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Chapter 87: Astonishing Might! The whole audience is shocked! Grand Competition…… First!!!

They started firing a lot of arrows with the blood of crimson lions!

The strong smell of the blood of the crimson lion covered up all the surrounding smell.

Even the Xiu Ling people who had a keen sense of smell were not able to smell what was buried underneath.

It was like gun powder with no obvious smell!

“Warriors of the Great Desolate army, where is your courage”

Seeing that the time was right, Qi directly raised his long sword high in the air and shouted angrily.

“Fight! Fight! Fight!”

This was the response of the Great Desolate Army.

The sound vibrated high in the sky like a thunderclap!

It resounded throughout the battlefield!

This shout from Qi was not to inspire the fighting spirit of the Great Desolate Army.

Instead, ……

It was to cover up the sound of the fuses underneath!

The sound was not loud though but just in case he was still doing all the adequate work!

“Little ants, ridiculous!”

Looking at the shouts of the Great Desolate Army and their blood boiling!

A Xiu Ling clan member couldn’t help but let out a taunt!

It was like seeing a bunch of ants doing pre-war mobilization.

It was like preparing to challenge yourself as a lion!

“Speed up!”

The aged Xiu Ling clan member also shouted.

The various actions of the Great Desolate Army made this patriarch of the Xiu Ling clan feel offended as well.

If continued to drag on.

It was totally humiliating.

The two-spirit tree people were still young.

Rather, they were very obedient.

They tried their best to speed up.

They started taking a big step forward!

At the same time, it was also the official step on the burial place of the gun powder!

Brush, brush, brush……

The lance soldiers collectively gripped their lances tightly.

They did not know the inside story.

They were prepared to fight to the death against the two behemoths approaching!

Even at the cost of living, the heavy cavalry behind had also caught up.

Frantically, they lunged toward the spirit tree people.

Some soldiers also jumped directly onto the branches and leaves.

They were even prepared to use their mouths to bite off the flesh of the opponent.

Seeing this magnificent scene of the Great Desolate Army, many viewers couldn’t help being moved!

“I’ve decided, even if Jiang Fan loses this one, I’ll be a fan of Jiang Fan from now on!”

“What a ruthless determination.

Even when facing such a strong opponent and making people despair, they definitely won’t give up!”

“It’s no wonder that Jiang Fan has come this far, and he really has a hand in cultivating ordinary people!”


One by one, they were discussing with emotion.

As compared to the general audience, the faces of a group of teachers were calm.

Among them, the least of them had also participated in more than ten big competitions.

They had seen all kinds of scenes.

Of course, it was impossible to be moved by this kind of determination.

“An unwise move, an unwise move.”

Instead, some teachers were shaking their heads.

It was just a match, it was not like there was a real war.

What are you working so hard for

Many talented students in the front had a vision that once you see that the situation is not favorable, immediately choose to admit defeat!

“It’s over.”

An older teacher said faintly.

“Yes, it’s over.”

In the battle room, the corners of Jiang Fan’s mouth curled up slightly!

If such a large amount of gun powder exploded.

In his previous life, he had only seen it on the screen but now, he could see it with his own eyes.

As the two-spirit tree people stepped on the gun powder ambush site.

The two fuses burned and finally, it came to an end.

The calculations from Qi himself were very accurate!

It was not a hair out of place.

The tiny sound of burning could be heard.

In the surrounding sky, the shattering roars of anger could also be heard.

It was completely negligible.

And at this moment no Xiu Ling people would raise their vigilance.

Inside the viewing room, experienced and insightful leading teachers all just thought that the big hole just now was Jiang Fan’s last trick!

They couldn’t possibly imagine that the big hole was just a disguise for the real plan!

The fuse burned to the end.

In the next moment!

There was a loud bang!

It was a loud sound that could no longer be described in words!

It was like a dragon turning over!

The whole ground exploded!

Countless clay, stones, and vegetation on the ground flew out!

The ground in the field of vision shook like a mountain.

Even the air was trembling violently!

That amazing and terrifying power was only through the projection but it made people tremble!

Not to mention the crowd on the battlefield.

At the command of Qi, the rest of the Great Desolate Army had long since crouched down.

They were hiding behind the giant shield formation.

These giant shields were made with the last bit of vibranium.

Under the power of two huge explosions, it was instantly black!

Immediately afterward…… they were broken by inches.

The lancers were close behind.


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