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Chapter 90: Unexpected prizes! Atomic Dinosaurs! Godzilla’s roots!

“Won! We won!”

A little fan of Jiang Fan shouted excitedly.

“Haha, black gunpowder is awesome! Jiang Fan is awesome! Too awesome!”

“I heard that you are the most demonic Bu Jing Yue in the history of Jiangcheng I heard that you are an immortal civilization cultivator Or a Xiu Ling clan with a heavenly born spiritual body And two spirit tree people So what You were still smashed!”

“The most demonic Ridiculous! It’s Jiang Fan who broke the diameter record of the Awakened Planet! The most evil one is Jiang Fan!”

“That’s right, are they all blind Can’t you see that the one who broke the record is Jiang Fan, and actually said that Bu Jing Yue is the most demonic.”

“Still upset What’s upsetting Isn’t it a very normal operation for the No.

1 player to defeat the No.

2 player”

“I have decided, even if Jiang Fan does not perform well in future college entrance exams, I will not go black.”

“I also decided that I will be a loyal fan of Jiang Fan in the future! The kind of die-hard fan!”

“Go away, weren’t you still a fan of Bu Jing Yue just now You defected so soon”


There wasn’t a single person who didn’t talk about it.

Especially Jiang Fan’s crowd of fanboys and fangirls.

The excitement was overwhelming.

Their voices were even louder than the aunt in the vegetable market!

The noisy audience was different.

A group of leading teachers were having a little discussion.

If we talk about the previous battle between Jiang Fan and Tang Qingqing, the teachers were shocked.


This battle!

It was just rocking!

The kind of shock was carved into the marrow of bones as the playback projection played.

These teachers were also gradually seeing that from the beginning.

On the side of the Great Desolate Army, the strategy for the whole match was for the final release of this powerful weapon called “Gun Powder”!

All means and steps were for this purpose!

Even if a large hole was secretly dug underneath, it was considered to be a stroke of wisdom in a hurry.

In fact……

It was part of the plan too!

“Won! We won.”

Inside the viewing room, Tong Zhensheng burst into tears, and Qiu Yunfei, who was equally excited beside him, hugged him tightly!

How many years had it been

Not only was it the first top prize in the Grand competition during Tong Zhen Sheng’s tenure!

More than that, in the entire history of the No .7 middle school, it was the one and only champion!

It would be engraved in the school history of No.

7 Middle School forever!

“Congratulations, congratulations.”

“Defeated Bu Jing Yue! This championship contest should be the highest one ever.”

“Old boy, with this championship, you are worthy of being the principal.”


Teachers and leaders who were familiar with each other came to congratulate.

Tong Zhensheng and Qiu Yunfei responded one by one.

As compared to the No.

7 middle school, where only Tong Zhen Sheng and Qiu Yunfei came, there were a lot of people who came from the No.

1 middle school.

There were eight participants in the competition.

There were even more school leaders.

The other students in the previous matches were eliminated from the competition but there was Bu Jing Yue.

This champion was already in the bag.

Therefore most of the school leaders came to meet the big competition champion!

However, no one expected the cooked duck to fly away!

At this time, the congregation of No.

1 middle school was silent.

Each one of them had a ugly face.

“Hahaha, Teacher Lan Hao.”

Qiu Yunfei took the lead and walked towards the teacher Lan Hao, who was leading the team, extended his hand and said with a smile on his face, “We won the championship this time thanks to the kind words of Mr.

Lan Hao, if not for your kind words, I’m afraid……”

“Our Jiang Fan from the No.7 middle school won’t have gotten the championship!”

Hearing this, everyone’s face was strangely pale.

Previously, before the final match between Jiang Fan and Bu Jing Yue, many people saw Lan Hao’s mockery of Tong Zhen Sheng and the No.

7 middle school.

At that time, what Lan Hao said was, “With the momentum of your student Jiang Fan, I’m afraid that taking this championship is a sure thing, I want to congratulate you in advance.”

He didn’t expect that it would come true!

The Great Desolate Army was as powerful as a rainbow and it really defeated the Xiu Ling Clan and the Spirit Tree People in one fell swoop and won the championship of this competition.

The school leader next to him even stared at Lan Hao with an unfriendly gaze.

He just wanted to tear this guy’s mouth to pieces on the spot.

Who told him to talk nonsense!

Lan Hao’s face had become more than ugly.

It was dark like the bottom of a pot.

The line-up of No.

7 middle school this time was the most luxurious session in the history!

There were eight students and all of them made it to the top thirty-two in elimination rounds!

More than that, there was a bug, Bu Jing Yue!

So, the position of the leading teacher had been contested by many teachers!

Lan Hao took great pains to earn this position.

Originally he was thinking that he would come back with the best result in the history of No.

1 Middle School and didn’t expect that there would be an all-time best result, even if the championship was lost.

The No.

1 middle school was the only one of its kind in Jiangcheng.

In the history of the Jiangcheng Competition, most of the championships went to the No.

1 middle school.

In the previous five consecutive sessions, the No. 1 middle school got all the championship!


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