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Chapter 61: The Gate of Atoms! Gun Powder’s upgraded Version!

When Qi led the Great Desolate Army to participate in the Great Competition.

Almost all the manpower and departments of Xia Kingdom were served for this purpose.

The mineral research room where Cheng Shi was working was quite valued but at this time no one paid attention to it.

Cheng Shi was a research scholar who was a bit of a nerd.

During this time, he should pay attention to the battle situation of the Great Desolate Army.

However, he still dove into the research room.

He was now the only one in the entire research lab who was still working properly.

Other scholars were transferred to the logistics team or to other departments.

On this day, Cheng Shi was still the same as usual.

At 6:00 pm he was going home from work.

When he was about to close the door of the laboratory.

From the corner of his eyes, he glanced at the experiment.

A piece of metal iron held in a glass vessel, under the light from outside.

It gave off a faint light.

This ray of light shone into Cheng Shi’s eyes.

His brain suddenly lit up when he saw that!

All along research and speculations about the origin of matter had been carried out.

Because of Jiang Fan’s six questions.

Qi also took it seriously.

The term element had long been proposed.


For a long period of time, many scholars of the Xia Kingdom, regarded elements as simple substances that could not be further divided by chemical methods.

Those substances that could not be decomposed again were called simple substances.

They called it an element!

It confused or equated the concepts of element and elemental substance.

Their understanding of the origin of material composition was solved through observation or speculation on objective things.

Then the rise of experimentation came.

Some experimental data on material changes had been accumulated.

It was only from the results of chemical analysis that the concepts about elements or elemental substances were initially addressed.

What Cheng Shi did was such a boring job.

It was mainly the study of various metals!

But due to the lack of precise experimental materials, this issue had also not been resolved.

For example, elemental oxygen and oxygen were not the same things!

The former was the element.

The latter could be regarded as a single substance.

And now the Xia Kingdom regarded oxygen as an element!

But Cheng Shi was an exception.

All along.

he had studied not only metals but also oxygen, nitrogen, sulfuric acid and so on.

Long-term research and experimentation, let Cheng Shi think this division was not precise.

Looking at the dim light emanating from the metal iron!

Cheng Shi suddenly realized!

He thought of the biological cells he once saw under the microscope!


Metals, oxygen, these monomers could be also formed by something simpler and more singular

This kind of thing should be an element.

Thinking about it, Cheng Shi was very excited.

He couldn’t be bothered to go home.

He directly re-entered the research room.

Then he turned on the lights.

He carried out confirmation of the guess in the mind.

A few days later, Cheng Shi hardly ate or drank.

He had been non-stop experimenting, thinking, experimenting, thinking……

Almost no one paid attention to Cheng Shi’s anomaly.

Except for Jiang Fan!

Although he was participating in the competition.

However, Jiang Fan still paid attention to the development of Blue Star from time to time.

Especially, he thought that the scholars had potential.

Cheng Shi…… was one of them!

When seeing Cheng Shi’s anomaly.

Jiang Fan carefully observed him for a few days.

“Nice guy.”

Jiang Fan couldn’t help but exclaim.

In Jiang Fan’s anticipation, the real concept of the elements was according to his previous life.

The chemical element was a general term for a class of atoms that had the same nuclear charge.

An element was the result of a quantitative change in the number of protons of an atom leading to a qualitative change.

It should not be something that could be found in this era.

But Cheng Shi found it.

Unfortunately, the conditions of this era were limited.

Cheng Shi’s experiments could not fully support his vision.

“What a pity!”

Jiang Fan knew that.

With the current conditions of the Xia Kingdom.

Even the extraction of metallic elements was difficult.

In a sense, Cheng Shi was also born in the wrong era.


Cheng Shi still made a huge contribution.

Soon after.

Cheng Shi was the first to put forward the concept of “atoms”.

And considered it to be the smallest unit of the matter!

This statement was not really accurate.

But it laid the foundation for the development of the discipline of chemical elements and chemistry!

This was an afterthought.

In Cheng Shi’s research, the most practical thing so far was……

The upgraded version of gun powder……

Yellow gunpowder!

Also known as modern explosives.

Early entry into history!!!


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