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Chapter 86: Astonishing Might! The whole audience is shocked! Grand Competition…… First!!!

Because the Great Desolate Army had created a huge pit in the middle of the battlefield.

So, two-spirit tree people had to split into two teams.

As they were passing by the sides of the big pit, the Great Desolate Army was shooting arrows crazily.

The rock throwers were frantically throwing boulders and kerosene.

The heavy cavalry in the rear was also lunging frantically.

At the same time, the lancers in the front left a huge shield.

Once again, they formed a temporary giant shield formation!

All of the soldiers of the Great Desolate Army were struggling.

They were fighting to the death!

Just admit defeat

That’s not going to happen.

The audience outside the arena supporting Jiang Fan was clenching their fists!

Reluctantly, they were looking at the scales of victory.

It was tipping over to Bu Jing Yue little by little.

It was just like in the previous life, fans were watching the final match of the national football!

Behind the Great Desolate Army, Qi and the Transcendental Research team’s faces were still unchanged.


Someone’s eyes were filled with anticipation and excitement!

Qi and the Transcendental Research team were fully prepared three days before this match.

They were studying the videos of the matches of the Xiu Ling clan.

At that time, they did not know that it was called the Xiu Ling clan but it was also clear that this race was scary!

The sudden appearance of two-spirit tree people disrupted all the deployments!

It was like the battle with Tang Qingqing.

It was necessary to break through the spirit tree’s line of defense.

To make it possible to kill the Xiu Ling race!


Unlike the Dou Qi warriors, these spirit tree people not only had more amazing defensive power and recovery.

In addition, the combat power was also very strong.

Those big, wide hands were directly able to shoot a heavy cavalry into the sky!

This was not a match for human power.


After witnessing the superlative spirit tree people, Qi immediately realized it in his mind.

All Great Desolate Army’s current weapons, including three thousand soldiers of the heavy cavalry, giant crossbows and the blood of crimson lions were much of a threat to the Spirit Tree People!

Qi was the emperor of the Xia Kingdom but let’s not forget that he himself was the era……

He was the most talented genius!

Behind him, there was a bunch of people from the transcendental research team.

But there were many different opinions.

A lot of offers would appear but it was Qi who made the final decision.

So far, Qi made every decision without failure!


Many of the methods that made people’s eyes light up were the ones he had thought of!

After realizing that conventional weapons were of no use, Qi was the first to make a decision.

He sighed inwardly and commanded the guard team for gun powder.

It was mobilized since the production.

It had been sealed.

No one could move it, except for Qi.

Qi considered this weapon the beginning of the devil!

In fact, in the previous life, all black powder was for military use.

It ended the era of cold weapons, leaving the pride of the cavalry beyond redemption!

After this, the era of thermal weapons was activated!

It was a highly lethal weapon.

They started to be born one after another.

It was also bringing huge casualties to humans!

To reduce the possibility of being discovered no one could move it except for Qi and the Transcendent Research team.

It was not leaked to any of the soldiers of the Great Desolate Army.

All the soldiers of the Great Desolate Army only knew to follow Qi’s orders.

They were desperately sniping at the two approaching spirit tree men!

Arrow rain, giant crossbow, kerosene, heavy cavalry, etc.

All of this, including the deep pit, dug with the blood of crimson lions, was all just to cover for the true killing move of gun powder!

Even if the Spirit Tree people did not fall into the pit.

It didn’t affect the final plan in any way!

In order to deal with the thick and sturdy Spirit Tree people, Qi’s heart was ruthless.

He directly used all the gun powder!

“This is…… thousands of pounds, right”

Inside the battle room, Qi made this move privately.

Naturally, all under the nose of Jiang Fan!

Seeing the huge amount of black powder, Jiang Fan couldn’t help but be a little staggered!

This was to mean!

This equivalent amount was impossible to compare with modern gunpowder from the previous life.

But under high equivalence, its power would be really quite scary!

This gun powder was already placed by Qi’s personal guard when they were digging the hole.

It was personally placed on both sides of the hole…… rock wall!

Each side had thousands of kilograms of black gunpowder.

At this time, two-spirit tree people, with huge body sizes, were walking slowly above these gun powder!

To disguise the smell of gun powder.

Qi ordered the archery team to come a little earlier.


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