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Chapter 67: The trump card is out! The Dual Energy civilization! The response of the Great Desolate Army!

Jiang Fan looked at the four hundred magicians and two hundred warriors on the battlefield.

His eyebrows raised slightly.

“Warrior and magician, Dual cultivation of magic and martial arts.”

Jiang Fan muttered in his mouth.

His face was relatively calm.

Although Tang Qingqing’s trump card was astounding, it was still within Jiang Fan’s tolerance.

Inside the battlefield, seeing another group of two hundred people walk out.

As well as……

The translucent cover on the exterior of the bodies of two hundred people.

This was the first time Tang Qingqing had shown her true trump card in front of the public.

The Great Desolate Army naturally could not know.

“Dou Qi armor There are actually warriors on the other side!”

An elderly scholar said in surprise.

“According to what we know about transcendental energy.”

A scholar specializing in transcendent energy said: “Dou Qi belongs to intermediate energy, and it is a relatively powerful type of intermediate energy.

Transcendent people of Dou Qi civilization are generally called fighters or warriors.”

“This energy can form all kinds of energy objects.”

“Let’s say……”

“Dou Qi into armor, Dou Qi into horses, Dou Qi into wings, etc.”

“Judging from the situation of the warriors on the other side, I can tell……”

“The opponent’s Dou Qi energy is very pure.”

“It can be said that…… it has almost touched the boundary of advanced energy.”

“That means.”

“We are now facing a…… dual advanced energy civilization opponent!”

The scholar said in a solemn tone.

“The defense of the warriors is extremely amazing.”

The aged scholar added: “If there are these two hundred warriors acting as protectors of the magicians, then……”

“The plans we made before are going to change.”

Hearing this, everyone turned their heads.

Looking at Qi who was sitting on a tall horse.

It was clear to all that the original plan was aimed at the weakness of the magician’s weak body and long chanting time.

Utilizing the numerical advantage of the Great Desolate Army.

Use the cavalry to attack in turns!

Just get close and the magician becomes a lamb to the slaughter!

But now……

There were two hundred more Dou Qi warriors.

Use cavalry, even heavy cavalry was not of use to attack the warriors in Dou Qi armor.

It was just looking for death.

Not to mention, there was also a magicians team of 400 people behind!

“Although the other party had 200 more warriors, but……”

Qi’s eyes swept across the crowd, and an old and majestic voice slowly sounded: “The core remains the same!”

“The opponent’s killing move is a powerful magic!”

“With these warriors alone.”

“It is impossible to nail us.”


“The core of the strategy remains the same, and that is……”

“Before the opponent’s magician finishes chanting.”

“Interrupt them, or kill them!”

Despite the presence of warriors was disrupting Qi’s deployment but Qi remained calm and thought more clearly.

The opponent’s weaknesses were still present.

Depends on whether you can use it or not

“A very powerful civilization of ordinary people.”

In the battle room, Tang Qingqing was observing the situation of the Great Desolate Army.

20,000 people stood in black.

Everyone could see the neat and orderly military appearance.

Tang Qingqing couldn’t help but sigh in admiration.

“As the builder of this civilization, and the record breaker of Jiangcheng’s history, Jiang Fan……”

Tang Qingqing muttered out of her mouth and said, “I admit that you have the qualifications to fight me head to head.”

“To show respect for you.”

“This time……”

“I’ll play all my cards!”

In fact, if not for this session of the Grand competition, there was the existence of a Bu Jing Yue.

Tang Qingqing would not show her cards so early.

The creation of a magic civilization in various civilizations was also considered more mature.

It needed to be in order.

Not to mention a genius like Tang Qingqing, who had both talent and background.

The four hundred magicians created…… were both powerful and knew how to fight as a team.

Above the battlefield.

Tang Qingqing’s side, whose strength was obviously superior, did not choose to attack.

Two hundred warriors came in.

The first thing they did was…… standing in front of four hundred magicians and blocking all possible attacks for the Magicians!

On two hundred warriors, a series of translucent shields lit up.

This was a very common and very powerful skill in the Dou Qi civilization – Dou Qi into armor!

The armor transformed by the Dou Qi.

It was not ordinary iron armor.

Unusual arrows were very difficult to shoot through!

In addition, as long as the Dou Qi was enough.

These armors would not break.

“Very cautious.”

“It was completely possible to crush the attack, but Tang Qingqing still adopted this conservative formation to avoid unnecessary casualties.”

“Only with this nature can you go further.”

Inside the viewing room, seeing the two hundred warriors in formation, the teachers couldn’t help but nod their heads.

Two hundred warriors plus four hundred magicians.

There was no need to chant for too long.

Direct saturation attack was enough to blast the 20,000 ordinary soldiers of the Great Desolate Army into pieces!

Doing so, it would create very long momentum.

Let the audience applaud.

However, there was a possibility of casualties.

And now the defensive tactics was more in line with the expectations of each teacher!

Two hundred warriors lined up in a semi-arc, shielding all the magicians behind it.

Four hundred magicians began to chant in unison.

That ethereal and mysterious chanting sound could be heard in the ears of the Great Desolate Army.

But it was like a magic flute that notifies death.


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