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Chapter 78: The final match! It’s finally here! Jiang Fan vs Bu Jing Yue!

The entire venue instantly detonated!

“Wow! Wow! Here it comes, here comes my most anticipated super genius showdown.”

“Bu Jing Yue fights Fang Zhenting Jiang Fan fights Lu Tao Nice, both matches are very exciting.”

“It looks exciting, but in fact…… I don’t think there is any suspense.”

“Indeed, there’s not much suspense.

Isn’t Fang Zhenting being crushed when he’s fighting against Bu Jing Yue There’s also Lu Tao against Jiang Fan.

Jiang Fan even defeated Tang Qingqing, so Lu Tao shouldn’t be a match for him either!”

“When you put it that way, there’s really…… nothing to see here.”

The battle between geniuses was exciting but it was not as controversial as it was before.

The reason was that everyone was very aware of that.

Among these four, Bu Jing Yue and Jiang Fan’s strength was clearly better.

Lu Tao and Fang Zhenting were similar in strength.

Their strength was lower than the two of them!

In everyone’s predictions Jiang Fan would win this match.

“Humph, although Jiang Fan defeated Tang Qingqing, he will have to ask me first before entering the final.”

In the aisle, Lu Tao, who was walking towards the lounge, listened to the discussions around him.

A trace of fighting spirit flashed in his eyes!

“Tang Qingqing’s dual energy civilization was terrifying but I’m not afraid, who wins and who loses will only be known after a fight.”

As Lu Tao walked, he thought: “Jiang Fan’s army is of ordinary people.

Those rockets, giant crossbows, cavalry and other means, the race I created is not afraid of them at all.”

“In this battle…… I want to let everyone know that I, Lu Tao, am the only one other than Bu Jing Yue……”

“One of the strongest!”

The semi final battle was also divided into two sessions.

The first session was……

The match between Bu Jing Yue and Fang Zhen Ting was after the big battle between Tang Qingqing and Jiang Fan.

Although there were very few people watching it, each one’s mind was completely out of the match.

The suspense for this match was soon lost.

Fang Zhenting also created an advanced civilization.

An advanced race that was not much weaker than the magicians.

But in front of the immortal cultivators of Bu Jing Yue!

It was not even close.

After barely struggling for thirty minutes, Fang Zhenting “decently” chose to admit defeat!

The second match was between Jiang Fan and Lu Tao!

In this match, many people would pay attention.

Since the scene between Jiang Fan and Tang Qingqing, Jiang Fan’s fan girls and fanboys seemed to pop out of the ground in an instant.

It was explosive growth!

The support was overwhelming.

It was not just the onlookers, there were also teachers who were leading the team.

Because of Jiang Fan’s excellent on-the-spot command, they paid special attention to Jiang Fan!

But what these people didn’t know was, on the spot command had nothing to do with Jiang Fan.

Jiang Fan was just like a VIP audience.

He was leaning back against the soft back of the chair in the battle room.

He was quietly watching the Great Desolate Army defeating one opponent after another!

The match would start soon.

Naturally, Jiang Fan had already sent the videos of Lu Tao’s matches to Qi.

What Lu Tao awakened was also an advanced energy planet.

What was created was an extremely rare race of advanced civilization –

Rock monster!

The talent of this race……

Naturally, it was easy to think.

It was their solid skin and flesh!

Their entire body was made up of rock.

They were very tough.

In the previous quarter final match, Lu Tao and Wang Tianyi’s showdown, the two were of equal strength.

Lu Tao had the last laugh.

The biggest reason was their abnormal defense, stamina and resistance!

Normal arrows shooting at rock monsters were like hitting a rock.

It was useless.

The power of the giant crossbow was much greater, but it couldn’t pierce the rock monster!

As for the kerosene Technique and cavalry attacks were more like tickling the rock monster.

That was the reason that even if Jiang Fan defeated Tang Qingqing, Lu Tao still had the confidence to beat Jiang Fan’s trump card!

“If Tang Qingqing was the one who advanced, then I’ll have to worry about it.

But Jiang Fan, your ordinary people……”

Looking at the situation on the field, Lu Tao couldn’t help grinning, thinking to himself, “The rock monsters I cultivated are really not afraid at all!”

Unfortunately…… Lu Tao was facing more than just the Great Desolate Army.

There was still a Transcendental Research team in the back.

In the eyes of the Transcendental Research team, as long as it was a creature, it must have its weaknesses.

It depends on whether they could find it or not.

The weaknesses of the rock monster……

It was very obvious that their speed was not fast.

But on the battlefield, these weaknesses could be well masked!

And the biggest weakness……

The Transcendental Research team had developed a program to address this.

They droped kerosene tanks and rockets first.

Let the heat rise to the surface of the rock monster.

And then……

Then they threw ordinary water tanks.

Let the temperature cool down.

With a mix of hot and cold, rock monsters would become more crunchy!

But this was no ordinary rock.

This method was only for rock monsters.

It didn’t help much at all.

And the purpose of the Great Desolate Army was not to kill the rock monster by this.

This time.

The “Inescapable Net” created by Qi’s people entered the arena!

It would not only reduce the defence of the crunchy rock monsters.

In addition, it would become more difficult for it to turn around and move.

All 10,000 cavalry of the Great Desolate Army were deployed.

Lu Tao had a total of 500 rock monsters.

Cavalry of ten thousand soldiers were divided into five hundred squads.

Every twenty cavalries surrounded the rock monsters.

They were shooting the arrows!

The arrow could break into the crunchy rock monster.

It was nailed on the rock monster.

Then they used the net to cover these rock monsters.

They trapped the rock monsters inside!

As these rock monsters had difficulty moving, they immediately pulled out the arrows and injected the blood of the crimson lions into it.

There was only a small amount of crimson blood left.


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