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Chapter 66: The trump card is out! The Dual Energy civilization! The response of Great Desolate Army!

This was not the case with magic and Dou Qi.

It was well known that magicians had a huge weakness at lower levels.

That would be seen by their bodies.

Low-level magicians had very average physical fitness.

Even some low-level magicians were weaker than ordinary people.

Plus low-level magicians take time to cast spells.

These two were the weaknesses of the magic civilization in the beginning.

It would be targeted by many intermediate and low-level civilizations!

At the previous big competition.

Because of these two weaknesses, a student who built a magical civilization was defeated by a low-level martial artist civilization!

But the warriors created by Dou Qi energy were known for their strong defensive nature.

If it was while the magician was chanting.

The warrior could stand in the front for the defense.

Then they would wait for the magician to finish chanting.

This way there would be nothing left to stop them.

Almost everyone knew that the longer the magician chanted, the more powerful the magic unleashed!

But in general, because of the threat of the opponent.

Low-level magicians chanted very short, and threw the magic out quickly.

However, with the warriors who could turn their Dou Qi into armor, they could resist.

Magicians didn’t have to worry about these problems anymore!

One could say, magicians and warriors was a perfect match by nature.

Warriors were responsible for defense and creating space and time for the magician to cast spells.

And the magician who finished chanting was responsible for the removal and destruction of the opponent!

It was a match made in heaven.

Magic energy and Dou Qi!

It was also recognized as a super combination of one plus one, which was definitely greater than two!

“This Tang Qingqing has hidden deep enough.”

Even Tong Zhensheng could not help but sigh at this moment.

As the principal of the No.

7 middle school, he didn’t even know that his students also created a dual-energy civilization!

“You…… should have known that already.”

Tong Zhensheng looked at Qiu Yunfei and said, “No wonder you were so sure before that Tang Qingqing will definitely win this time!”

There was a trace of anger in his eyes.

If Tang Qingqing had not taken the initiative to expose it today.

He was going to be kept in the dark.

“Principal, it’s not my fault.”

Qiu Yunfei hurriedly waved his hand and said, “It was Tang Yushu who told me not to.”

Tong Zhensheng was naturally not really angry, he smiled and said: “Mage plus warrior, Tang Qingqing’s strength is stronger than the previous students of No.

7 middle school, but……”

Tong Zhensheng did not continue.

Qiu Yunfei naturally understood what Tong Zhensheng meant.

He nodded his head and said, “It’s a bit of a pity.

This year, she ran into a monster like Bu Jing Yue.”

“If it had been any previous session instead.”

“The winner is definitely Tang Qingqing!”


A familiar teacher came up and said, “If Tang Qingqing only had magicians, then her strength would be similar to that of Lu Tao, Fang Zhenting, and Wang Tianyi.”

“But with these two hundred more warriors.”

“It’s definitely overpowering them.”

“As long as we don’t encounter Bu Jing Yue before the final.”

“She’s bound to be the runner-up in this Grand Competition!”

There were many teachers and leaders running to Tang Yushu.

“Let’s not talk about that yet.”

Tang Yushu waved his hand and said, “The match hasn’t ended yet, anything can happen.”

“What else is there to fight”

A teacher smiled slightly and said loudly: “If Tang Qingqing only had a magical civilization, then Jiang Fan may still fight, but now……”

“In addition to that, there are two hundred warriors who can turn their Dou Qi into armor.”

“It’s just a matter of how long it’s going to take for the match to end.”

“There’s basically no suspense.”

Another teacher responded: “Two hundred warriors are enough to defend against the onslaught of Jiang Fan’s army!”

“Wait for the group of four hundred magicians to finish chanting.”

“Not to mention the 20,000 troops.”

“Even if it’s an army of 100,000……”

“It will only end up being destroyed by magic!”

None of the teachers objected to the categorical statements of these two teachers.

There were so many teachers, optimistic about Jiang Fan.


As the two hundred warriors appeared, these optimistic voices disappeared immediately.

“This was originally thought to be a strong dialogue, but I didn’t expect… Tang Qingqing showed her trump card, dual-energy civilization This is completely unnecessary!”

“It’s a pity for Jiang Fan, if it wasn’t for the monster Tang Qingqing, there is a high probability that he would be able to advance to the top four!”

“Sigh, I can’t help it.

I like Jiang Fan a lot too, but Tang Qingqing is too abnormal.”

“I also support Jiang Fan.

There are many strategies, and the on-the-spot response is very awesome.

I appreciate all these, but…… In the face of absolute strength, all strategies are useless.”

“It’s not bad for an ordinary civilization to get this far, at least…… it’s never been done before.”

“The top eight is okay.

Although he lost this time…… but it’s just a big competition.

It’ll come back after the college entrance examination.”

Countless viewers were talking about Jiang Fan’s previous performance.

It had attracted a lot of girls and boys.

There were also many people who supported Jiang Fan.


One by one, they felt sorry for each other!

It’s not that they were incompetent, the enemy had a real Gundam.

If anyone, within the venue, had confidence in the Great Desolate Army, that was Jiang Fan.

“Is it a dual energy civilization Dou Qi and magic power”


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