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Chapter 76: Blasting and crushing the subjugation! Powerful promotion! I fight against the heavens!

Tang Qingqing only felt a blackness in front of her eyes.

The sky was spinning and it would fall directly to the ground if the right hand did not happen to be propped up on the chair.

She bit her lip tightly.

She was still looking at the battlefield in disbelief!

Looking at the battlefield, Tang Qingqing still hadn’t lost at this point!

Three hundred magicians had reached the second half of their chanting.

The chanting was not finished but it was also interrupted midway.

The magical power that would be released now would be greatly reduced because of this!

But it was also powerful.

If these spells hit them face to face, two thousand cavalrymen would definitely not be able to withstand it!


It was also only possible to kill these two thousand cavalrymen.

There were still more than 10,000 soldiers left of the Great Desolate Army!

While for the army of magicians, there was no third chance of chanting!

Of course, they could still fight but it would only cause more casualties!

The two thousand soldiers on the battlefield could pounce in front of four hundred magicians but they didn’t do it.

They were just sitting on a tall horse and were looking down at these magicians from a high position.

Although all the magicians were proud, they were not stupid either.

If they dared to release magic then what awaited them must be the roaring anger of the Great Desolate Army.

This was a competition, not a war!

It would only decide the winners and losers.

Inside the viewing room, the silence was terrifying!

Before that, there was still a lot of chatter.

They were amazed at how terrifying the magicians’ army was.

Some people were even predicting the next round of competition!

Many teachers were also very relaxed and they were talking eloquently to the people around and wanted to use this match to teach the other students some knowledge!


Over time, their voices gradually ceased.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the projection.

Their mouths were slightly opened.

They were unable to say anything for a long time!

Tong Zhensheng and Qiu Yunfei both stood up suddenly when they saw that two thousand cavalrymen were breaking through the warrior’s defenses and reached in front of the four hundred magicians.

This time, everyone could see that the defeat of Tang Qingqing’s side had been decided!

It was only a matter of time before she would admit defeat.

What was left was probably a desperate death struggle!

“Admit defeat, sister.”

Accompanied by school leaders and teachers, Tang Yushu sighed and said, “This time…… you really lost.”

In the battle room, Tang Qingqing naturally couldn’t hear Tang Yushu’s words during the competition because it was completely isolated from the outside world.

After a long time, Tang Qingqing’s voice sounded: “I admit defeat!”

A white flag was hung above the battlefield!

None of the four hundred magicians lost their lives.

But the originally proud face lost all its brilliance!

In front of the Great Desolate Army, their faith and pride were all shattered inch by inch!


The Great Desolate Army embraced each other.

They were celebrating this hard-earned victory.

The Transcendental Research Team was also crying with joy!

Since the Great Desolate Army participated in the competition, this battle was the most difficult.

It was also the first time there was a loss.


Qi slowly clenched his fist and looked to the sky.

“Well done.”

Jiang Fan smiled faintly and complimented his heart.

The Great Desert Army won this match in detail.

Without Qi working overtime to study and simulate in advance, this battle was going to be a lot tougher.

Even if he could win in the end, there would also be a huge price to pay!

From the beginning to the end, all of the commands were very critical.

Every step of the Great Desolate Army was all about the final destination.


Even if there was a detail not thought out or not done properly.


It was hard to say the outcome of the latter!

When Tang Qingqing’s voice of admitting defeat sounded inside the viewing room.

After a brief moment of silence, there was an outburst.

There were unprecedented shouts!

Jiang Fan won!

“Hahaha, as expected of my favorite player, he actually defeated Tang Qingqing!”

“Awesome, it’s too awesome!”

“I heard that you are a dual-energy civilization It’s against the heavens So what Hit me hard!”

“The great ordinary civilization is magnificent! Who just said that ordinary human civilization has come to this point is already the limit, there is no future, come forward to me.”

“I’ve decided that I’ll be a big fan of Jiang Fan from now on!”

“Didn’t you say before that you were a big fan of Lu Tao”

“No way, the development of things is always moving forward and constantly changing.”

“This match was a real twist, it was so good, I can’t wait for Jiang Fan’s next match!”

“It’s very close to the top four! I’m afraid no one expected that.”



The viewing room was like a vegetable market at the moment.

It was boiling violently.

There was a heated discussion.

A bunch of teachers next to them were silent.

This match simply refreshed their world view.

If you count the most shocking matches in your mind.


Even after many years, the first thing most teachers would think of was this one!!!


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