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Chapter 68: The trump card is out! The Dual Energy civilization! The response of the Great Desolate Army!

One could not help but become nervous.

“Arrow attack!”

Qi swung out his long sword and ordered loudly.

Since the Grand competition, this was the first time Qi had swung his long sword so early!

Meaning that it was a decisive moment.

Arrived early!




Countless arrows were fired, like the flying locusts in the sky.

It punched on the opposing magician’s position.

Many soldiers were also aware of it.

Once these huge numbers of magicians were finished chanting, a terrifying magic attack would happen!

This time the number of people added up to the archery team was 10,000!

All of them were powerful.

The arrows in their hand-fired wildly!




All arrows.

It landed on the Dou Qi armor of two hundred warriors.

As it was striking on top of the glass, a crisp and clear sound was emitted.

And the location of the contact was also torn apart by the impact of the arrow.

But then……

These cracks were replenished by the Dou Qi in the warrior’s body.

The crisp sound continued.

There were countless arrows that Qi made in advance.

The archery team could use it to their heart’s content.

But in a short time, it was impossible to break through the energy armor of these warriors.

Looking at the scene, this seemed to be the competition of physical strength and Dou Qi between the two sides.

See who runs out of stamina first.

It’s just that……

The opponent was not just warriors.

There was also a 400-person magician team behind.

It was completely certain that they couldn’t wait for the warrior’s Dou Qi to run out.

The chanting of the Magician’s group could definitely be completed.

By that time, it was a complete bombardment of magic.

“Use the crossbow!”

Qi gave the second order.

Ordinary arrows didn’t work.

But then there’s the giant crossbow.

Behind the archery team.

The huge crossbows were already ready for the launch!

This time, Qi mobilized a total of thirty crossbows!

Among them, ten units were previously in stock.

Twenty units had a brand new appearance.

And it was prepared during these three days.

It was made by working overtime and full firepower, in order to be used against this magic army of Tang Qingqing.

Qi shouted, “Fire!”

Thirty crossbows were divided into two groups.

Fifteen of them were launched first.

Fifteen huge arrows!

It broke through the air at an amazing speed.

This time, the target was not magicians.

It was aimed directly at two hundred warriors.

Although Tang Qingqing was confident, she also studied Jiang Fan’s methods.

Seeing this scene, she immediately shouted, “Watch out!”

The energy armor on two hundred warriors became a few points thicker in an instant because they needed to protect the magicians behind them.

But still, it was impossible for these warriors to dodge!

Under the terrifying impact of the crossbow’s arrow, the translucent armor on the body was broken inch by inch.

The whole person was like being hit by a car.

It flew backward and sideways and fell heavily to the ground.

A few moments later, this warrior rose from the ground.

He took a slight gasp of breath.

Then he shook his head at the people around him to indicate that they were not in any serious trouble.

If it was an ordinary person, at least there would be internal bleeding if it fell like this.

But the warrior’s body was so strong.

He was not even injured.

At the same time, the impact of this giant arrow was also cushioned.

The speed and force were greatly reduced.

It was easily swung down by another warrior behind him with a stone knife.

Seeing this scene, Qi was not surprised.

He continued to shout: “Continue to fire crossbow arrows, don’t stop!”

The Great Desert Army was very strong in executing orders.

Huge crossbow arrows rose into the sky and there was non-stop shooting in the direction of the warriors!

With the experience of that warrior in front, the rest of the warriors followed suit.

Use Dou Qi armor to cushion the impact of the giant arrow.

A crossbow was not a bow and arrow.

Each launch required a relatively long preparation time.

Once it was used for a long time, it could also be easily damaged.

It was unable to keep a constant attack.

“Kerosene ready! Rocket attack!”

Seeing that the giant crossbow was also ineffective.

Qi gave the third order.

This was the Great Desolate Army’s ultimate trick– kerosene oil and rocket rain!

In previous matches against Serpent Planet and while facing the terrifying petrification of the snake-men, this tactic had played a huge role in reversing the situation!

Today’s battlefield was still a meadow.

The Kerosene technique was much easier to implement!

There were a total of 20,000 people in the arena.

Oil tanks with kerosene were ready long ago.

It was placed right on the rock thrower.

As Qi’s order was given, each stone-throwing machine was fired as fast as possible.

Putting one oil tank after another and dropping into the opposite side.

The special thin oil cans, which fell to the ground, directly broke apart.

Black kerosene flowed out.

Hundreds and hundreds of kerosene tanks kept coming.

Let the warriors who can transform their Dou Qi into their armor, wonder how to fight.

It could only be resisted or spaced out with energy armor.

In fact, Qi’s purpose was for these warriors in the beginning.

He knew very well……

As long as these warriors existed, it was simply impossible to deal with the army of magicians behind!


One by one, the oil tanks kept breaking up.

Thick and pungent black oil covered the entire ground.

It was the side of two hundred warriors.

There were empty spaces, all with kerosene!

“Rocket launch!”


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