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Chapter 64: Early Encounter! Advanced…Magic civilization!

“Wow! Lu Tao actually collided with Wang Tianyi! That’s so exciting!”

“One is the strongest genius of the second middle school and the other is the strongest genius of the Jin Yao Middle School, one is bound to be eliminated in this round, it’s exciting just thinking about it!”

“Jin Yao Middle School and No.

2 Middle School, only one school can make it to the semi-finals, hehe…… There is something to see.”

“I think the showdown between Jiang Fan and Tang Qingqing is even more exciting, the civil war of the No.

7 Middle School!”

“Both of them crushed everyone all the way.

It is said that Tang Qingqing also left a very strong trump card.

This game must be good!”

“Hi… Lu Tao and Wang Tianyi, Jiang Fan and Tang Qingqing, I want to watch both, but I don’t know which one is better”

“You still don’t know, the rules have been changed, now the quarter-finals are not at the same time!”

“That’s good, haha, I support Tang Qingqing!”

“I feel that Jiang Fan has not shown his full strength yet, so he is more likely to advance!”

“There is no suspense between these two groups of Bu Jing Yue and Fang Zhenting.”


Countless murmurs sounded.

The place was buzzing!

Everyone was arguing about this strong matchup of the quarterfinal!

Among them.

Jiang Fan vs.

Tang Qingqing.

Lu Tao vs.

Wang Tianyi.

Were the most interesting to watch.

The most popular discussion.

Everyone had their own support and favorite players.

Only Tong Zhensheng and Qiu Yunfei frowned and didn’t say much!

No one expected that.

Two students from No.

7 Middle School actually ran into each other!

Early Civil War!

“Tang Qingqing created a magic civilization.”

Qiu Yunfei said somewhat helplessly, “Low-level magicians need a long chanting time to release powerful spells, so…… In the match just now, Tang Qingqing took the longest time!”

“Fortunately, our school has locked a place for the top four in advance.”

Tong Zhensheng comforted himself and said, “No matter who wins, both of them can accept it!”

“The winner should be Tang Qingqing.”

Hearing this, Qiu Yunfei was quite sure.


Tong Zhensheng glanced at Qiu Yunfei and said in surprise, “How are you so sure You are familiar with Tang Qingqing’s brother Tang Yushu, do you know something”

“Tang Qingqing’s true strength…… The principal will be able to witness it later.”

Qiu Yunfei smiled mysteriously.

After resting for about an hour.

The quarter-finals had officially started!

The first to appear were Bu Jing Yue and Lin Qiang Fei!

It was a civil war of the No.1 middle school.

But nobody cared.

The result was no surprise.

As a player from the same school.

Lin Qiangfei naturally knew the trump card of Bu Jing Yue.

The match didn’t take long……

Just surrender and admit defeat.

Bu Jing Yue won easily.


It was Fang Zhenting and He Jianbin from No.

1 Middle School!

This match was a little frustrating.

But He Jianbin used all his means.

Nor was he a match for the more powerful party – Fang Zhenting.

He was eliminated from the match!

Everyone could see that.

Organized by……

This was deliberately putting the two most anticipated strong matches later!

At last.

The third matchup!

Lu Tao vs Wang Tianyi’s battle of geniuses was here!

Both of them transformed high-level energy!

It was also a high-level civilization planet.

The strength was extremely close!

The scene of the match was like Mars hitting the earth.

It was very intense.

After nearly three hours of a fierce battle.

In the end, Lu Tao…… was better!

He was very thrilled to win this match.

Next, it was the top priority.

The battle that received the most attention and anticipation in the quarterfinal-

Jiang Fan vs.

Tang Qingqing.

Civil War of the No.

7 middle school!

It was not just teachers at major schools.

Even some of the leaders came.


Tang Qingqing’s brother.

Tang Yushu from Tianxing University was also here.

Watching Tang Qingqing’s match in person.

Many people had heard about it.

Tang Yushu will be the recruiting teacher of Tianxing University this year.


One by one, everyone was taking advantage of this opportunity.

They came up to pull the strings and get close.

“This battle…… should be more exciting, but there will be no suspense in the outcome.”

“Tang Qingqing’s magical civilization is too powerful.

Although Jiang Fan has many people, he can’t stop the powerful magic!”

