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Chapter 73: Blasting and crushing the subjugation! Powerful promotion! I fight against the heavens!

With the assault of 10,000 soldiers of cavalry of the Great Desolate Army, the Situation above the battlefield suddenly turned around!

It was too fast for the people who were watching the battle.

Two hundred dou qi warriors and the Dou qi armor on the body surface seemed to be the same as paper.

It was cut to pieces by the swords in the hands of ordinary soldiers!

In the end, the warrior who had lost the protection of his dou qi armor was surrounded by a small group of ten horsemen.

He was struggling a little at most.

In the end, he was killed by the sword.

What made Jiang Fan a little surprised was that the casualties of the Great Desolate Army were certainly there but the number was very small.

Jiang Fan looked at it for a few moments and the reason was soon discovered.

These warriors were transcendents but they had only just been born.

They spent all the time cultivating Dou Qi and improving the realm.

For combat skills, there was basically no practice and not to mention the fighting skills.

The Great Desolate Army, on the other hand, was just the opposite.

After several years of practical exercises, every move and stance was a killing method.

Warriors without Dou Qi was like 1VS1 against great desolate soldiers.

At the end, who would win and who would lose was not easy to say yet.

Four hundred magicians also lacked spell casting skills.

They were not so proficient in the use of magic.

If they were given some more time to grow, then the pressure on the Great Desolate Army would increase geometrically!

But there were no more ifs.

Ten thousand cavalrymen of the Great Desolate Army would not give these people a chance at all.

Seeing that the situation was not so good, Tang Qingqing directly dispatched one hundred of the four hundred magicians to attack and help the warriors to reduce the pressure.

There were earth, water, wind, fire, and a few more rare ice types magicians!

She sent all types of magicians.

After a short chanting, a small fireball, a water arrow, and a gust of wind were shot.

After the water arrows were shot, the instant freezing spell of the ice magicians was shot!

One hundred magicians fired together!

The scene was quite spectacular.

It was like a hurricane.

It landed on the cavalry of the Great Desolation Army that was surrounding the warriors!


A Great Desolate soldier was hit by a fireball.

The entire body flew backward violently.

They fell heavily to the ground for a while but then they got up again.

A trace of blood seeped out of the corner of their mouths.

They were injured but there was no major damage!

“We can still fight.”

The soldier rejected the captain’s offer to be replaced.

They yelled and immediately re-entered the battlefield.

The attacks of a hundred magicians put a lot of pressure on the cavalry of the Great Desolate Army.

It was just that they didn’t notice the archery team in the back.

They aimed for the target at this time.




The archery team once again showed their power.

Arrows swooped straight at the army of magicians!

But the old magician was ready.

He lightly waved his right hand.

The wind magicians on both sides began to chant.

A few moments later, a gust of wind appeared over the army of magicians!

The arrows shot out by the Great Desolate Army encountered these gusts of wind.

The speed and force were diminished and most critically, the direction was directly straight.

And so on through these gusts, most of the arrows were deflected to the side.

A very few arrows no longer had a high speed.

It was very easily avoided by the magicians.


An arrow was caught by the aged wizard, and then…… snapped!

“Stupid mortals.”

The aged wizard looked at the Great Desolate Army and his old voice rang out saying, “How dare you to provoke the great magicians, God will make you pay the price of destruction.”

It had to be said that Tang Qingqing’s belief in this planet was very successful.

The faith in God was very deep!

Originally in the absence of two hundred warriors, the teachers were more optimistic about Tang Qingqing’s side.

The main reason was that hundreds of magicians were too over the top.

No one could stop them.

In general, there could be two hundred magicians.

It was already more than enough.

However, the number that Tang Qingqing built was more than double!

The collocation of various magicians made the battle power more than double.

While resisting the arrow rain of the archery team, they did not forget to support the warriors in the front.

Water wizards were very good at short range combat.

A stream of water arrows was condensed directly out of thin air.

It was fired towards the cavalry of the Great Desolate Army, which was not far away.

It was faster than normal arrows.

One point faster!

“Get off your horse!”

The Great Desolate Army was prepared for this.

Strategies had also been devised to target them.

Qi and the Transcendental Research team responded to the match.

Several simulations were made in advance.

They were simulating all kinds of situations that might occur during the battle.

In addition, to the appearance of two hundred dou qi warriors, there was nothing unexpected.

Everything was almost the same as the simulation!


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