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Chapter 60: Crushing the genius of No.

1 middle school! The concept of Elements!

Outside the battle room, Jiang Fan met his opponent this time – Xu Haojie, the top talent of the No.

1 Middle School!

“You…… are very good.”

Xu Haojie looked at Jiang Fan and said indifferently: “Unfortunately…… not my opponent.”

“That’s what I was thinking.” Jiang Fan smiled faintly.

Then he entered the battle room.

After that he entered the awakening space.

The Great Desolate Army led by Qi was waiting at the entrance of the passage.

There was a look of excitement on each face of the Great Desolate Army.

It seemed that……

In five days of rest, the long spears in their hands had become a little thirsty.

The match started soon.

What Xu Haojie built was a rare planet of intermediate civilization——

Talisman civilization!

Everyone on the planet could draw talismans and use the talisman!

One could gather the energy of the planet in the Talisman.

They could make a variety of talismans.

For example……

Rain, Shadow, Weapon, Plant, Animal, etc.

In the group matches, there was also some hidden strength.

In the group matches, Xu Haojie only dispatched two hundred talismans at most and when fighting against Jiang Fan.

He directly used his trump card.

In total, there were more than three hundred talisman masters.

It had to be said that the students from No.

1 Middle School were indeed different from other schools.

The formation was also neatly arranged.

There were almost no flaws.

Of course it couldn’t be compared to the Great Desolate Army that had been trained for several years!

At the beginning, Xu Haojie was also very cautious.

There was no offense.

Instead, these talisman masters had taken a defensive position!

Jiang Fan watched quietly.

For this battle, Qi naturally prepared for five days.

He repeatedly watched the recording of these Talisman Masters.

Looking for the opponent’s weaknesses.

As for……

A hundred or more talisman masters, that was not the point anymore.

After analyzing, the people of the Transcendental Research team judged Talisman Master by the formation.

There were basically no weaknesses.

If I had to say there was.

That would be……

These talisman masters who had just started, the talisman power they made was not very strong!

It was slightly stronger than ordinary arrows.

But that’s all!

After some discussion, Qi decided to change his previous strategy.

In this battle, they took the initiative to get each team of soldiers in front.

All of them were hanging a giant shield!

The soldiers pushed their shields and slowly approached the Talisman masters.

The archery teams behind them were shooting wildly.

For cover!





The various talismans of the talisman masters were poured frantically on the slowly advancing shield.

But these shields were made of iron.

The power of the talisman was not much, so they could not do much damage to them.

It was completely invulnerable.

If it was in the wild, the talisman masters could completely disperse.

They could attack the bulky shield formation from the side but this was the battlefield.

The space was limited.

There was no such statement.

Seeing this scene, Xu Haojie, who did not expect the Great Desolate Army to adopt this tactic, became anxious.

His eyes were also quite sharp.

A quick glance revealed the weakness of the shield formation.

He gave a direct order to the talisman masters to disperse and attack the soldier behind the shield from the side.

But the Great Desert Army had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Once the talisman masters dispersed and the formation was messed up, the cavalry that followed behind the shield, went straight for it!

This time, it was no ordinary cavalry.

It was a heavy cavalry with heavy armor all over!

If the talisman would hit them, it basically had no effect.

One thousand heavy cavalry, like a fierce tiger, heavily rushed into the Talisman Masters’ formation.

A group of talisman masters panicked and one by one fell to the ground.

Looking at this one-sided situation, Xu Haojie could only take a deep breath and said helplessly, “I admit defeat!”



“Haha, Jiang Fan really didn’t disappoint me.”

“I knew Jiang Fan would win!”

Inside the viewing room, Tong Zhensheng and the others all breathed a sigh of relief.

Jiang Fan won this battle without risk!

Jiang Fan smoothly defeated his opponent.

He was urgently waiting for the next round.

The opponent in the next round was also a genius from No.

1 Middle School!

Meanwhile, far above the Blue Star, in Xia Kingdom’s Kewu Academy.

During this time, a mineral research room that no one paid attention to.

A scholar named “Cheng Shi”.

Through long years of research on minerals.

A major discovery had been made.

He came up with a concept called “elements”!!


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