“No matter how many ordinary people there are, in the face of powerful spells, they can only be cannon fodder!”


Unlike the onlookers outside, all the teachers with sharp eyes were more optimistic about Tang Qingqing.

“Qingqing, this time…… You have to give it your all, don’t be careless.”

Inside the lounge, Tang Yushu said to Tang Qingqing who was about to go into battle.

“Understood, brother, you have emphasized this sentence several times.”

Tang Qingqing said impatiently: “The lion fights the rabbit with all his strength.

This time…… I will show all my cards, which is a respect for the opponent who broke Jiangcheng’s record!”

Soon, the competition officially started.

On the side of Tang Qingqing.

The first to appear was……

Four hundred noble magicians!

As compared to the previous competitions, there were hundred more!

This was Tang Qingqing’s trump card.

The passage was not closed.


Another bunch of figures appeared!

When people saw them, everyone was shocked!

“Holy **, this…… No way!”

“This…… How is this possible”

“Unbelievable! I actually managed to meet such a demonic genius again!”


Even the always calm Tong Zhensheng and Qiu Yunfei were all shocked for a moment!!

PS: The classification of civilizations in the universe –

The first level of civilization: planetary civilization

This was the lowest level of civilization, our human civilization was climbing this level, it should be in the intermediate stage.

Not only was this level of civilization able to travel freely in space beyond the gravitational constraints of the home planet’s continent, but at the peak of this level, it was also able to explore and establish colonies and living research areas on other planets.

Medical technology would also be a great breakthrough, most of the genetic control range of diseases could be completely cured, and the basic laws of the universe and initial controlled nuclear fusion technology were also mastered by it.

Second level civilization: Stellar civilization

Civilizations at this level were able to build devices similar to “Dyson spheres” to perfectly collect stellar energy and humans at this stage basically had no energy crisis.

Not only that, in terms of aerospace technology, stellar civilizations were able to conduct preliminary exploration between galaxies and were able to send scientific manned spacecraft to other stars.

At the individual level, this level of civilization was able to improve its own efficiency by implanting computing chips into the body, otherwise, the vast scientific system of basic learning would be extremely long and it might not be able to learn a lifetime of the smallest branch of science.

Basic known diseases would be completely cured and the average human lifespan would reach 200 years.

Not only that but there was a certain probability that alien civilizations would meet and intersect when exploring across galaxies.

Third level civilization: Galactic civilization

Civilizations at this level had fully realized travel between galaxies and were able to establish colonies in suitable galaxies, not only that civilizations were able to send super-probes across the galaxy, for example, from within the Milky Way to Andromeda.

The science and technology tree of this civilization was more luxurious, and the classification of science was more refined.

For the development and inheritance of science, the number of scientists in this civilization needs to be based on at least 10 billion.

In order to learn more efficiently, the general chip was no longer enough for the individual of civilization.

Civilization may directly modify the DNA of the individual to realize the strengthening of the body from the bottom.

At this time, there would be extensive collisions and exchanges between different galaxy civilizations, and ordinary energy could no longer meet the development of cutting-edge science.

The fourth level of civilization: the River system civilization

This level of civilization was able to conduct large-scale cross-river tourism and even high-latitude exploration.

This stage was already unimaginable for human civilization at this stage.

But they should have been freed from the shackles of the flesh, and they could obtain the civilization of the entire galaxy to carry out interstellar warfare at the river level.

Fifth level civilization: Dimensional civilization

Civilizations of this level were able to travel across dimensions and multi-dimensional space was no longer an obstacle for them.

They already had unlimited energy sources, the survival of this civilization was completely guaranteed, war and aggression may disappear completely, and their only goal was to explore other universes.

The sixth level of civilization: Cosmic civilization

Cosmic civilization had completely mastered all the physical laws of this universe and could apply them flexibly, and causal weapons may have appeared.

Distance and dimension were no longer obstacles for them, and they could even travel across universes.

In a sense, this civilization could be said to be omnipotent in this universe, equivalent to the “role of God”, they were the rules themselves.

Seventh level of civilization

This level of civilization was beyond our imagination.

Perhaps no civilization could reach this level.

Perhaps it was no longer suitable to describe it as civilization.

They were no longer created by the universe, but they were creators of the universe themselves.

Perhaps countless civilizations lived in the cage created by “them”.

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