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Chapter 82: The Power of Technology! Shock the audience! The shiver of the immortal cultivators!

Instead, they had two big hands!

There were also a pair of big wooden eyes!

To be exact, they were tree people!

A giant spirit tree man!

It was a very rare type of life.

It could only be born in a civilization of immortal cultivation!

Qi and the Transcendental Research team couldn’t help but stare in disbelief!

“Is this the…… tree class of transcendents”

One scholar asked speculatively.

“Spiritual tree people, the product of immortal cultivation civilization.”

This time, Jiang Fan used air oscillation to pass the sound to Qi.

There was no way of the sudden appearance of spirit tree people.

Qi and the research team didn’t understand it at all.

There was also no way to find out.

This tree man was rare but the information could also be found online.

Jiang Fan then used voice transmission to pass this information to Qi.

“This is the Spirit Tree People, an intelligent creature of the immortal cultivation civilization.”

Qi opened his mouth and said.

The people who were talking next to him stopped at once.

Each of them was used to it.

Qi’s knowledge of this was as open as it was popular.

The more shocking video projections before were all accepted.

Not to mention this.

At this moment, the people of the Transcendental Research team were even more convinced.

Behind Qi, there really was a deity out there!

“I will write down their relevant information, and you will study it immediately.”

Qi said as he picked up his pen.

He wrote directly and quickly.

He copied everything he just heard.

Soon, the members of the research team had seen the true face of the tree man!

“It’s not a tree spirit, its own race is a tree person, with feet and legs”

“Powerful and gentle by nature, a natural good friend and companion of the Xiu Ling people”

“On a first-level planet, the spirit tree people belong to one of the most powerful races that can be cultivated”


Looking at them one by one, all of them were slightly surprised!

Following this content, the spiritual tree man was simply superlative!

Even if there were only two trees on the opposite side, they could hardly think of any way to deal with it!

“The opposite side is moving!”

A general shouted.

Qi hurriedly saw that the two-spirit tree people were walking in front of the 500 Xiu Ling people.

They were slowly moving forward.

While looking at the Great Desolate Army, they pressed forward.

Five hundred Xiu Ling clansmen then followed behind the spirit tree people.

Following along!

“Opposite…… this is to use the spirit tree people to block our attacks, then get close and then finish us off”

One scholar immediately speculated.

“That should be the case.”

The old scholar nodded and said, “If they shoot bows and arrows, their number of arrows is definitely not enough.”

“Instead of consuming arrows for nothing,……”

“They are directly using the high defense of the spirit tree people.”

“They are waiting until they get close and then deal with our soldiers!”

Once in close quarters, many of the great weapons of the Great Desolate Army would lose their usefulness.

For example, arrow rain, kerosene, giant crossbow and so on!

“We can’t let them get close!”

Qi made a decisive decision, glanced around, and shouted: “The heavy cavalry attack, go around behind them, and attack the Xiu Ling people!”

“Archery team, get ready and cover the cavalry!”

“The giant crossbows, get ready and prepare the kerosene!”

“The team that can deal with these two Spirit Tree people will get double contribution points after the battle!”

With a command from Qi, all the teams moved fast!

But this way, it also disrupted the previous deployment of the Great Desolate Army!

Previous deployments all revolved around dealing with the Xiu Ling people.

No one expected that Bu Jing Yue actually had a superlative like the Spirit Tree Man!


Only a temporary change of strategy was possible.

In short, absolutely no Xiu Ling people should be allowed to close in.

Once they were in close combat!

Even if it was a 30,000-strong Great Desolate Army.

There was also little chance of winning.


On this small battlefield, even 30,000 people couldn’t strike at the same time!

They were not playing the biggest role!




The archery team took the lead.

The arrows rushed towards the spirit tree man in a black way.

There were spirit tree people up to 20 meters tall blocking the front.

The Xiu Ling people in the back couldn’t shoot at all.

All of the arrows were blocked by the spirit tree people.


An arrow shot at the spirit tree man.

It was only slightly sunk in.

Thousands of arrows were shot but most of it was blocked by the dense foliage.

The rest were densely nailed to the trunk and branches of the spirit tree man.

Then the crowd was surprised to see…… the huge body of the Spirit Tree Man gently shaking.

These arrows were like beans.

Being all shaken off!

The spirit tree people were not affected at all.

They kept moving at a slow pace!

“Change to rockets!”

Seeing that normal arrows were useless against spirit tree people.

Qi immediately thought of the rocket.

At the same time, kerosene tanks were also placed on the stone thrower one by one and took the lead in projects.

It landed on the giant tree and shattered apart.

The kerosene inside flowed down and was dripping down the branches and trunks of the trees!

Then the archery team’s rockets were shot!

As the kerosene touched the rocket, it blazed immediately.

chi chi chi……

The branches and leaves on the spirit tree man were also set on fire.

It was burning fast.

“Fire attack works!”

Seeing this scene, the Transcendental Research team was all excited!

However, in the next moment, they just couldn’t stop laughing.

Only to see……

The five hundred Xiu Ling people behind the spirit tree people.

At this time, a few beautiful women walked out.

Each held a translucent, jade-like thing in each hand.

These beautiful women threw the translucent jade token at the spirit tree man.

Immediately, the speed at which the flames spread, slowed down to the naked eye!!!


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