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Chapter 85: The ultimate killing weapon! The trembling Xiu Ling people!

Instead, it was the ground behind the giant shield!


This arrow shot at the ground and made a direct and violent sound.

A surprising scene emerged.

This piece of ground was like paper under the tremendous force of this arrow.

In fact, it cracked directly inch by inch.

It collapsed and converted into dust.

The older Xiu Ling clan member frowned slightly and waved his hand immediately.

A few Xiu Ling clansmen beside him took out their bows and arrows.

A stream of arrows was fired in unison.

Separate shots were fired on the ground behind the giant shield.

The ground seemed unable to withstand the powerful impact of the arrow with a few loud noises.

It actually caved in one after another.

The ground collapsed.

The lancers stood on their feet waiting for the dusty diffusion to gradually dissipate.

Everyone saw that.

A huge hole actually appeared in that area!

Below the ground, at the location where the arrows were shot by the Xiu Ling people, it was a big deep hole!

In other words, the surface of the ground just now was only a thin layer.

If the spirit tree people stepped on it carelessly, they would probably fall into this hole.

It’s a trap!

The first thing that came to everyone’s mind was these words.

Weren’t these traps often set when hunting

“F*ck! Why did a hole suddenly appear on the battlefield”

“You are stupid, the field is specially checked, how could there be such a mistake It must have been dug by Jiang Fan’s side in advance.”

“That’s also not right.

Only when the competition begins both sides can enter the arena.

How can they dig ahead Such a huge pit, even a warrior or martial artist with plenty of energy would have to dig it for a long time.”

“Do you guys think of the extremely corrosive blood that Jiang Fan used to deal with Tang Qingqing If they used this type of blood, they might be able to dig a large hole in a short period of time!”

Inside the viewing room, a heated discussion rang out.

This trap tactic was a total surprise, even for a bunch of teachers.

Even if it was the Lord of Jiangcheng City.

He also slightly nodded, praised: “This little guy is not bad, surprisingly, in a desperate situation, they can still be wise in a hurry, and think of this…… idea!”

“Unfortunately, he underestimated the ability of the Xiu Ling people, and the retreat of the soldiers in front of him just now, coupled with the slight shaking of the ground, have caused the Xiu Ling people to be alerted.”

“It almost worked.”

One by one, the teachers were shaking their heads and sighing.

But they misunderstood, this idea was not thought of by Jiang Fan.

Rather, it was from the Transcendental Research team.

Many people were discussing this.

For many people it was good!

Upon seeing the two huge spirit tree men, one scholar had suggested such a means of targeting and it was adopted by Qi on the spot.

He implemented it right away!

Everything the Great Desert Army did after that, included using the three thousand soldiers of the heavy cavalry to charge at the Xiu Ling people with all their might.

Everything that was done before was to dig this hole as a cover!

Naturally, it was easy to do in a short time by using the remaining blood of the crimson lion.

They dug a big hole out of it.

The solubility of the crimson lion’s blood was too high.

However, even the bones of Transcendent individuals could not block it, not to mention the clay and ordinary stones.

It drained all the Crimson lion’s blood!

And the results were still nothing!

The slight shaking of the ground and the subtle sound produced underneath when the lancers retreated.

It was still a very sensitive Xiu Ling person who perceived it!

A lot of people in the Transcendental Research team looked regretful!

If this would have worked, the two-spirit tree people would fall down!


In the battle room.

Bu Jing Yue, who always had a calm face, a hint of fluctuation appeared on that beautiful face for the first time!

Even if the two-spirit trees fell into the deep pit.

It was not that big of a deal!

“Keep shooting arrows and stop them!” Qi did not change his face from the beginning to the end.

He was still in command with a strong voice!

After seeing these two deep holes, there was also a hint of anger on the faces of many Xiu Ling people on the spirit tree.

How dare they backstab us

“Go around from both sides and crush them!” The elder Xiu Ling clansman shouted loudly.

The two-spirit tree people slowly moved their bodies.

Since there was a deep pit in the middle, only one tree man could go from one side.

They were going through from the left and right side to close in on the Great Desolation Army’s position, then…… deliver the final blow!

The Great Desolate Army didn’t sit back and wait!

The rain of arrows, giant crossbows, and kerosene spells continued to pound through with desperation!

The heavy cavalry in the rear also re-formed.

Once again, they were rushing for their lives!

Each one was like a madman in desperation and was fighting to the death.

It filled the formation of the Great Desolate Army.

It was a wave of determination to face death for the sake of Glory!

“Humph, no matter how many ants there are, they’re just ants!”

A Xiu Ling clan member contemptuously swept his eyes at the Great Desolate Army, and a hint of condescension flashed in his eyes!

As an immortal cultivator was supposed to be high up!

They looked down on the advanced civilizations, not to mention these ordinary people!

“Jiang Fan…… can admit defeat, right”

Feeling that dense atmosphere of despair, even Tong Zhen Sheng could not help but speak.

During the match, the battle room was completely closed.

No one could contact the players inside!

Yet no one noticed the two-spirit tree people walking past the two sides of the large pit.

Qi, who always had a calm face, a faint and mysterious smile appeared on his face!!


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