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Chapter 88: Astonishing Might! The whole audience is shocked! Grand Competition…… First!!!

They were directly blown away.

The horrific explosion was accompanied by.

The sky was full of dust and ashes!

On the ground, a huge hole was blown open!

Everyone…… including Qi himself witnessed this apocalyptic scene in disbelief!

In the previous experiments, the gun powder used was not of such a large amount!

“Is this the true power of gun powder I seem to have activated a devilish weapon, but……”

Qi murmured to himself, a look of determination flashed in his eyes, and said, “For the glory of the Father, everything is worth it!”

“How scary!”

“It’s terrifying, this is…… that legendary weapon”

The people of the Transcendental Research team were amazed.

Not many people had witnessed the gun powder experiment.

Most of them only heard about it.

A team led by Qi himself developed a destructive weapon.

At that time, many people just laughed in disdain when they heard about it.

They thought it was an exaggeration!


Seeing it in person today they knew that such weapons really existed in this world!

And in front of the explosion of thousands of pounds of gun powder, even if it was two giant spirit tree men, it was still tipped over too!

They were plunged directly into the big hole below!

The entire tree person was blown up and scorched black!

Who knows how many branches and trunks were broken!

The dense foliage on top was almost half-ruined!

They were not dead for now but also seriously injured.

The five hundred Xiu Ling people standing on the spirit tree people were not much better.

The branches and leaves helped them resist a part of the impact.

But that remaining impact was also enough to lift these Xiu Ling people right off the ground!

Some people were blasted into the sky and landed heavily on the ground.

And the other part was planted together in the big pit.

At this time, that white skin had long become pitch black!

The clothes were in tatters!

There were a few Xiu Ling people who were close by.

Their bodies had been torn apart!

The mutilated corpses were hanging from the branch like dried meat in the wind.

It made one’s heart skip a beat!

“The warriors of the Xia Kingdom, attack!”

Qi did not bask in the excitement of the success of his plan.

He directly swung the long sword and ordered loudly!

He knew that this was the weakest moment for the Xiu Ling people and the Spirit Tree people.

If he did not attack now.

Then when

Inside the viewing room, the voice of discussions disappeared completely.


Pin drop silence!

An unprecedented silence!!!

It was so quiet that one could hear a needle falling to the ground.


Including teachers and leaders and the strongest people of each power, even the lord of Jiangcheng City got up from their seats.

They were staring at the picture in the projection without blinking!

What emerged on their face was…… a strong look of shock!

When Jiang Fan fought against Tang Qingqing before, the final result was an ongoing process.

He made people feel prepared.


This time, it was an instantaneous explosion!

Thousands of pounds of gun powder were generated in an instant.

Not only the two-spirit trees and the Xiu Ling people were overturned, the people watching the battle were completely shocked!

As a leading teachers, each of them was not weak.

They had naturally seen more and more powerful things.


This grand competition was just a month after awakening.

Such power was totally unimaginable!

If you talk about the spirit tree and the spiritual talisman, it was still acceptable.

As for the explosive power of gun powder, not a single person was prepared!

This was something that should not appear in this kind of arena!

After a long silence, finally, someone broke out.

“What is this…… thing”

“Am I seeing things What was that explosion just now”

“Can someone tell me what the hell is going on here”


Everyone revealed a strong look of confusion.

No one could have imagined the amazing power of gun powder.

No one could see it either.

This world was no such thing as gunpowder.

Even the teachers who had seen a lot of things were also staring closely at the projection.

They were trying to get a good look.

The violent explosion just now……

What the hell was going on!

Above the battlefield, as the smoke and dust descended from the sky.

The scene in the field became clear again.

Within the large pit, two-spirit tree people were already on the ground.

For a short time, it was difficult to recover from this.

On the spirit tree people, there were a lot of broken clothes, broken arrows and broken human torsos!

More than forty Xiu Ling people were torn to pieces on the spot in this terrible explosion!

As for the remaining four hundred or so Xiu Ling people.

Most of them were affected by the explosion.

They were more or less wounded!


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