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Chapter 65: The trump card is out! The Dual Energy civilization! The response of Great Desolate Army!

In this battle with Tang Qingqing, Jiang Fan was naturally prepared.

He watched all previous match videos of Tang Qingqing.

Jiang Fan used the projection method……

To send it to Qi.

What Tang Qingqing transformed was high level energy – magic power!

It was also an advanced civilization – magic civilization!

Magic civilization.

In advanced civilization, it was an extremely powerful one!

The magic cast by the magicians had a huge power like destroying the world!

Although Tang Qingqing’s diameter of the awakened planet couldn’t exceed 30 kilometers.

It was not as good as people like Lu Tao, Fang Zhenting, Wang Tianyi.

But the civilization created was much better!

This was also the case with many teachers.

The reason for the unanimous favorable view of Tang Qingqing was in front of the magician.

Especially in front of the four hundred magicians owned by Tang Qingqing.

Although the number of the Great Desolate Army was large.

But it was not a match.

It was the high explosive and powerful force of magic!

There was a three-day break from the end of the previous match to this one.

Qi barely rested so much.

His mind was completely focused on how to deal with those terrible spells of the magicians!

In the Transcendental Research Team, there were fifty people in total.

All of them were devoted to the study of magic.

Qi did not dare to be careless about this one.

20,000 troops were dispatched directly!

Seeing this extra 10,000 people.

Many people were taken aback.

They sighed in their heart, “This Jiang Fan’s cards are hidden deep enough.”

But there was still no teacher who was optimistic about Jiang Fan’s side.


The space of the battlefield was limited.

The instantaneous explosive power of four hundred magicians was enough to take the field where the Great Desolate Army side was located.

Destroy them all!

In 10,000 and 20,000 numbers, there was basically no difference.

Jiang Fan was also secretly watching.

He also knew that this battle was different from all previous matches.

It won’t be easy.

The strength of the opponent was geometric growth!


The Great Desolate Army should be prepared for casualties.

When Tang Qingqing sent out all four hundred magicians.

When one by one they stood on the field with nobility.

On the side of Great Desolate Army.

The faces of Qi and the Transcendent Research Team……

All slightly changed!

Three hundred was enough.

That’s one hundred more.

It was harder to deal with.

“Get ready!”

Qi shouted.

The Great Desolate Army in front of them immediately set up a huge shield and every single soldier of the Great Desolate Army behind them carried a small shield with them.

This was to guard against spell attacks.

They made these shields urgently.


Tang Qingqing’s side was not over yet.

After four hundred magicians appeared.

The door of the passage did not close.

From behind the open door, another bunch of figures with uncommon aura appeared.

One by one, they stepped out.

When you see the layers of translucent air shrouds that covered the exterior of these people’s bodies.

Everyone was shocked!

“Dou Qi!”

“It’s Dou Qi Transformation Armor!”

“That air cover seems to be made of Dou Qi energy!”

“Didn’t Tang Qingqing build a magical civilization Why is there Dou Qi”

– A surprised voice sounded.

Seeing such an unbelievable scene, the entire viewing room was abuzz with excitement.

Dou Qi!

It was one of the more common types of energy in the intermediate civilizations.

No one was unfamiliar with it.

But appearing here was too surprising.

What Tang Qingqing transformed was magic energy.

“Dual Energy! It’s Dual Energy!”

“Yes, magic power and Dou Qi, it’s definitely Dual Energy!”

“What Tang Qingqing transformed in the first place should not only be magic energy! There was also Dou Qi energy! In other words, her planet…… has two types of transcendent energy!”

“A dual energy civilization! F*ck!”

“Does a dual-energy civilization really exist How come I’ve never heard of it”

“That’s because you are ignorant.

Dual-energy civilization has appeared before, but the probability is very small! Even…… It’s more difficult to be born than super civilization!”

“Surprisingly, it’s Dual Energy! No wonder…… Tang Qingqing had previously been declaring that she wanted to get second place in this Grand Competition!”

The crowd was in an uproar.

One by one, they were in heated discussion.

Some people still looked excited.


They were witnessing history!

“A dual-energy civilization.”

In the viewing room, an old teacher looked at the picture on the projection and sighed, “I haven’t seen this kind of scene for so many years.”

“The last dual energy civilization I remember……”

A middle-aged teacher had a flash of memory in his eyes, and said, “In the Jiangcheng Competition more than ten years ago, a student of the No.

3 middle school transformed dual energy – profound energy and true energy!”


“The two energies of profound energy and true energy were not compatible.”

“That student’s talent was also a bit poor, and he failed to carry it forward.”

The teachers next to him all nodded.

Many people had led teams through that big competition back then.

Naturally, it left an impression.

“But Tang Qingqing is different.”

The aged teacher’s face showed a hint of relief and said, “She transformed two transcendent energies, magic and Dou Qi, and these two energies can be said to be a perfect match!”

None of the other teachers objected.

They were able to act as lead teachers.

What a wide range of vision and knowledge.

Naturally, it was clear what dual-energy civilization meant.

Although dual energy civilizations were rare.

But not all dual energy…… were comparable to super civilizations.

For example,

The profound energy and true energy mentioned above.

This Dual Energy did not go well together.

It was only a minimal help to the growth of strength.


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