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Chapter 81: The Power of Technology! Shock the audience! The shiver of the immortal cultivators!

It would also automatically absorb the aura between heaven and earth all the time.

Over time, their strength would automatically increase!

If cultivated, that would be even faster!

This was also just one of the talents of the Xiu Ling clan.

And others were very scary talents!

All kinds of talents were added up.

Let the Xiu Ling clan be recognized as an extremely powerful race in the immortal cultivation civilization!

Five hundred Xiu Ling clan people.

Although it was not much, it was scary enough.

On most Xiu Ling people, Jiang Fan saw a familiar thing –

Bows and arrows!

This was also a talent of the Xiu Ling clan.

They were very close to nature, and were good at archery!

They were rumored to be in the jungle.

There were not many races who dared to fight against the Xiu Ling people!

But it was different from the bows and arrows of the Great Desolate Army.

These bows and arrows were all made of wood, and they were even more small and exquisite!

The material used seems to be some kind of material from a transcendental plant!

Arrows were also made of wood.

Again, the material looked transcendental.

Although it did not contain metals if anyone takes this bow and arrow lightly.

That would be a big mistake!

The power of this bow and arrow had been vividly displayed by the Xiu Ling people in the previous matches!

Lin Qiang Fei and Fang Zhenting were two talents.

All were defeated by such a powerful bow and arrow!

“There are several kinds of arrows of Xiu Ling people.”

Qi was having final deliberations with the Transcendental Research Team.

“The most powerful one is comparable to our giant crossbow.”

“The ordinary arrows are more powerful and faster than our bows and arrows!”


“It’s comparable to the fastest speed of our sound-absorbing arrows!”

“And, most crucially……”

“The Xiu Ling people’s archery skills are extremely superb!”

“It can be said to be a hundred shots.

It’s almost impossible to miss, even for the other Transcendent people.”

“If our soldiers are targeted by them, they basically can’t escape.”

The elderly scholar was speaking slowly.

The more he said, the frown on the next one gets tighter!

Fang Zhenting was also a super-genius with an awakened planet with a diameter of more than 30 kilometers.

The difference between the diameter of the planet and that of Bu Jing Yue was not much but he was still crushed!

The main reason was that……

They were completely unable to block the bow and arrow strikes of the Xiu Ling!

The first round of arrows was shot and 100 soldiers of the Great Desolate Army were down.

How could they still play this match

Even Tang Qingqing’s dou qi warrior and Lu Tao’s rock monster had more defensive power.

They should be able to withstand a round but they definitely could not stop the second round of shooting!

“But we have one big advantage!”

The old scholar glanced at everyone, and then said: “That is, we have a lot of people! We have 30,000 soldiers!”

“And the arrows of the Xiu Ling people!”

“Although the power and accuracy are great, it can only hit one person at a time!”

Qi nodded slightly.

If the arrows of the Xiu Ling people were group injuries.


This match might be pointless.

“But archery is only the most obvious killer move of the Xiu Ling people.”

The aged scholar continued, saying, “Without the use of bows and arrows, they are very powerful in battle themselves.”

“According to the classification of transcendent civilizations.”

“Immortal cultivation civilization is the most powerful category in almost all civilizations!”

“Immortal cultivators of the same level are more powerful than martial artists, magicians, etc.!”

“If it’s just these Xiu Ling people.”

“It is also difficult for the other side to gain the upper hand.”


“My guess is that the other side will definitely play the so-called bottom card!”

The voice just fell, then a burst of sound was heard from the opposite side.

The crowd looked away.

After seeing the five hundred Xiu Ling people on the other side.

The passage did not close.

Instead, ……

Two more behemoths came out of it!

Seeing these two behemoths appear not only the Great Desolate Army but everyone in the viewing room couldn’t help but murmur in amazement.

“Oh my! Bu Jing Yue’s bottom card is actually this”

“The Xiu Ling clan is already over the line, she actually came to this, do you want people to live”

“The tree man, the spirit tree man! How could Bu Jing Yue raise such a thing”

One by one, they were amazed.

“On a first-level planet, being able to cultivate a spirit tree person is indeed a monster-like talent.”

A teacher couldn’t help but praise.

“Even if it is an immortal civilization and a first-level planet, the probability of a spirit tree person appearing is extremely low.”

Another teacher continued, “The fact that Bu Jing Yue was actually able to cultivate it means that her talent…… is still above our guesses!”

“It’s enough to rival those top geniuses in the province!”

The teacher was very sure.

“I’ve seen a lot of super-geniuses.”

Jiangcheng City Lord opened his mouth and said, “This Bu Jing Yue, is indeed one of the most outstanding ones, and the future is unlimited!”

“I still need to thank Jiang Fan.

If it wasn’t for him, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have been able to see how powerful Bu Jing Yue is.”

A teacher said with a smile.

“I have to thank Jiang Fan, according to the gossip I heard.”

Another young teacher lowered his voice and said, “This time, Bu Jing Yue had not planned to come to the big competition.”


“Because at the awakening, she broke the record first and was subsequently overtaken by Jiang Fan, so……”

“Bu Jing Yue only participated in this grand competition to redeem her glory!”

“There’s even such a thing”

“Come on, tell us the details.”

One by one, teachers still couldn’t help but gossip.

Inside the arena, two behemoths walked in.

These were two huge trees that were twenty meters tall and as much as five meters wide!

It was just that.

It was not the same as ordinary tree people.


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