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Chapter 74: Blasting and crushing the subjugation! Powerful promotion! I fight against the heavens!

All the cavalrymen jumped off their horses and hid behind the horse.

They were using war horses as obstacles to fend off the magician’s attack!

A stream of water arrows launched out.

Naturally, it could not change the direction.

All arrows were shot at the war horses.

The Great Desolate Army rushed over.

They had already thought about that, so the action was very fast.

The position of the war horses was also very particular.

Under the impact of water arrows, war horses hissed.

With that, they fell heavily to the ground.

A maximum of 100 attacks were issued at a time by 100 magicians.

The 10,000 soldiers in the cavalry of the Great Desolate Army were strong.

As for the war horses, they were more than enough.

There were more than 10,000 horses and there were more in store, as a backup!

The dismounted soldiers of the Great Desolate Army were fighting directly with the surrounding warriors.

This time, more than twenty warriors had fallen out of two hundred warriors but there were still more powerful warriors left.

The Great Desolate Army had no intention of going head-to-head with the warriors.

If it was a horse fight, they would still have dared to give it a try by relying on the impact of the war horses at high speed.

But when it comes to the ground, fighting recklessly with warriors who had dou qi was like looking for death!

They mainly dealt with warriors with little dou qi.

Then they were left to the heavy cavalry, who were still on their horses.

Both sides divided work.

Collaboration was very consistent!

First, they focused on attacking the warriors on the left, draining the dou qi of the warriors on the left.

When it was almost depleted, they would be slashed to death because two hundred warriors had to protect the magicians behind them.

There was no order from Tang Qingqing.

The warriors on the right who were not attacked much did not dare to act rashly.

They could only watch the companions on the left.

In fact, if the magicians in the back could provide support in time, then the warriors on the left would also be fine.

It would not be easy either for the Great Desolate Cavalry.

But no one expected that the battle swords of the Great Desolate Cavalry were made of vibranium alloy and they were coated with the blood of Crimson Lion!

The warriors on the right were waiting for Tang Qingqing to react.

It was already too late.

The left side of the warrior’s dou qi was almost depleted and the Great Desolate Army cavalry blocked the magician’s attack with their war horses.

Ten men got off the horse and surrounded one warrior like a jackal catching its prey.

They were constantly harassing them looking for the right time to deliver the killing blow.

At this time, the warriors on the right were still staying put.

They had to protect their backs.

They had to wait until these three hundred magicians would finish chanting.

The terrifying magic power would come again!

No matter how many soldiers were on the battlefield and how many cavalrymen, all of them would be wiped out in an instant!

This time, the warriors on the right were able to come out to help.

There was still a chance to turn the situation back but Tang Qingqing did not realize this.

He didn’t order the warriors on the right to help.

They were still putting hope in these three hundred magicians.

This was a bad decision.

There was no chance for this match to turn around!

The other cavalry that was a bit further away didn’t wait for the battle on the left to end and rushed up.

Their target was the warriors on the right!

It was the same as before against the warriors on the left, arrows rain first, with cavalry behind!

Tang Qingqing seemed to have reacted a little at this time.

He ordered a hundred wizards in the back to step in to help.

One after another fireballs, water arrows, and strong winds rushed toward the cavalry.

It was just that the situation was completely different from just now.

The cavalry on the left scampered straight back on the horses.

After there was no more interference from a hundred magicians they bypassed the battlefield that was being fiercely fought.

They were going straight to the 100 magicians behind.

“Watch out.”

Tang Qingqing immediately shouted.

One hundred magicians also noticed the cavalry on the left.

They immediately stopped supporting the warriors on the right and rushed to chant and cast the spell.

Low-level magicians were as weak as ordinary people.

If they were approached by cavalry, that would be a one-sided slaughter!

The Great Desolate Army cavalry on the right was all under pressure!

They started dashing forward!

Before reaching the warrior formation on the right, a steady rain of arrows came and most of the dou qi on the body of these warriors had been consumed!


A cavalryman burst in and raised the battle sword.

It was a fierce battle with a warrior!

The cavalryman was thrown out heavily but the warrior wasn’t much better either.

He underestimated the impact of high-speed cavalry.

Just this hit directly depleted the little Dou Qi energy left in his body!


The blood was flying!

A head was thrown into the air.

The cavalry followed behind directly slashed and cut this warrior’s head off!

The same scene kept happening around.


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