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Chapter 69: The trump card is out! The Dual Energy civilization! The response of the Great Desolate Army!

Qi personally commanded and a rocket took off.

It was aimed at the kerosene flowing on the ground.

A little bit of kerosene ignited.

Even if the warriors realized that something was wrong, desperately putting out the rocket won’t help.

The rockets were just too much.

How much could two hundred warriors put out

In an instant, the fire rose high and the fire stretched out all around!

A violent stream of smoke rose into the air.

Pungent gas made every warrior cover their mouth and nose.

“Fire attack”

In the battle room, Tang Qingqing was watching this scene.

Her face remained calm, and nothing changed.

“Magicians, get ready.”

Tang Qingqing’s voice sounded in the ears of a group of magicians.

As the words fell, out of four hundred magicians, twenty of them stopped chanting.

They started unleashing spells!

“Hmm So soon”

“It didn’t take long to chant before it stopped”

“Is this going to…… counterattack”

Inside the viewing room, everyone was puzzled.

“No, you guys, look.”

A teacher pointed to the picture in the projection and said, “These are earth magicians, and their quick chants before…… the purpose should be the fire attack tactics on Jiang Fan’s side!”

The person next to him suddenly realized.

Magicians were also divided into various categories.

The common ones were –

Fire, earth, wind, water, lightning, and more!

And the earth magician.

As the name suggests.

It could manipulate the earth element.

Demonstrate earth magic.

Facing the kerosene, ordinary water magicians were useless.

And earth magicians were a big nemesis of kerosene.

Just the next moment……

The ground was like a dragon turning over.

Pieces of dirt rolled over, not only did it flip the burning oil on the surface to the bottom.

In addition, the mud formed a long blanket.

The two hundred warriors blocked all the rockets that came flying.

They fired those rockets on this blanket of clay.

The force was greatly reduced.

The flames on the arrows were also almost completely extinguished!

Since it was a low-level magician, these twenty earth magicians soon lost their control over the clay.


Out of four hundred magicians.

There were more than twenty earth magicians.

Another twenty walked out and took over the task of the previous twenty magicians.

They used the same trick.

Both were able to extinguish the flames on the ground and it could stop the rockets that were constantly being fired!

By the look, the number of rockets was very large.

They were fired almost continuously.

There was an almost constant flow.

Time would always run out.

But by that time, the chants of other magicians would also be completed!

These earth magicians including these warriors did everything to delay the chanting of the magician’s troop!

“Actually predicted Jiang Fan’s fire attack tactics and made arrangements in advance.

This Tang Qingqing’s on-the-spot command should not be underestimated.”

A teacher had an admiring look on his face.

“It’s very exciting.

Jiang Fan’s side can be said to have exhausted all his means, but…… Tang Qingqing is still at ease.”

“Jiang Fan’s cards are all out, and it also exceeds our expectations, even if it were Fang Zhenting or Wang Tianyi this time, I would be on Jiang Fan’s side, but he has met a desperate opponent.”

“It’s really a pity.

With the strength of these two people, they met so early.

If they meet someone else, they should both be able to enter the semi-finals!”

“Stop talking, look, Tang Qingqing’s magician army is about to finish chanting!”

For a time, inside the viewing room, everyone kept their mouths shut.

The sound was completely gone.

There was instant silence!

The silence was terrible.

All eyes stared at the side of Tang Qingqing.

Over three hundred magicians had already finished chanting.

“God above, please witness the power of our great magic.”

An old magician stepped forward.

His voice was mellow and distant.

It seemed to carry an aura from the gods!

It was a magical planet created by Tang Qingqing.

Tang Qingqing claimed to be a god.

And these magicians consider themselves servants of God.

The long chant finally ended.

Under the command of the old magician, more than 300 magicians gathered out a terrifying wave of magical energy.

This fluctuation finally formed three immense fireballs!

These fireballs were not only with the element of fire.

There were also bonuses of wind and thunder elements.

The power was even more terrifying than the ordinary fireball!

It was like a cannonball being fired.

Three huge fireballs were shot straight towards the position of the Great Desolate Army.

The speed was getting faster and faster.

It was difficult to see even with the naked eye.

This kind of speed had surpassed the speed of sound.

The Great Desolate Army were just ordinary people, and it was impossible to resist them.

The Archery team did not give up.

The rain of arrows kept shooting!

They were trying to shoot down these three fireballs that carried a terrifying aura.

However, ……

It was useless!

The huge fireballs directly burned all the arrows it encountered along the way.

It was not affected at all.

This was a fireball made of fire elements.

There was also the wind element and thunder element to help.

It was not like it was physical.

There was no way an ordinary arrow could block it.

Crossbow arrows were more powerful than ordinary arrows but the number was much less.

There was no comparison between its speed and fireball.

It was simply not touchable.

In the expectant gaze of many people, three immense and terrifyingly big balls of fire flew close to the position of the Great Desolate Army!

“It’s over.”

In the battle room, Tang Qingqing, who saw the shadows of the three fireballs in her eyes, said lightly.

Under these three fireballs, everything would be destroyed!!!


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