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Chapter 70: Heard that you’re very unbelievable Blasted through and through! Powerful crushing!

All the eyes were on three immense and destructive fireballs.

It was like a meteorite from the sky.

It flew over the position of the Great Desolate Army and then they descended!

Such terrifying transcendental energy.

Even many people who didn’t know what magic was could also see that.

Although the Great Desolate Army was wearing armor and there were as many as 20,000 people, it was absolutely unstoppable!

The venue for the match was limited.

20,000 people of the Great Desolate Army were densely distributed in this small venue.

If it was in the wild, maybe they could escape.

But there was no way out!

The only way was to surrender and admit defeat!

Once Jiang Fan would raise his hand to admit defeat.

Then the referee around –

A Level 2 Planet Master would definitely step in and interrupt this match.

Although, the three fireballs were very powerful.

But in the eyes of the level 2 planet master, it was not even close to being a big deal.

Jiang Fan naturally did not admit defeat and made some observant teachers a little puzzled at this.

20,000 people of the Great Desolate Army included the Transcendental Research team in the back.

These three huge fireballs were enough to wash the land at once.

Their faces actually did not change much.

No panic could be seen in them.

They seemed to have been prepared for this.

One by one, they took out a small shield that they carried with them.

And raised it above their head.

The huge fireball was approaching in an instant!


A loud, earth-shattering voice came out, like the movement of a meteorite hitting the ground.

In the projection, a dazzling light flickered.

It was almost blinding people.

Above the earth, plants on the ground and a piece of stone were directly turned into dust by this terrifying power.

The ground was cracked.

Dust plus stone dust rushed to the sky.

It pervaded the entire battlefield.

“The army of 20,000 ordinary people…… are they all wiped out”

“Pretty much, even if it’s not a total destruction, there shouldn’t be many survivors.”

“Fortunately, they were ordinary people, and they will be easier to train.

If they were transcendent people, Jiang Fan would directly vomit blood for the loss of this battle!”

“Unfortunately, unfortunately……”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about.

Ordinary civilization has reached its limit.”

There wasn’t much discussion in the crowd watching the match at this time.

Many people were feeling sorry for Jiang Fan.

Although Jiang Fan’s awakened planet was directly as big as 35.2 kilometers.

It broke the historical record of Jiangcheng.

But since the latter was converted into ordinary energy, this made many people with ordinary natural talents feel even more substituted.

There were many people who supported him.

“No…… Look.”

A sharp-eyed man pointed to the image in the projection in surprise.

10 people looked again, inside the arena, the dust in the sky gradually dispersed.

It revealed the situation of the Great Desolate Army underneath.

To everyone’s surprise, the Great Desolate Army at this time was a little dusty but each one was standing unharmed.

Not to mention, the whole army was wiped out.

It seemed like none of them died!

After a short period of shock, the crowd was in an uproar.

This was…… A result that no one expected!

“What’s going on How…… did nothing happen on Jiang Fan’s side”

Someone asked.

It was not just these people, even the teachers who were leading the team were also shocked.

The various methods of the Great Desolate Army before were also able to immediately analyze it.

But right now, this scene was unbelievable!

There were three big fireballs condensed by more than 300 magicians.

This power was something that no one had expected!

Let alone an army of ordinary people.

Even the Dou Qi warriors who were known for their defensive power couldn’t resist it either!

But a bunch of teachers who were leading the teams for many years experienced vicious eyes just from the traces of the scene.

They saw some clues.


A teacher pointed to the shield next to the Great Desolate Army in the picture.

These shields seemed to have been burned by fire for a long time.

It became scorched and black.

“If my guess is right.”

This teacher continued his analysis, “This shield should be the means that Jiang Fan’s side just used to resist the fireball.”

And so it was above the battlefield.

Qi glanced at the surrounding Great Desolate Army.

After seeing that no one was killed in action.

They took a huge sigh of relief.

In order to deal with the opponent’s possible magic wash, Qi directly used the treasure of Vibranium.

In the inventory of the Xia Kingdom, after this period of continuous research, the storage capacity of Vibranium had reached 500 pounds.

Three hundred pounds of which was used to craft these small shields.

There was one for each person.

Because the combined magic power of more than three hundred magicians could not be simulated.

So, Qi couldn’t be sure either about the Vibranium Shield.

But it was effective.

The scene right now was that Qi calmed down a little.

Although there were many soldiers of the Great Desolate Army who were shaken by the residual force from the three large fireballs.

But the main power of the fireballs was still blocked by the vibranium shield!

However, due to the nature of vibranium, it turned into a pile of blackened scrap.

It couldn’t be used again.

Qi couldn’t ask for more.

“The warriors of the Great Desolate Army.”

Qi raised his sword and shouted, “Although the enemy is terrifying, what can they do to us! Brave, brave, brave.”




The morale of the Great Desolate Army was high.

One by one, they all shouted loudly.

The sound vibrated high in the sky!

In contrast, the four-hundred-strong magicians’ army on the opposite side was surprised and astonished.

Especially the leading old magician.

He could not believe his eyes!

It was great magic, he couldn’t believe that it failed the first time.

“There’s no need to worry.”

At this time, Tang Qingqing’s voice sounded.


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