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Chapter 91: Unexpected prizes! Atomic Dinosaurs! Godzilla’s roots!

As a result, looking at the unkind eyes of the school leaders, Lan Hao knew that his career in the No.

1 middle school was over!


In the lounge, Bu Jing Yue walked in with a despondent look.

There was no one inside and she sat down dumbly.

No one knew what she was thinking.

Suddenly, the communicator sounded and Bu Jing Yue picked it up and took a look.

She hesitated for a moment but still clicked on it.

Immediately, a realistic projection appeared above the communicator!

This communicator of Bu Jing Yue was the most advanced in the market today.

It had the ability to project realistic images of each other in real-time!

The price was in the millions of federal dollars.

It was not like Jiang Fan’s second-hand goods that were more than a dozen generations older.

“Teacher… ”

Seeing the middle-aged beautiful woman in the projection, Bu Jing Yue shouted softly.


The middle-aged beauty said with an expressionless face.


Bu Jing Yue’s voice was inaudible.

“Now, are you still insisting on your ridiculous idea” the middle-aged beautiful woman said with a sneer.

Bu Jing Yue lowered her head because she had no words.

“There are so many geniuses in this world.”

The middle-aged beauty continued, “Even if you’re more demonic so what”

“A genius who can grow up is a real genius!”

“Those geniuses who were high-spirited at the beginning fell in the middle……”

“I’ve seen a lot of them.”

“You can’t even beat an ordinary human civilization now, and you still want to stick to your original path”

“I…… listen to my teacher’s teachings.”

Bu Jing Yue lightly bit her lips and finally said something.

“Good, come back now and follow the plan given to you for two months of intensive training!”

The middle-aged beauty’s voice rose sharply and said, “This big competition is nothing! ”

“The college entrance examination in two months is the real battlefield!”

“By that time!”

“You will not just be facing these people in Jiangcheng, but the geniuses of the entire province!”

“Dong Yang Province is so big that there are no less than a hundred cities like Jiangcheng!”

“Among them, there is no shortage of demons who are not inferior to you, and even more talented than you!”

“Your real opponent is not Jiang Fan, but the demons of hundreds of cities in the province!”

“Teacher, I’m listening to you.”

Bu Jing Yue’s eyes regained a glimmer, she clenched her lips and said, “Next time, I will not lose!”


After a short award ceremony, Jiang Fan was taken to a lounge by the staff.

Inside the lounge, there were a bunch of teachers and leaders standing around.

At the head of the group was a tall man –

The Lord of Jiangcheng City!

“Hahaha, good boy.”

As soon as Jiang Fan entered, the Jiangcheng City Lord slapped him directly.

He slapped Jiang Fan heavily on the shoulder and laughed, “Even I didn’t expect that you would be able to defeat that girl Bu Jing Yue and take the championship of this competition!”

“I was just lucky.”

Jiang Fan made a polite remark.

“It’s too modest.

The champion of the grand competition has never been won by luck.

If you can defeat Bu Jing Yue, that’s your strength.”

Jiangcheng City Lord smiled.

Immediately looking at Jiang Fan, his tone calmed down and asked, “Are you willing to enter my sect Of course, it is not a formal apprenticeship, but a registered disciple!”

The teachers next to him were not surprised.

In the previous big competition reward, just one of them was personally taught by the Lord of Jiangcheng City.

The meaning was obvious, this year’s session was the most monstrous one in history.

Even the Jiangcheng City Lord was a bit moved.

So, there was such an extra reward.


Jiang Fan blinked and said with some embarrassment, “Can we change the reward”

Hearing this, Tong Zhensheng and Qiu Yunfei almost wanted to reach out and slap Jiang Fan’s face.

Jiangcheng City Lord rarely accepted disciples, not to mention honorary disciples.

Even if he wanted to get his guidance, that was also very difficult to do, not to mention the registered disciple.

As long as nothing unexpected happened, it was only a matter of time before he became a full disciple, a disciple of a fifth-level planet master.

Who wouldn’t be impressed

But he actually refused it!

“Ha ha ha.”

Jiangcheng City Lord was slightly stunned but did not take it personally and smiled, “It’s the first time I’ve been disliked, but you’re building a civilization of ordinary people, in this regard, I really don’t have much experience and can’t teach you much.

In that case, let’s change the reward.”

Seeing that the Jiangcheng City Lord was not angry, Tong Zhen Sheng and others were slightly relieved.

“Thank you, City Lord!”

Jiang Fan naturally would not accept any “named disciple”.

There was a deduction system.

Besides, the evolution of Blue Star was primed to be on track.

According to the previous regulations, this time, the rewards of the grand competition were exceptionally generous.

There were three in total –

One hundred million federal dollars in cash!

Eligibility to pick any one treasure from the City Lord’s treasure trove.

As well as the personal teaching of the Lord of Jiangcheng City!

Of these three, the most valued by Tong Zhensheng and other geniuses was the last one.

But for Jiang Fan, the first two were the key, especially the 100 million federal dollars.

That represents a hundred parts of the original power!

It was enough to keep Jiang Fan from having to deal with the headache of origin power for a long time in the future.

It could also make Blue Star evolve for a long time!

Soon, at the insistence of Tong Zhensheng, Jiang Fan was sent to the City Lord’s Mansion by a rune car from No.

7 Middle School.

This was a large building that resembled the Gothic style of the previous life!

One couldn’t even see the end!

In the  City Lord’s Mansion, someone had already come up to greet them!

It was an old man dressed in black.

Jiang Fan couldn’t help but glance at the aura on his body.

Surprisingly, it was not even close to Tong Zhen Sheng.

It was at least a level 4 planet master!

At the prompt of Tong Zhensheng.


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