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Chapter 71: Heard that you’re very unbelievable Blasted through and through! Powerful crushing!

After a brief moment of shock, Tang Qingqing observed the whole battlefield.

She also discovered the vibranium shields of the Great Desolate Army that had been turned black!

Naturally, she probably guessed…… the way the Great Desolate Army resisted magic.

“The enemy is using the devil’s weapons, but these weapons can only be used once, continue to cast magic, great magic will not fail.” Tang Qingqing continued to order.

“Understood, my great God.”

The old magician regained his pride.

He commanded the army of magicians behind him and started chanting once again.

Inside the viewing room, as more and more teachers analyzed.

Everyone also understood that the Great Desolate Army was able to block three fireballs.

“I didn’t expect Jiang Fan’s side to have such a shield that could resist a magic of this power!”

“It’s really quite surprising, but…… it looks like this shield can only be used once, and there aren’t many of them.”

“With such an unbelievable weapon, if there are many of them, how can we still fight”

“Jiang Fan…… It’s still a pity.

If it wasn’t for Tang Qingqing, even if it was Fang Zhenting or Wang Tianyi, he would have won.”

Everyone was sighing.

Even some of the teachers also had a look of regret in their eyes.

To be able to withstand the full power of the magicians’ army!

Jiang Fan was already proud enough.

Without the vibranium shields.

The next big fireball attack!

The Great Desolate Army couldn’t back it anymore.

This was the only amount of shields created by Qi.

Five hundred pounds of vibranium.

It was not possible to use all of them to make shields.

Other weapons such as arrows had to be made!

The production of the shield was a helpless move.

This was a strategy developed by the Transcendental research team according to the characteristics of magicians.

According to the predictions of the Transcendental Research team.

Tang Qingqing’s version of the Magicians’ army.

In the first chanting spell casting.

It was bound to consume magic energy without hesitation.

To gather the maximum magical power!

And after the first chant of the magicians.

The magic energy in the body would be consumed a lot.

It required a lot of time to restore magic power.

Resulting in……

The second chant.

It would take a longer time.

Time for the first chant.

The people of the research team judged.

It was almost impossible for the Great Desolate Army to use this time to break down the defense of two hundred warriors.

But with the longer chanting of the second time.

But it gave the 20,000 Great Desolate Army a precious opportunity.

The Great Desolate Army no longer had the vibranium shield.

If this time could be used.

One hit and you’re done!

The tables would be turned in this match.

“Prepare the cavalry! Prepare the spears! Cover the archers!” Qi ordered loudly.

Light and heavy cavalry on the side.

Already gearing up, eager to try.

This time.

The entire cavalry of Xia Kingdom was activated.

A total of 10,000 cavalries!

Among them……

Three thousand were heavy cavalry.

Seven thousand were light cavalry!

Fully armed!

“Attack! Break through the enemy’s position!”

Qi pointed his long sword.

The 10,000 cavalries roared and rushed out.

Between the runs.

The earth trembled.

This was the king of the cold weapon era!


Standing on the transcendent battlefield.

It displayed a light that belonged to them!

The lancers are in the middle.

They were also fast to follow up.

The formation was moving forward completely!

Both were aimed at – the two hundred warriors escorting the army of magicians on the opposite side.

And most importantly……

Archery team was in the back!

Archery team.

By now, it had been reloaded with brand new arrows!

These arrows.

All made of vibranium!

Due to the preciousness of vibranium.

They couldn’t touch it normally.


And it poured out!

All the vibranium in the Xia Kingdom.

All were made into arrows!

More than that.

Just to be sure.

The biological weapon “Crimson lion’s Blood” was activated!

The Transcendental Research Institute’s research on the Crimson lion’s blood was still ongoing.

There were no complete results.

Qi could not care less.

Pulled it straight into use.

The arrowheads of these arrows.

It was not just an alloy made of vibranium.

Above it……

It was even coated with the blood of Crimson!




The cavalry had not arrived yet.

The rain of arrows came first.

Thousands of arrows.

It covered the whole sky and the earth and fell down like a blanket with overwhelming power.

Continuing to fall on the Dou Qi armor on the body of the two hundred warriors!

Seeing that the Great Desolate Army did not use the most powerful giant crossbow.

On Tang Qingqing’s side.

Neither did the earth magician make a move.

One of the disadvantages of low-level magicians was that……

Although the magic power released was powerful, it would also consume a lot of magic power.

After each release.

They all had to take a break.

So that the magic power in the body could be restored.

It was not yet possible to make unlimited use of it.




Continually, the Dou Qi armors were broken.

Just when the soldiers wanted to reunite their armor.

They were shocked to discover that……

Dou Qi.

It seemed to be absorbed by something.

Surprisingly, it was reduced by a lot out of thin air.

As more and more arrows descended.

The Dou Qi energy on the body surface became less and less.

This time.

Even if these warriors were not as smart as the magicians.

They still realized.

It’s these arrows that were the problem!

It seemed that……

Able to absorb their Dou Qi

Vibranium alloy on the arrow.

Could absorb energy.

And the blood of the Crimson lion.

It was able to dissolve energy.

The Dou Qi armor on the body of two hundred warriors.

At a rate visible to the naked eye, it quickly broke inch by inch.

The thickness was continuously weakened.

But arrows kept coming one after another.

There was no chance for these warriors to breathe at all!

Level one warrior.


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