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Chapter 7: Miracle! A new record!

Soon, the last student had awakened.

The door of the awakening room opened.

The students rushed out impatiently.

Jiang Fan followed behind.

He walked out of the awakening room.

Once he came out, he saw a handsome boy surrounded by people.

The surrounding people were discussing.

“The diameter of the planet awakened by Junhao is actually 28.5 kilometers”

“That’s similar to Tang Qingqing.”

“You’re amazing, Brother Hao.”

“Brother Hao, you should be called Young Master Hao.”

All kinds of praise and praise came in succession.

However, the people surrounding him were not the biggest.

It was a beautiful girl with a ponytail and a tall figure.

Jiang Fan naturally knew this girl—Tang Qingqing!

She was recognized as a school belle by the Seventh Middle School.

She was the Long-term number one!

“Qingqing, congratulations.

This time, you were able to awaken a planet with a diameter of 29.8 kilometers.”

The teacher in charge of maintaining order walked over to congratulate him.

“Thank you, teacher.

I’ve just been lucky,” Tang Qingqing said modestly.

But there was a hint of arrogance in her eyes.

“Everyone.” At this moment, a vice principal walked over.

The crowd suddenly quieted down.

Everyone looked.

The vice principal glanced at everyone, nodded slightly, and said loudly, “This time the awakening ceremony is successfully completed.

Our school’s results are not bad, more than half successfully awakened a planet.

Among them…

“There are 210 people with a diameter of more than 10 kilometers.

“There are 23 planets with a diameter of more than 20 kilometers.

“There are two people with a diameter of more than 25 kilometers.

They are Tang Qingqing and Xiang Junhao from Class 1.”

The Vice Principal’s voice fell.

Everyone’s eyes turned to Tang Qingqing and Xiang Junhao.

The two of them instantly became the focus.

The discussion that had already stopped started again.

“More than 25 kilometers, wouldn’t that be entering the ranks of top geniuses”

“We have two top geniuses this time”


However, the Vice Principal’s words were not finished.

Tang Qingqing and Xiang Junhao paused for a moment.

Then, he raised his voice and continued, “I want to congratulate Class 2’s Jiang Fan.

During this ceremony, the diameter of the awakened planet exceeded 30 kilometers! 35.2 Kilometers!

“He broke the record set by a student not long ago!

“He created a new history in River City!!”

Hearing the Vice Principal’s words, everyone’s first reaction was that they heard wrong!

There was actually a student with a diameter of more than 30 kilometers!

Or more than 35 kilometers

In the history of the school, there had never been such a result before.

What was even more exaggerated was that it even surpassed the publicly acknowledged proud daughter of the heavens!

Thar… How was that possible

And it also exceeded 35 kilometers.

He would immediately enter the ranks of geniuses.

Shua, shua, shua…

Instantly, everyone turned their heads.

Their gazes landed on Jiang Fan.

All of them had different expressions.

Some exclaimed.

Some were envious.

Some were inconceivable.

Some were confused.

But no one was jealous.

The people present did not even dare to dream of getting such results.

Xiang Junhao and Tang Qingqing looked a little unnatural.

Both of them had awakened more than 25 kilometers of planets.

They had achieved the best result in the past five years.


In front of Jiang Fan’s 35.2 kilometers, they were overshadowed.

Originally, it was only their moment of glory.

Now, it was Jiang Fan’s alone.

“I originally thought there was no opponent in this school.

I didn’t expect…” Tang Qingqing stared at Jiang Fan, her fingers slightly clenched in her palm as she thought to herself, “I will meet such a hidden guy, but…

“The size of the initial planet is nothing.

“What’s really important is the subsequent creation of civilization.”

“Jiang Fan, come with me.” The vice principal waved at Jiang Fan.

He left the scene with Jiang Fan.

They went all the way to the teaching building and arrived in front of an office.

“Principal’s office” Jiang Fan looked at the sign outside the office and raised his eyebrows.

“Go in, the principal is waiting for you.” The vice principal smiled.

Then he turned around and left.

Jiang Fan knocked on the door.

“Come in.” A dignified voice came from inside.


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