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Chapter 80: The Power of Technology! Shock the audience! The shiver of the immortal cultivators!

The final was not as anticipated as the battle between Jiang Fan and Tang Qingqing earlier but there was an unprecedented high level of attention!

Even the lord of Jiangcheng came here in the middle of a busy day to watch this match.

“City Lord.”

“City Lord.”

“City Lord.”

One by one, teachers and leaders were respectfully shouting.

The city lord of Jiangcheng nodded slightly, then looked at the projection and asked, “Which two schools’ geniuses entered the finals”

“City Lord.”

The leader of the nearest school immediately answered: “The two outstanding students from No.

1 Middle School and No.

7 High School entered the finals.”


1 Middle School and No.

7 Middle School”

The city lord of Jiangcheng said: “I know that from the No.

1 middle school, it should be the girl Jing Yue.

Who is from the No.

7 middle school Tang Qingqing”


The school leader explained: “An excellent student named Jiang Fan from No.

7 Middle School.”

“Jiang Fan”

The city lord of Jiangcheng thought for a while and said, “It seems that this name is familiar.”

“Jiang Fan, the student who broke our Jiangcheng record when he awakened the planet.”

This school leader explained.

“So it’s him.”

The City Lord of Jiangcheng came to a sudden realization, and then asked in confusion, “I remember that, didn’t this Jiang Fan awaken an ordinary civilization”

“It’s ordinary human civilization, but……”

The school leader continued to explain, “Jiang Fan’s awakened planet is probably very large in diameter, and many ordinary people were born.

With the advantage in numbers, Jiang Fan defeated the others, including Tang Qingqing, and entered the finals.”


The city lord of Jiangcheng nodded slightly.

For all the geniuses in Jiangcheng, as a city lord, he was only slightly concerned.

He won’t pay too much attention either.

After all, a genius who hadn’t grown up would always be just a genius.

Not to mention Jiangcheng City Lord back then, he was also the strongest genius in his time!

Every – year.

He had personally witnessed one genius after another.

In all these years, he didn’t know how many geniuses came and went.

But to be able to get to his point, there were only a few!

If not for the fact that the Grand Competition was held by the City Lord’s Office.

This final match wouldn’t have raised much interest in him.

“This final, it is estimated that the girl Jing Yue will win it!”

Jiangcheng City Lord said.

“It should be no surprise.”

The school leader agreed: “Jiang Fan is not bad, but he is definitely not Bu Jing Yue’s opponent.”

“The super-energy planet awakened by Bu Jing Yue has created a civilization of immortal cultivators.

Everyone on the planet is an immortal cultivator, it is not comparable to others.”

“I also heard that Bu Jing Yue built a very rare race in the civilization of immortal cultivation, and it is more powerful than the ordinary civilization of immortal cultivation!”

“Previously, every match of Bu Jing Yue was very easy, and it is said to have left the bottom card.”

“The only suspense in this battle is…… to see if Jiang Fan can force out Bu Jing Yue’s trump card!”


Seeing that there was an opening, teachers and leaders flocked together one by one.

They had spoken in front of the Jiangcheng City Lord.

“Bu Jing Yue is one of the most demonic among the many geniuses in the history of our Jiangcheng.”

Jiangcheng City Lord said, “It’s normal for Jiang Fan to lose in her hands.”

“Let’s watch the match.”

Soon, the competition officially started.

Due to the presence of the City Lord of Jiangcheng plus there really wasn’t much suspense in this game.

The murmur of the crowd was almost non-existent.

“The toughest battle ever.”

In the battle room, Jiang Fan observed the situation on the battlefield and couldn’t help but sigh.

This was a big competition.

It was really hard for Qi.

He was getting old.

Now he was full of gray hair.

No trace of black hair could be seen at all.

The eyes were bloodshot due to less than five hours of sleep every day!

But mentally, he still had a trace of…… unprecedented fighting spirit!

Especially after reaching the final.

In the Qi’s body, the fighting spirit seemed to be on fire.

For the final, Qi made all the preparations and arrangements he could think of!

Qi and the Transcendental Research team studied video footage of the matches of Bu Jing Yue over and over again!

The mobilized Great Desolate Army reached 30,000 people.

Also known as……

All of the Great Desolate Army.

This time they all made an appearance.

Qi also wanted to draw more people up, but there was nothing to be done.

The battlefield was so big, no one expected that earlier that in the planet that had just awakened a month ago had actually tens of thousands of people!

But seeing so many people, none of them thought that Jiang Fan’s side had more chances to win either.

It was well known that Bu Jing Yue in the previous matches didn’t exactly shown her full strength.

The road could be said to be crushed over!

Even against Lin Qiangfei and Fang Zhenting.

It was also by virtue of these powers displayed, she defeated the two of them with ease!

No wonder, the crowd was in agreement.

Even Tang Qingqing, who had awakened dual energy was no match for Bu Jing Yue.

Super civilization compared to advanced civilization could almost be considered a qualitative leap!

It was stronger than a little bit!

After the debut of the Great Desolate Army, the immortal cultivators cultivated by Bu Jing Yue also entered.

This was a team of 500 people!

Each one looked like a human.

But as compared to humans, there was an ethereal aura on their body.

The skin was very white.

Especially those eyes were giving a sense of aura!

“Xiu Ling Clan!”

Jiang Fan slowly spit out these three words.

What Bu Jing Yue created was not an ordinary immortal cultivator.

In the immortal civilization, it was an extremely rare, and extremely powerful race – the Xiu Ling!

This race was the most powerful.

All of them had innate spiritual bodies.

In other words, even if the Xiu Ling Clan didn’t need to train specially.


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