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Chapter 59: The elimination round begins! No.1 Middle School’s Xu Haojie!

In the center venue, journalists or the media were not allowed to enter.

But outside the arena, the staff was limited.

As soon as the cars of the major schools stopped the reporters just swarmed up!

It was a very crazy scene.

The annual Grand competition had a very high degree of attention in Jiangcheng.

It was not just journalists, the major powers including universities had also sent people.

Today was the elimination round for the top thirty-two!

Each one of them was the pride of the major schools!

In this situation, not many people would dare to hold back.

They would use all their strength to win!

Of the three hundred and twenty people yesterday, there were quite a few that were not strong.

Naturally, they did not attract much interest.

However, if they performed very well in the elimination rounds, they might be favored by some forces even if they were eliminated in the end.

Leaders and teachers from major schools also came there.

In comparison, No.

7 Middle School seemed rather shabby.

Jiang Fan didn’t want to pay attention to this.

In the venue, everyone was waiting for the arrival of the top thirty-two players.

The first to be held was the drawing ceremony, hosted by the people of the City Lord’s Mansion.

The school behind each player sent out a teacher to come up on stage to draw lots.

According to the rules, the qualifier of the first group, Jiang Fan, was given priority for drawing lots!

His opponents were going to be the candidates in Group 31 and Group 32.

After his draw, the other remaining groups were assigned to the second group of qualifying players!

Soon, the draw results were out.

The qualifiers from the thirty-first group were drawn——

A talented student from No.

1 Middle School, Xu Haojie was with Jiang Fan!

Seeing this result, both Tong Zhensheng and Qiu Yunfei frowned slightly.

Although the diameter of the planet, Xu Haojie awakened was not top-notch but No.

1 Middle School was the best school in Jiangcheng.

Even in the entire Dongyang Province, it was very famous and there was no doubt about their ability to develop students.

The civilized planet created by Xu Haojie could not be underestimated!

It could be said that they were one of the most difficult opponents in this competition.

“Your student named Jiang Fan is lucky.”

Teacher Lan Hao from No.

1 Middle School came over and said with a smile: “This time he encountered the weakest one in our No.

1 Middle School.”

“He still has quite a good chance of winning.”

“If he had run into the other seven then it would be very hard to say.”

Hearing this, even Tong Zhensheng, who had always been peaceful, couldn’t help but grind his teeth!

It was so hateful!

This year, there were eight participating students from No.

1 Middle School.

Surprisingly, all of them made it to the elimination round.

It was an unprecedented miracle.

The result of the No.

7 middle school was certainly not bad but it was completely incomparable with the No.

1 middle school.

Not to mention, No.

7 Middle School and No.

1 Middle School had always been old enemies.

In many previous sessions, most students of No.

7 Middle School were eliminated at the hands of the No.

1 middle school students during the elimination round.

Most of the top-ranked players except for Jiang Fan were the favorite candidates to win this competition because the strength and reputation of the latter were much weaker.

There was almost no suspense in this round.

Only the confrontation between Jiang Fan and Xu Haojie was something that no one dared to judge!

The people who had gathered in the venue had been talking about it.

“Jiang Fan should win.

I have watched the group match between Jiang Fan and Fang Yan.

Fang Yan was good, but he still lost to Jiang Fan.”

“That’s not necessarily true.

Fang Yan is good, but Xu Haojie was cultivated in No.

1 Middle School, and he created an intermediate civilization.

He definitely can’t be compared to Fang Yan.

For this battle…… I’m optimistic about Xu Haojie!”

“I support Jiang Fan, just because Jiang Fan cultivates only ordinary people, I will support him!”

“Jiang Fan was able to defeat so many transcendent civilizations with his ordinary human civilization, it’s hard not to believe that he’ll create another miracle!”

“Hehe! You guys are still too naive.

The team Jiang Fan was in was very weak, so he could pass with just the number of people, and…… Which of these top thirty-two opponents weren’t the geniuses that every school focused on nurturing, and the ones that they built were not intermediate civilizations or above It’s time for Jiang Fan to reach his end!”


Everyone was expressing their own opinions.

There were those who supported Xu Haojie.

There were also people who were optimistic about Jiang Fan!

Jiang Fan walked toward the battle room step by step amidst the murmurs of the crowd.

The elimination rounds for the top thirty-two……

Officially started!!


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