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Chapter 58: A big fall! The shocked crowd!

Jiang Fan slowly walked out of the battle room.

He exhaled slightly.

For the group matches, Jiang Fan didn’t put in much effort.

He was watching like an audience.

All strategies and methods were developed by Qi and the Transcendental Research team.

Jiang Fan raised his head and looked at the schedule map projected above!

There were thirty-two groups.

Only a few matches were left to go and the number of qualifying spots was all out!

There was almost no suspense.

All players broke out from the group and successfully advanced to the elimination round!

There were no dark horses either.

The only big dark horse was Fang Yan who was favored by many teachers!

Unexpectedly he lost to Jiang Fan.

This also surprised many people who heard the news later!

Jiang Fan

A clean sweep of the group matches

He also defeated Fang Yan, who created a powerful snake race

When a curious person viewed the video of Jiang Fan’s match.

Coincidentally…… There was a common feeling –

Are you crazy! You call this an ordinary planet!

An army of several thousand men!

Countless numbers of arrows and giant crossbows and kerosene!

This TM…… It’s all made up of ordinary people

But Jiang Fan’s unexpected performance was just a little shocking in the middle of the big competition!

People were most concerned about……

Those peerless geniuses!

For example, Bu Jing Yue, Fang Zhen Ting, Wang Tianyi…… These few people.

Jiang Fan was also happy to have peace.

The competition was held for two days in total.

On the first day, there were group matches.

Most of the 320 individuals were eliminated straight away.

On the second day……

It was the most important elimination round!

From each group of ten people, the best of the best would be selected, based on the draw, to set up the matchups!

The draw would not be held until the next morning.

Before this, it was natural to go home and rest.

Before leaving, Tong Zhensheng, the principal of No.

7 Middle School, called Jiang Fan into a lounge alone and took out a copy of the information.

“Here is…… Information about the opponents you may encounter in the next elimination round.”

Tong Zhensheng handed the information to Jiang Fan and said in a serious tone, “Go back and take a good look at it and prepare for it.”

“Thank you, principal.”

Jiang Fan naturally did not refuse!

In the group matches, there was a huge difference in strengths.

A lot of players did not show their full strength.

The match video was not of much value.

This information, given by Tong Zhensheng would probably be more content!


Of course, the school’s rune car personally sent him back home.

After a simple meal, Jiang Fan didn’t rest, instead, he entered the awakening space.

Looking at the situation of the Great Desolate Army.

Resting for this one night, Jiang Fan set the flow of time to five days!

Let the Great Desolate Army rest for two more days.


Even with the extra two days, Qi still did not relax in any way.

There was also a post-match review meeting!

In the last match.

In the battle with the snake people, Qi was a little dissatisfied with the panic behavior of many soldiers.

There was severe criticism at the meeting!

Jiang Fan was speechless.

For this grand competition, Qi was even more concerned than himself.

Jiang Fan held the information given by Tong Zhensheng and passed a copy to Qi.

And did not bother.


The next morning.

Jiang Fan got up early.

This time, Jiang Fan didn’t need to walk to the competition venue with his legs.

The school’s rune car drove straight downstairs.

Jiang Fan got in the car and took a look.

He discovered that both Tong Zhensheng and Qiu Yunfei were there.

Naturally, Tang Qingqing was also there.

Ma Songtao and the square-faced boy who was eliminated yesterday were also actually there.

It seemed that they were going to watch the battle and gain experience.

Xiang Junhao, on the other hand, made an excuse not to come.

After arriving at the Jiangcheng Center Stadium.

Unlike yesterday’s chill, the venue today was a crowded place.

A large number of reporters carrying long guns and short cannons were blocking people outside the venue!

Blocking was naturally the arrogance of each school!!


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