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Chapter 83: The ultimate killing weapon! The trembling Xiu Ling people!

“Spiritual talisman!”

“It should be the spirit talisman, which is made by the Xiu Ling people to condense the essence of heaven and earth, with all kinds of incredible abilities!”

“It can’t be, didn’t Bu Jing Yue just awaken the planet a month ago How could there be this thing”

“Spiritual Talisman! The probability of this thing appearing on a first-level planet is even rarer than that of a spirit tree person!”

“The spirit tree people are somewhat afraid of fire, but with the spirit talisman in place, the fire attack will be useless at all.”


Seeing the translucent jade token thrown out by the Xiu Ling clan.

Everyone was surprised inside the viewing room.

“The immortal cultivation civilization created by Bu Jing Yue has only been around for a short time, but the structure is already perfect, and it can attack and defend, with basically no shortcomings.”

“Yeah, this kind of genius with no weaknesses, will go further in the future.”

Teachers, including the City Lord of Jiangcheng, were also sighing.

They lived for dozens of years and had seen too many geniuses in the Jiangcheng Grand Competition.

Every session had at least one super genius but the ones that really ended up being able to grow were not much.

Some genius cultivated races that were strong at first.

For example, the offense was very strong but when it came to the defense, it was easy to be targeted!

The less the weakness of the race, the more sustainable the development of planetary civilization would be!

This was also why the Xiu Ling Race was recognized as an extremely powerful race!

It was because……

The Xiu Ling clan had both offense and defense!

Their talent tree was almost full.

Basically, there was no weakness.

Under the effect of the spiritual talisman the raging flame of the spirit tree man had already decreased.

Finally…… disappeared into thin air!

“How many…… jade tiles did the other party use Was it actually able to put out the fire”

On the side of the Great Desolate Army, the people in the Transcendental Research team found it unbelievable.

“This should be a means of immortal cultivation civilization.”

The elderly scholar’s face was less tense, saying, “There’s no need to be so afraid when you figure out how it works!”

“That’s right.

Even if it’s an Immortal Cultivation civilization, all sorts of methods have their basis.”

As the other scholars heard that, their spirit was lifted again one by one!

“Continue to act according to the original plan!”

Qi was sitting on a high horse, the body was straight, and the face was calm.

“I figured it out!”

After a short time, a scholar observing with binoculars exclaimed, “The jade sign on the opposite side is using the principle of absorbing air and thus extinguishing the fire.”

“Not by other means!”

“Can that kind of jade token absorb air”

Qi slightly pondered and then said: “The fire must continue, the number of such jade items should not be more, and……”

“We have to create opportunities for the cavalry assault!”

There were three thousand people in the heavy cavalry.

It was already on the move!

The archery team did not stop!

This time, there were also many arrows with the blood of the Crimson Lions amidst the rain of arrows.

As a result of the match with Tang Qingqing, crimson lion’s blood and vibranium were consumed very much.


The remaining amount could not be supported for too long.

It could only be used with ordinary arrows.

Chi, Chi, Chi,……

The arrows with the blood of the  Crimson Lions shot at the Spirit Tree Man, emitting a sound of corrosion!

It was just that……

It also dissolved just a bit of the surface.

Some of the arrows were directly set aside by the great hand of the spirit tree man!

For the spirit tree people with amazing defense and strong recovery power, this little injury was not even a big deal!

There was no effect at all and they continued to steadily move toward the Great Desolate Army!

At the same time, three thousand heavy cavalry came around behind the spirit tree man.

They were fiercely rushing forward to the 500 Xiu Ling people!

“Fortunately, these two spirit tree people should still be young, and not fast enough, otherwise…… it would be difficult.”

The elderly scholar breathed a sigh of relief!

The spiritual tree people were tough but like the rock monster before, it also had the disadvantage of being slow to move.

Turning around was especially not easy!

The heavy cavalry came directly around behind them.

Let the spirit tree people have no way at all.


A wooden arrow shot over!

One of the five hundred Xiu Ling clansmen drew a bow and shot an arrow!

An arrow was shot at the heavy cavalry.

A “Boom” sound came!

There was no suspense, the first cavalry could not even dodge.

It was also hard to resist with the sword in hand.

It was shot directly into two halves.

Seeing this scene, the companions in the back had no point of fear, but the eyes flashed a trace of more intense war intent!

So what if they were immortals!


They wanted to take advantage of their immortal cultivators!

The rumbling of the horses’ hooves.

Three thousand people of the heavy cavalry charged fiercely like a torrent.

Swish Swish Swish……

The Xiu Ling people kept drawing their bows and shooting arrows.

Same as the findings of the Transcendental Research team.

The Xiu Ling people were all natural archery masters!

The soldiers of the Great Desolate Army were constantly getting hit by arrows and falling off their horses!

Qi watched all of this in silence.

This was, since the formation of the heavy cavalry.

For the first time, there were so many casualties.


An army couldn’t grow without bloodshed.

That was the price one must pay for a strong military!

The battle continued and the heavy cavalry charged without fear!

It was getting closer and closer to the opposite side.

The heavy cavalry was three thousand people.

The Xiu Ling people didn’t have so many arrows.

Soon, an elderly Xiu Ling blew a sound like a whistle.

Five hundred Xiu Ling people jumped in place.


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