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Chapter 75: Blasting and crushing the subjugation! Powerful promotion! I fight against the heavens!

The cavalry of the Great Desolate Army was completely unconcerned with life and death.

That was the desperate general style.

At the cost of dozens of lives and at the cost of hundreds of injuries, the formation of the warriors on the right was completely cut through by the cavalry of the Great Desolate Army!

It was a sudden breakthrough!

There were a total of one hundred warriors on the right but after the cavalry of the Great Desolate Army broke through the bottom line.

There were less than forty left.

More than sixty warriors fought head-to-head and were killed by the cavalry of the Great Desolate Army!

The remaining thirty or so warriors were also injured.

There wasn’t much dou qi left.

“General attack! End the battle!”

Seeing this scene.

Qi knew that the end of the match had come.

The Great Desolate Army had one more big threat.

That would be……

Three hundred magicians behind the warriors who were about to finish chanting!

It must be done before the chant would be finished.

End this battle!

They placed jars on a stone throwing machine but these jars were not filled with kerosene.

The kerosene was not very useful against magicians.

Fire magicians were even able to use their superior mastery of the fire element to bring the burning fire under control!

Not to mention, there were also water and earth magicians on the opposite side.

All were the nemesis of fire attack tactics!

These jars were filled with – the blood of Crimson Lion!

Almost all the stock of Crimson lion’s blood in the Xia Kingdom was there!

To win the competition, one could say that Qi went all out.

If the competition could be won even if the Xia Kingdom went back decades, Qi would be happy to do so!

He knew very well that with Father Jiang Fan, the Xia Kingdom didn’t have to worry about development issues at all.

Each jar, under the projectile of the stone thrower, drew a long arc in the air.

Subsequently, it landed on the position of the army of magicians.

The magicians below noticed the jars.

Wind magicians stepped forward immediately.

One after another, wind blades quickly condensed.

They were cutting these jars one by one.

But the purpose of Qi was precisely this.

If the jar broke, the blood of the crimson lion inside would fall down.

Seeing that there was no kerosene in the jar but it was crimson blood, all the magicians froze for a moment.

Then they rushed to avoid it.

But there were still some magicians who had been infected.

In an instant.

Chi chi chi……

The sound of clothes and skin being severely corroded sounded!

With an “ah” scream.

The bodies of these magicians quickly dissolved away.

The rest of the other magicians watched with horror!

The magicians who were chanting also had to move to avoid this terrifying crimson blood.

The reason Qi launched the Crimson Lion’s blood was not to kill magicians.

Instead, ……

Interfere with the chanting of these magicians.

It was well known that when the magician chants, calmness was required.

Once the body was moved, the chanting was not interrupted but it would greatly affect the efficiency of chanting!

Crimson Lion’s blood was used to buy precious time for the cavalry fighting in the front!

If there were 200 warriors ahead, then the projection of this crimson lion blood would bound warriors to join the magicians.

It was intercepted from the air but now the warriors could not even protect themselves.

They could only watch the jars fly over their heads, one by one!

The fight between the Great Desolate Army cavalry and the two hundred warriors continued!

Each had casualties but the purpose of the Great Desolate Army was not to destroy these warriors.

From the beginning, the strategy developed by Qi was to kill the army of magicians behind the warriors!

These magicians were the real threat of the Great Desolate Army!

After dozens of people fell, the remaining warriors couldn’t help but show a hint of fear.

Who was not afraid of death

This was true even for transcendents.

Out of 10,000 cavalrymen now there were eight thousand of them.

Besieging these surviving warriors, they did not proceed.

And these warriors faced the black mass of cavalry.

Naturally, it was impossible to take the initiative to attack.

Everyone on both sides knew that it was a competition, not a real war.

With a silent agreement, the Great Desolate Army cavalry and the remaining 100 or so warriors were confronting each other.

But again, they didn’t do anything to each other.

The remaining two thousand cavalrymen reached straight to the four hundred magicians behind!

In turn, the warrior’s eyes were wide open.

Until this time, inside the viewing room, Tang Qingqing just realized that……

You might be losing

She was going to lose!

Losing in this match!

The Great Desolate Army was not like the other transcendent races.

When it first appeared, it was overwhelming.

It was more like a dull knife cutting through flesh.

Wait until the end, others would only find out.


This seemingly insignificant dull knife was actually so powerful!

It was like a person whose usual grades were always one of the best.


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