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Chapter 62: Crushing Two geniuses in a Row! The No.1 middle school teacher is crying!

It’s just that……

Yellow powder was not made so quickly.


It was still dominated by black gunpowder.

As the trump card of the Great Desolate Army.

It was always closely guarded by Qi’s personal guards!

Except for Qi, no one could move it.

Big competition now was not lined up yet.


After advancing to the quarterfinals.

The next opponent was still from No.

1 Middle School, a genius favored by many teachers——

Lin Taihe!

His group match performance was amazing!

That group of Lin Taihe was the recognized death group.

There were three awakened planets over 25 km in diameter!

One of them……

It was Xiang Junhao who had been eliminated!

Lin Taihe was one of them.

The diameter of the planet he awakened was 27.5 kilometers!

It was the lowest among these three.


He was the one who finally qualified out of the group!

Xiang Junhao and another genius were defeated by him.

Top thirty-two.

It was also a steady win against a player in the upper third!

Command on the battlefield was not arrogant or impetuous.

There were degrees of advancement and retreat.

They were good at grasping the opponent’s weaknesses.

They were considered to have the style of a great general!

“Although the diameter of the planet that Lin Taihe has awakened is not the top, his personality is mature and his temperament is quite good, his future achievements will definitely not be bad!”

One teacher commented.

“Jiang Fan can defeat Xu Haojie, but he is definitely not Lin Taihe’s opponent.”

A teacher said with great certainty.

There were also people who were optimistic about Jiang Fan.

But more people appreciated Lin Taihe who looked more mature!

As rumored, outside the battle room, Jiang Fan ran into Lin Taihe.

The other party also greeted him very politely.

“I must win this game!”

In the battle room, Lin Taihe clenched his fists and said with a hint of confidence in his eyes: “Although Jiang Fan has a large army of ordinary people, he will have weaknesses.”

“Just grab those weaknesses.”

“Winning this game is not a difficult task!”

From the previous match video, Jiang Fan naturally knew it.

What Lin Taihe awakened was the intermediate level energy profound energy.

He created an intermediate civilization——

Mysterious civilization!

This was a civilization somewhat similar to martial artists!

As soon as the match started, Jiang Fan found out that the profound practitioners on the opposite side of the battlefield were covered in thick new vine armor, with a vine shield in hand as compared to the group matches with only clothes on.

Obviously, it was made in a hurry to deal with the arrows of the Great Desolate Army.


As soon as it came up, Lin Taihe gave a direct order.

Let these profound practitioners in vine armor rush to the Great Desolate Army formation!

The speed of the profound practitioners was a little faster than the martial artist.

From the scene, Lin Taihe’s targeting the Great Desolate Army, made it to the extreme!


All of this was expected by Qi.

Qi knew the weakness of the Great Desolate Army better than anyone.

So he prepared it in advance to deal with martial artists.

According to the findings of the Transcendental Research team, Tiangong Academy had secretly made a rather “cruel” weapon!

In the previous matches, as the opponent was too weak, it was not really useful at all.

Today, it was time for it to play out.

This weapon was –


With the current technological level of Xia Kingdom, the caltrops that were made were sort of a super doubled version than in the previous ancient times.

Those thorns were glowing with a cold light.

The people who saw it were horrified!

It was still poisonous!

Although these profound practitioners wore thick and crude vine armor.

But there were no shoes on the soles of the feet.

Why were they not wearing shoes

It was not just these profound practitioners, so did the martial artists in front of them.

Mainly because of the transcendental planet that had just awakened a month ago.

The number of transcendental races was too small.

Almost all of the time was spent practicing.

They couldn’t care less about the dress piece.

The opponent in the front was dressed in a very skimpy way and most of the shoes were uncomfortable straw sandals!

Instead of wearing it, it was easier to go to battle barefoot.

This detail was something other people didn’t care about.

But the people from the transcendental research team noticed.

Therefore, the poisonous caltrops were born!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!……

Hundreds and thousands of caltrops were thrown out.

Sprinkled all over the ground in front of the shield formation.

As soon as the profound practitioner who ran at high speed landed!

Half of the people stepped on the caltrops!



The screams kept ringing.

It was okay even if the sole of the foot was pierced.

But the caltrops were highly poisonous.

However, the injured profound practitioner’s legs quickly became paralyzed!

They were unable to move.

The Great Desolate Army took advantage of the illness to kill!

Right after that, the arrows rained down!

In an instant, it took the lives of a dozen profound practitioners!


This battle lost its suspense.

In the back, other than the profound practitioners struggling, it was the one-sided harvest of the Great Desolate Army.

The Great Desolate Army had rain of arrows, giant crossbows, kerosene, giant shield formations, light and heavy cavalry, and caltrops!

They had so many cards.

How can you spike me

How do you expect me to lose

After the profound practitioner had sacrificed more than forty lives.

Lin Taihe had no choice but to give up resistance.

He chose to admit defeat!


“F*ck…… There’s actually such a trick”

“Jiang Fan actually used the completely inconspicuous detail of not wearing shoes.

It’s awesome.”

“Lin Taihe actually lost just like that.

Where’s the needle-tip-to-”


Inside the viewing room, everyone watching the battle looked dumbfounded!

This was also them.

For the first time, they felt the “amazing skills” of the Great Desolate Army!

It was a complete IQ suppression!

As for the teachers of the No.

1 middle school, there were slight tears in the corners of their eyes.

Before, they had constantly bullied others by relying on techniques and tactics.

But they didn’t expect that there would be a day.

They were also crushed by others in the same way!!


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