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Chapter 84: The ultimate killing weapon! The trembling Xiu Ling people!

They jumped directly onto the branch of the Spirit Tree Man!

They were looking down at the Great Desolate Army from above.

Such a high position plus there were spirit tree people on guard.

The heavy cavalry could only stop under the trees.

Some of them helplessly looked at the Xiu Ling clan in the tree.

As for climbing the tree

If the brain was not rusty, it was impossible to come up with such an idea.

Xiu Ling clan jumped gently.

they could jump so high.

On individual force alone, these Xiu Ling people far surpassed the Great Desolate Army.

The Great Desolate Army was relying on the impact of heavy cavalry.

Because of this they dared to rush over to fight!

If it was infantry, they would definitely be slaughtered!

In terms of individual strength alone.

The Xiu Ling people were also the strongest individuals the Great Desolate Army had seen so far!

This was still under the premise that the opponent did not use a bow and arrow.

Above the battlefield, there was no movement.

The Great Desolate Army was caught in an awkward situation where there was nothing to do!

Jiang Fan watched quietly.

This was somewhat similar to the battle with Tang Qingqing.

But in that battle, Tang Qingqing’s main defense force was the warriors!

It was completely incomparable to these two spirit trees in front of them!

The warriors were at least able to fight head-on.

While these Xiu Ling people dodged towards the spirit tree man.

The Great Desolate Army couldn’t even reach them!

The rain of arrows continued.

They were trying to slow down the advance of the two spirit tree people.

The heavy cavalry didn’t stay idle either and started thinking of all kinds of tricks!

For example……

Throwing hooks, throwing hardened concealed weapons, harassing with bows and arrows…… Trying to do everything they could!

“Arrow rain, fire attack, giant crossbows, cavalry, and the blood that contains a very strong corrosive…… Jiang Fan’s side seemd to have used all the means, right”

“Yeah, all of these were used in front, or in the Tang Qingqing’s – battle!”

“These means were indeed terrifying, Tang Qingqing’s dual army of magicians and warriors couldn’t even stop it, but I didn’t expect that against Bu Jing Yue, it’s actually not even enough of a threat.”

“Any more tricks If not, just admit defeat, it’s the best you can do.”

“The key is the two huge spiritual trees.

If you don’t solve the spiritual tree, all methods will be useless.”

“These two spirit tree people are too superlative, just like cheating, do you guys think Tang Qingqing’s magician army is useful against these two spirit tree people”

“It should work, but at most the spirit tree people will be a little wounded and……”

“Do you take the Xiu Ling people as an audience With the spirit talisman in place, even powerful magic will be greatly weakened!”

Getting to this point, inside the viewing room, almost everyone could see that the Great Desolate Army’s side did its best.

From the very beginning, they used all methods and not spared lives.

They let the heavy cavalry charge at the Xiu Ling Clan.

As a result……

The effect was minimal.

It could be said that it did not work at all.

The two spirit tree people carried five hundred Xiu Ling clansmen and slowly walked towards the position of the Great Desolate Army.

They were getting closer!

More than 20,000 people of the Great Desert Army clenched the weapon in their hand!

At the moment when the two spirit tree people arrived in front of the army shield formation.

Qi took a deep breath and said, seemingly somewhat helplessly, “Retreat!”

If the spirit tree people were allowed to rush in, there was no need for the Xiu Ling race to attack.

With the wide hands of the spiritual tree man, a single slap could kill several soldiers of the Great Desolate Army.

A command was given after the giant shield formation.

The five thousand soldiers of the spear formation retreated backwards at once.

Only a giant shield was left still in place.

Finally, the former huge spirit tree man reached in front of the giant shield.

Four large hands gently sweep down.

It directly swept away these huge iron shields.

These huge iron shields were two meters high.

They were thick and heavy.

It took two soldiers of the Great Desolate Army to move it together.

In addition, it was still rooted in the earth.

But in the hands of these two spirit tree people it was as if it was made of paper.

That terrifying power was intimidating!

“F*ck! What is there to fight for It’s too much.

Relying on these two Spiritual Tree Men…… No, just one tree is enough.

Who can beat this competition”

Inside the viewing room, a fanboy who supported Jiang Fan muttered in both surprise and helplessness.

“No one should be able to beat it, I guess there is a little hope for Tang Qingqing’s magician’s army.”

“It’s impossible for Tang Qingqing’s magic army.

Don’t you know Apart from the Spirit Tree people’s strong defense, they also have abnormal recovery power.

With a bit of damage, they are able to recover quickly!”

When all giant shields were cleared they were shaking their heads one by one.

Just as the two spirit tree men were preparing to step forward.

On the the trunk of the tree, an older Xiu Ling clan member suddenly spoke up and said, “Stop.”

Hearing this, the two spirit tree people were a little confused but still slowed to a halt.

Elderly Xiu Ling clan member was standing in the branches and was looking down from above.

The other Xiu Ling clansmen next to them were also watching carefully.

As an immortal cultivation race, Xiu Ling people whether vision, smell or touch, etc were much stronger than ordinary people.

If it developed later, there would also be something as powerful as spiritual awareness!

After watching for a while, the older Xiu Ling clansman suddenly removed a bow and arrow that he was carrying behind him.

He drew the bow and shot the arrow!

The arrow was like a meteor!

The direction of the strike was not the Great Desolate Army!


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