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Chapter 72: Heard that you’re very unbelievable Blasted through and through! Powerful crushing!

The Dou Qi in the body was also limited.

If this goes on it would be all used up sooner or later.

How powerful were the warriors without transcendent power

The people of the Transcendent Research team had already come to this conclusion.

They were stronger than ordinary people but their strength was limited.

At least……

It was absolutely impossible to be an opponent of cavalry!

The terrifying impact of the heavy cavalry was especially impossible for a transcendent body to withstand.

“Magicians, get ready.”

Tang Qingqing, who saw that something was wrong on the soldier’s side, immediately ordered.

Let the earth magician take action again.

Twenty Earth Magicians stepped forward first.

After a short chant, they released earth magic one after another like before.

Immediately, the earth on the surface rolled over again and formed a long blanket of earth, protecting the two hundred warriors in the front.

It blocked the rain of arrows for them.


Most of the arrows landed on this carpet.

Vibranium could absorb energy but this was the earth element.

Vibranium was also helpless.

At this time, the cavalry had arrived!

The black mass of 10,000 people in the cavalry raised up the swords in their hands.

They came crashing down.

Seeing this huge carpet, there was no fear at all.

The speed of the warhorse kept going, and it even…… rushed over directly.

Right after that!

Sword swing down!

What shocked everyone was that several hundred cavalrymen swung down their war swords.

It actually made this earth carpet…… dissolve in an instant!

It broke into several pieces in the middle and fell to the ground.

The power of the blood of the crimson lion was clearly evident at this moment.

Even the bones of transcendent species could be melted.

After breaking the earth blanket, the cavalry’s attack did not stop.

It continued to dash out.

The people in the Transcendental Research team had done a comparison.

The object of comparison was the most powerful cavalry and the low-level Transcendent of the Xia Kingdom at present!

It was no exaggeration to say.

Even martial artists couldn’t block the cavalry either…… Especially the attack of the heavy cavalry!

Especially after the number of people in cavalry came in the thousands, the tremendous impact was quite amazing.

Even if the warriors were stronger than the martial artist, they were also strongly limited but at the lower levels.

While facing the swarming heavy cavalry, these warriors were still on the defensive!

The Great Desolate Cavalry did not give them the slightest courtesy.

There was no fear either and they killed them directly.

Click click click……

There was a constant sound of shattering of Dou Qi armor.

As for the arrows, only the leading arrows contained vibranium and crimson blood.

The entire machete of these cavalrymen was made of vibranium alloy.

The entire blade was coated with Crimson lion’s blood.

Their damage was much greater than the arrows.

There were five hundred pounds of vibranium.

Qi suppressed the heartache and moved all of them to create shields, arrows and war swords for this operation.

Chi chi chi……

Dou Qi energy was rapidly depleting.

A part of it was absorbed.

A part of it was dissolved.

Two hundred warriors were horrified to find out.

There were just ordinary people on the other side.

But the sword went down.

It was even more terrifying than a martial artist’s slash.

Their Dou Qi……

It actually decreased a lot in an instant!

Once the Dou Qi armor broke.


Even if they were transcendents of an intermediate civilization.

It was also dangerous!

The Great Desolate Army did not expect to encounter Dou Qi warriors here.

There was no prior experience in dealing with warriors.

But against martial artists.

There were already a lot of strategies.

The seemingly chaotic 10,000 cavalry was not aimlessly rushing around.

There was also a small detachment.

These small detachments were that each was responsible for one warrior.

Surrounding the warrior, they kept swinging their swords.

They were depleting the Dou Qi on the surface of the body.

Without the Dou Qi armor what awaited this warrior was death!


A soft sound was heard.

Captain of a small team inserted the sword into the heart of a warrior that consumed all the energy of Dou Qi!

He stabbed the warrior in the heart.

Even if it was transcendent, he died on the spot.

So far in this battle, the first casualty appeared!

What everyone didn’t expect was that.

It was not an ordinary person from Jiang Fan’s side.

Instead, ……

The warrior who once amazed everyone by turning his Dou Qi into armor!

Squads interspersed and killed into the formation of two hundred warriors.

They were strictly following the orders.

The warriors were divided and surrounded.

Followed by a kill!




There were constant screams of misery.

Warriors were constantly being harvested by cavalry!

As predicted by the Transcendental Research team, a warrior whose Dou Qi was depleted and empty was just lunging at high speed in front of the Great Desolate Army.

It was just like the lambs to the slaughter!

In the meantime, there were also warriors who suddenly burst into action.

They were taking advantage of the last bit of Dou Qi energy to make a counterattack.

The Great Desolate Army naturally suffered casualties.

This was the same as what Qi and Jiang Fan expected.

On the battlefield, how could there be no casualties

There was only bloodshed.

It was what makes the fastest progress for an army!

Seeing a warrior actually being slaughtered in this way, Tang Qingqing couldn’t sit still any longer.

She directly stood up and said, “Magicians, prepare to strike and kill these cavalrymen!”

Tang Qingqing’s face was still not flustered.

Behind two hundred warriors, there were still four hundred magicians standing.

To release magic with more power, these magicians were just chanting.

But now, it must also stop.

Although for low-level magicians, powerful magic required a long time to chant.

But against these cavalrymen, ordinary magic was enough!

It was just that……

What Tang Qingqing did not realize was that there was no longer the protection of the warriors for the magician group.

The weak and unquestionable magician had already been secretly targeted by the Great Desolate Army!!


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