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Chapter 63: The top eight are out! An expected showdown!

Walking out of the battle room.

Meeting Lin Taihe again, Lin Taihe didn’t say hello.

His face was gloomy.

Mature personality


That was on the premise of always winning.

Under Lin Taihe’s delicate appearance, he was also a very arrogant person on the inside.

He couldn’t accept his own failure!

Jiang Fan, on the other hand, returned to the lounge and waited for the other matches to finish.

According to the rules of the Grand competition.

For the Top 16, there were a total of eight matches.

Each of the matches was held at the same time.

After all, the matches were over, the next round would take place!

The match between Jiang Fan and Lin Taihe was recognized as the most suspenseful.

But no one expected that it would end so quickly!

Inside the viewing room, seeing Lin Taihe surrender.

The corner of Qiu Yunfei’s mouth curled into a smile, and he said, “Jiang Fan’s luck is really good.

If it wasn’t for the No.

1 Middle School students, I’m afraid…… it’s not that easy to pass.”

Hearing this, the face of Lan Hao in No.

1 Middle School became a little ugly.

The other teachers almost laughed out loud.

Earlier, after the results of the elimination round draw, Lan Hao once mockingly said –

“Jiang Fan’s luck is good.

He actually ran into students from our No.

1 Middle School.

He should be able to win easily.”


Sure enough, he was caught by him!

Two of the No.

1 middle school’s top geniuses.

One after another, they were cut down by Jiang Fan.

The process was exceptionally easy.

It took almost no effort.

Not long after that, other matches had also ended.

The results were no surprise.

Exactly as many teachers predicted.

Several favorites were victorious.

And took a spot in the top eight.

So far, the top eight list was out –

Jiang Fan from No.

7 Middle School!

Bu Jing Yue from No.

1 middle school!

Fang Zhenting from No.3 Middle School!

Lu Tao from No.

2 Middle School!

Wang Tianyi from Jin Yao Middle School!

Tang Qingqing from No.

7 Middle School!

And the other two were talented students from No.

1 Middle School!

Especially the first six.

The most popular!

If we talk about the previous top sixteen.

They were still strong and weak!


Today’s top eight were the strongest matchup.

It was hard to predict the winner.

“F*ck, the first five are all super-geniuses who have awakened the planet more than 30 kilometers!”

“Tang Qingqing, who is ranked sixth, is also not far behind and is said to have awakened an advanced civilization!”

“Except for the latter two, which are slightly weaker…… the former are all demons.”

This time.

Jiang Fan easily crushed everyone along the way.

Some people had also ranked him in the demon class!

“This is going to be a good show!”

“There are four groups of top eight matchups, and two of the top six super geniuses are bound to be grouped together!”

“Were you taught math by a gym teacher Not two…… But two teams! There must be two teams that are strong!”

“It’s so exciting.

Bu Jing Yue, Lu Tao, and Tang Qingqing are all my favorite players, but two people must be eliminated in this round!”

“Look at the top, the match table has come out!”

Hearing this, everyone looked up.

The leaders and teachers of various schools also looked.

The projection above the matchups for the top eight was already out!

After the thirty-two draw.

The next matchup was pretty much straightforward.

For Jiang Fan as the number one player, the matchup was bound to be against a player from the bottom half of the field.

This time it was not by draw.

Instead, it was based on the time each player ended the match in the previous round……

To determine the top and bottom half of the rankings.

For example.

Jiang Fan was the first to finish the match.

Then he would face the last one to end the match in the bottom half!

Bu Jing Yue was the second-fastest to finish the match.

She would play against the second-to-last finisher in the bottom half.

And so on.

The matchup was clear –

Jiang Fan vs.

Tang Qingqing.

Bu Jing Yue vs.

Lin Qiang Fei, also from the No.

1 middle school.

Fang Zhending vs.

He Jianbin, also from No.

1 Middle School.

Lu Tao vs Wang Tianyi!

See this exciting matchup, there was an uproar.

Conversations erupted!


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