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Chapter 79: The final match! It’s finally here! Jiang Fan vs Bu Jing Yue!

All of it was injected into the bodies of these rock monsters.

Just like the blast method, dozens of holes were shot on the body surface of the rock monster.

Then they used the blood of the crimson lion to corrode and enlarge these small holes!

Dozens of holes were gradually expanding!

At the same time, the kerosene technique and the water tanks kept adding to make sure that the rock monster become crisp!

By the end, the action of the giant crossbow had arrived.

A giant crossbow was shot into these dense holes.

There was a click sound and the rock monster broke.

The body surface was actually cracked!

Not all cracked but the approach was proven.

It was very effective.

It gave the Great Desolate Army enough time.

The giant crossbow would tear apart the bodies of these rock monsters little by little!

“I admit defeat!”

Seeing this scene, Lu Tao in the battle room resolutely admitted defeat.

A hint of complexity flashed in his eyes.

Originally, he was still not convinced by other people’s comments.

But now, he also had to admit that Jiang Fan was indeed much stronger than himself!

So far, the semi-finals were over.

None of the two matches took much time.

It was over soon.

The two people who entered the final were also out.

No surprise–

Bu Jing Yue and…… Jiang Fan, who no one had thought of before the competition won!


“It was quite easy.”

“Haha, Jiang Fan is indeed a master of command on the spot.

He can even think of such exquisite tactics!”

“Proceed to the finals! How magnificent is my ordinary civilization!”

“Here it comes, here it comes, the long-awaited final is finally here!”


Inside the viewing room, those who supported Jiang Fan were excited.

“It’s the final.”

Tong Zhensheng was very happy!

As the principal of the No.

7 middle school, even if he held the position for decades, there were very few opportunities to witness one’s students participate in the finals!

The No.

7 middle school was not like the No.

1 and No.

2 middle schools which were the top middle schools.

Both of them were able to fight in the quarterfinals.

It was not easy at all.

This year was the best grade in the history of the No.

7 Middle School!

A total of two students entered the quarterfinals.

And now……

Jiang Fan even made it to the finals with a stunning display of strength!

“Principal Tong, Teacher Qiu, congratulations.”

Congratulations sounded.

Tong Zhensheng and Qiu Yunfei turned their heads to look.

They could not help but stare.

It was not someone else but Lan Hao, the lead teacher of the No.

1 middle school.

After being ridiculed by Qiu Yunfei earlier, Lan Hao disappeared for a while.

Now, he finally found the opportunity to appear again.

He looked at the two with a smile on his face and said, “With the momentum of Jiang Fan, a student of your school, I am afraid that winning this championship is a sure thing.

I want to congratulate you in advance.”


Qiu Yunfei couldn’t help but spit out a sentence in his heart.

“It’s enough to make it to the finals, which can be compared with the genius of your No.

1 middle school.”

Tong Zhensheng was unconcerned and said indifferently.


Lan Hao nodded and said, “In the past, No.

7 High School entered the finals twice, and both times it won the second position.

This time, even if Jiang Fan accidentally loses, it is still the best result of No.

7 High School in the past!”

Hearing this, a sharp light emerged faintly in the eyes of Tong Zhen Sheng.

Qiu Yunfei, on the other hand, clenched his fist.

In the previous Jiangcheng competitions, No.

7 middle school made it to the finals twice.

It all happened during the tenure of Tong Zhensheng.

But those two times……

The students of No.

7 Middle School all lost to the genius of No.

1 Middle School!

Lan Hao deliberately brought this up.

The mockery was totally obvious!

For both losses, Tong Zhen Sheng had always felt very sorry.

As the old saying goes, it only takes three times.

If this time, Jiang Fan once again fell to the feet of the player of the No.

1 middle school in the final.


This matter would become Tong Zhensheng’s inner demon!

“Lan Hao, this time Jiang Fan has won twice in a row against the geniuses of your No.

1 Middle School, so it’s worth it.”

Qiu Yunfei said.

“It doesn’t matter, we will be the final champion.”

Lan Hao smiled faintly.

“We’ll see.”

Qiu Yunfei had a faint trace of anger in his eyes but he also knew that Lan Hao was so confident.

The reason was that Bu Jing Yue was too much of a demon!

Earlier, even if Tang Qingqing showed her trump card – two hundred Dou Qi warriors.

Many teachers also felt sorry for her.

Thinking that if it was any previous session, Tang Qingqing was likely to take the championship.

But this time she encountered a monster in a monster.

There was no hope at all!

It was not just the lead teachers, everyone watching the battle.

There was also some disappointment about this upcoming final.

“What a pity, Jiang Fan.

If it was any other year, he would have been the champion.”

“No way, Bu Jing Yue awakened a super-civilization planet and created immortal cultivators, no one can beat it.”

“Fortunately, this is just a big competition, and losing is not so difficult to accept!”

“Let’s see, maybe Jiang Fan can even give us an extra surprise!”

“I believe that Jiang Fan must have more surprising means, but…… in front of immortal cultivators, it seems to be of little use.”

“At least make some suspense out of it, don’t be one-sided.”

One by one, the discussion was not too intense, all of them were making suggestions for Jiang Fan.

Or simply sighing in dismay.

Just like the national football team of the previous life.

Before the last match, the probability of qualifying was only 0.01%.

With the consistent nature of the national football team.

This probability could actually be omitted and ignored!

In the eyes of people who were not so expectant.

The live broadcast projection was re-opened.

The final of the Jiangcheng competition —

It was finally here!!!


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