conclusion reached!

The abdomen of the snake man was the weak point.

But they were able to put their snake heads down before.

They were using their back to meet the enemy.

Thus they were avoiding this weakness.


Under the double threat of the giant crossbow and the fire, it was not that easy.

These snake men were dodging shots from the giant crossbow while they were desperately sweeping the sand with the snake’s tail to put out the flames around.

Two cavalry units moved quickly to the periphery of the fire path.

With goggles on them, they could be temporarily free from dense smoke.

The senses of smell and touch of the snake people that were trapped in the sea of fire were greatly affected.

They didn’t even realize that cavalry was coming.

Cavalrymen with long bows started shooting towards the weak spots of the snake people – the snake belly!

The soft snake belly could not block the impact of the arrow.


A strange scream of misery came out from one of the closest snake men.

An arrow was hit in the abdomen and the blood was dripping out.

The other cavalrymen were not to be outdone.

Arrows were released!

Although this was a collective battle, there was a difference in the military service of each person specifically.

The arrows in their hands kept shooting out!

The targets were all the abdomen of the snake-man.

A giant snake-man was trapped in a tunnel of fire, it became a direct and live target.

There were constant screams of misery.

Snake men were constantly being hit by arrows!

A few giant snake people finally couldn’t take it anymore and rushed over!


The cavalry general immediately waved his hand.

A group of cavalrymen quickly retreated.

The snake man had to dash through the wide fire path.

It simply couldn’t catch up with them.

Waiting for these angry snake men to return, the cavalrymen were back and were drawing their bows and shooting!

The enemy advanced and they retreated.

The enemy retreated and they disturbed.

That was the annoying thing about cavalrymen.

After a few rounds, the cavalrymen didn’t get hit at all.

There were a dozen snake people with arrows in their abdomens.

“Charge! Charge out for me!”

“You are the bravest snake warriors!”

Fang Yan in the battle room opened his eyes wide and shouted extremely unwillingly!


He would never allow himself to fail here!

The snake people assembled again towards the shield formation in the front, making the final death charge!

Under the rush, it simply didn’t hold the formation well.

Many snake people even exposed their weak spots, abdomen.

Qi also gave the order to attack!

Huge arrows and normal arrows were shot at them.

That was a crazy attack!

The attack of the two cavalries on either side became even more intense.

The arrows came one after another and kept shooting into the abdomens of these snake men!


The first Serpent began to die in battle!

Immediately afterward, it was the second one!

Third one!


“I admit defeat!”

In the battle room, after realizing the powerless situation, Fang Yan tightly clenched his palm and his nails almost pierced the flesh.

But he still had to surrender!

It was a great battle with extremely amazing scenes.

This was the end!

Jiang Fan…… Got the final victory!


“This actually…… won!”

Inside the viewing room, many people were in disbelief about the results!

Originally, after the Snake Man performed Petrification, many teachers almost unanimously believed that Jiang Fan would lose.

But nobody expected that the methods of the Great Desolate Army followed one after another would abruptly turn the situation around.

They even killed the Snake Men without the power to fight back!


On the side of the Great Desolate Army, not even a single soldier was killed or injured!

“Win, I qualified!”

Tong Zhensheng and Qiu Yunfei both breathed a sigh of relief!

So far, Jiang Fan’s matches were all over!

He won nine matches with zero casualties!

It did not seem easy, but in fact, it was relatively easy to win this group, the only qualifying spot!

He successfully advanced to the top 32!

Other group matches were also pretty much underway.

Next, there was the elimination round where the difficulty level increased!!


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