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Chapter 9: Headmaster’s jaw dropped!

“I let the principal down.

It’s not super energy.” Jiang Fan shook his head.

“Not super energy” Tong Zhensheng’s eyes froze, but he immediately reacted and said,” That’s high-level energy.

High-level energy isn’t bad either.

In the future, you can create a powerful high-level civilization.”

“It’s not high-level energy,” Jiang Fan said.

Listening to Jiang Fan’s answer, the smile on Tong Zhensheng’s face froze.

Logically speaking, Jiang Fan’s awakened planet was over 35 kilometers in diameter.

The probability of converting to super energy was very high.

Even if his luck was bad, high-level energy should be guaranteed.

Tong Zhensheng never thought about it.

It was not even a high-level energy.

Naturally, there was some imbalance in his heart.

But he had been the principal for decades, it quickly returned to normal.

After a brief silence, Tong Zhenshen looked at Jiang Fan and asked, “Is it middle energy It’s not impossible to have middle energy.

Many powerful intermediate civilizations are no less powerful than advanced civilizations.” Tong Zhenshen’s voice comforted himself somewhat reluctantly.

With Jiang Fan’s results and only then converting into intermediate energy.

It was like first place in the college entrance exam went to a school that couldn’t even rank 211.

“It’s not middle energy.” Jiang Fan told the truth.

“……” Tong Zhenshen was speechless for a long time.

He did not know what to say.

Not even intermediate energy.

There was only low-level energy left.

This made him not even know how to comfort him.

“Low-level energy is fine.

With the size of your planet, you will have an advantage over others.” Tong Zhenheng tried to comfort him.

Although Jiang Fan’s energy was not satisfactory, in the end, he was the first place.

Tong Zhensheng still felt that there was potential.

“It’s not low-level energy.” Jiang Fan was helpless, but he still told the truth.

“The energy I converted is a little special, not extraordinary.

“It’s light energy.

“It’s just normal energy.”

Puff! Puff!

Hearing this, Tong Zhenshen’s body trembled.

His hand trembled.

The teapot he had just picked up trembled.

He almost hit the table.

Even though Tong Zhencheng was a level 4 planet lord, he had been the principal for decades.

It could also be said that he had experienced great storms.


He was also shocked by Jiang Fan’s words.

You’re a genius who broke River City’s historical record.

The transformed energy was not extraordinary energy It was ordinary energy!

Saying it out loud, no one would believe it.

One had to know, according to the previous records, the planets with normal energy were very small.

The largest one did not exceed 15 kilometers.

There was no such thing as Jiang Fan.

It completely did not conform to the normal law of planet awakening, but Tong Zhensheng also knew Jiang Fan could not lie.

This sort of thing, at that time, would be clear.

“Principal, if there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.” Jiang Fan stood up and prepared to take his leave.

“Sure, you can go back first.” Tong Zhensheng did not know what to say.

He had a sentence prepared.

However, Jiang Fan’s “shocking” news disrupted everything.

After leaving the principal’s office, Jiang Fan followed the stream of people.

He left the school quietly.

Outside the school gate, there were already many media outlets and people from all walks of life.

Hearing the wind, he went out.

Jiang Fan was in the crowd.

He did not attract much attention.

He went straight back to his home.

Jiang Fan was an orphan.

It was a relief room in the Federation.

Upon returning home, Jiang Fan could not wait to open the crystal ball that he had just obtained from the principal.

Inside the crystal ball, it was an intact origin energy.

“With this origin energy, I can accelerate Blue Star and let the planet continue to evolve rapidly,” Jiang Fan thought to himself.

He put down the crystal ball.

Jiang Fan turned on his second-hand communicator.

This kind of communicator was a product of the immortal cultivation civilization.

Inside, there was an ultra-micro teleportation array.

The information could be teleported directly.

He opened it.

The screen was instantly filled with all kinds of news.

Without a doubt there was news of Jiang Fan breaking the records of River City.

It was already known by the various forces.

Many forces sent out congratulations, and… cooperation request!

Jiang Fan browsed through a few pages.

Most of them belonged to some capital or planet management companies.

There were also some local families.

He was careless.

They would provide resources to help Jiang Fan build a planet.

Of course, this was not free.

Naturally, those forces would occupy the shares of the planet in exchange of good reputation—win-win cooperation!

Ordinary civilians like Jiang Fan were the favorite of all major capitalists.

In reality, if Jiang Fan did not have the deduction system, he had no choice but to accept the goodwill of these forces.

From the crowd of capital, he would choose one.

After all, the creation of the planet needed a lot of resources and funds.


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