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Chapter 77: The final match! It’s finally here! Jiang Fan vs Bu Jing Yue!

Even though the match was over, many people were still watching the replay of the match in the projection inside the viewing room.

There was a constant and lively discussion.

It could be said that this match included almost all of the ignition points!

Both sides used the Trump cards one after another of their own means and finally, the weak side won!

This match was unforgettable!

The quality of the match was also very high.

“How many years has it been since we’ve seen this kind of competition”

An older teacher was the first to speak up.

Most people could only see that this match between Jiang Fan and Tang Qingqing was very nice.

They found it very impressive.

But a bunch of teachers saw more than that!

They didn’t need to say anything about Tang Qingqing.

Most teachers thought that if she was placed in most of the previous competitions, she could be an indisputable candidate for all the championships.

Everyone believed that Jiang Fan, who defeated Tang Qingqing, was naturally stronger.

One could say, this quarter-final battle was comparable to the final of any previous Grand competition.


And beyond!

Another middle-aged teacher responded: “The last time I remember, a match of this quality.”

“It goes back twenty years to the final of the competition……”

“The battle between Yang Tianwen from No.

1 Middle School and Mo Zhan from Jin Yao Middle School.”

“It is estimated that it can be compared to today’s battle!”

“It can be said that this year’s three people, Bu Jing Yue, Jiang Fan and Tang Qing Qing.”

“In any previous competition, they could win the championship.”

“This year’s session is indeed……”

“The strongest geniuses in Jiangcheng’s history!”

Hearing this, there were originally some teachers who were controversial about it.

At this point, they also had to agree.

Seeing the demon-level performance of Jiang Fan and Tang Qingqing, there was not a single person now who would not acknowledge this fact.

One teacher said,

“In this match, Tang Qingqing lost because of the details.”

Another teacher nodded in agreement.

“Yes, Jiang Fan’s details were much better than Tang Qingqing’s.”

As the saying goes, outsiders watch the fun while the insiders see the doorway.

These leading teachers had sharp eyes.

They were watching the replays of match projections.


It revealed a lot of things that they hadn’t noticed before.

“Tang Qingqing actually had some chances, but Jiang Fan’s side did it too perfectly!”

“From start to end, there were very few mistakes.”

“Their vision and strategy were great.”

In a very appreciative tone, a teacher said, “Jiang Fan’s side could see at a glance that there was only one threat from Tang Qingqing, and that was the army of four hundred magicians!”

“And Jiang Fan’s series of measures was completely aimed at this.”

“Even the cavalry, who appeared to be dealing with warriors……”

“The real purpose was also to solve the threat of magicians!”

“And Tang Qingqing……”

“She didn’t notice this at first, but when she noticed it later, it was already…… too late!”

All the teachers were talking about this.

The key to the match was quickly and completely analyzed.

Inside the lounge, Tang Qingqing came here with her head down after the match.

She was looking at Tang Yushu in front of her.

She shouted softly, “Brother.”

“It’s okay to lose.”

Tang Yushu looked at Tang Qingqing and said, “You’ve lost well.”

“Next time, I will win it back!”

Tang Qingqing bit her lips and said with some dissatisfaction.

“Win it back”

Tang Yushu couldn’t help laughing and said, “Do you know where you lost today”


Tang Qingqing thought for a moment and said, “I didn’t expect Jiang Fan to have so many tricks up his sleeve.”

“No no.”

Tang Yushu shook his head gently and said, “It seems that you didn’t realize the real problem.”

“I told you before to give it your best, but you……”

“Still too careless.”

“You think going all out is as simple as having all your cards out”

Tang Yushu looked at Tang Qingqing, sighed and said, “After watching the video of this match several times, you will know that if Jiang Fan was going all out, then……”

“You were not even a tenth of what he was prepared for!”

“This match was all under his control from start to end!”

“You don’t have any respect for your opponent at all.”

“I guess…… you didn’t even watch the video of the opponent’s matches.”

Tang Qingqing couldn’t help lowering her head when she heard that.

Indeed, as Tang Yushu said, she only chose to watch the videos of those two matches of the elimination round.

Then she skimmed through it roughly.

It didn’t take much time at all.

Not to mention the research on the Great Desolate Army now.

In contrast, Jiang Fan’s side was well prepared.

“When you showed the trump card of Dou Qi, you would be thinking that it was the greatest respect for your opponent.”

Tang Yushu’s voice became slightly stern, and he continued: “And today’s match has taught you a very good lesson!”

“In front of an opponent with a record-breaking diameter of the awakened planet, you’re actually still so neglectful”

“It’s good to lose now.”

“It’s better than failing your college entrance exams!”

“Brother, I know.”

Tang Qingqing bit her lip lightly, clenched her right fist slightly and said, “In the college entrance examination, I…… will not fail again!”

With the end of this match between Tang Qingqing and Jiang Fan, all eight battles also came to an end.

All four qualified players were out–

Jiang Fan from No.

7 Middle School!

Bu Jing Yue from No.

1 middle school!

Fang Zhenting from No.3 Middle School!

Lu Tao from No.

2 Middle School!

These four were all super-geniuses with an awakened planet with a diameter of more than 30 kilometers!

Each of them was the absolute pride of their respective schools, especially Jiang Fan.

After defeating Tang Qingqing, his popularity skyrocketed!

Now his fame was not weaker than Fang Zhenting and Lu Tao!


Some people had already ranked Jiang Fan’s position ahead of Lu Tao and Fang Zhenting!

The matchup of the semi-finals would also be released soon–

The first match: Bu Jingyue VS Fang Zhenting!

The second match: Jiang Fan VS Lu Tao!

Both of these battles were exciting.


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