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Chapter 92: Unexpected prizes! Atomic Dinosaurs! Godzilla’s roots!

Jiang Fan just realized that this old man in black was actually the butler of the City Lord’s Mansion.

It also showed the Jiangcheng City Lord’s attention to Jiang Fan!

“Please come with me.”

The old butler did not take Jiang Fan lightly because he was young.

He invited Jiang Fan inside, very politely.

He took Jiang Fan to the legendary treasure house of the city lord.

“Rumor has it that as the strongest person in Jiangcheng, the Jiangcheng City Lord is very powerful.”

Jiang Fan remembered what Tong Zhensheng said on the road.

“Often able to plunder various treasures from some masterless planets.”


“The collection in the treasure house of the city lord is very rich!”

“But this is also the most important place in the entire City Lord’s Mansion, and it is very heavily guarded!”

“Even Principal Tong is not qualified to come in once!”

While thinking about it, he followed the old butler and stepped into the door of the treasure trove.

The scene inside lit up Jiang Fan’s eyes!

This was a huge hall!

He couldn’t even see the end of it at a glance!

In the middle of the hall, there was a set-up with a clear crystal!

It was sealed.

It was a treasure that was extremely rare to see in the outside world!

“These are the collections of the city lord.”

The old butler introduced.

“Can I pick any of them”

Jiang Fan asked.

“Of course, you can pick any one of the treasures here, but within an hour.”

The old butler said.

Beneath that ancient, unruffled face, it seemed to carry a hint of an inexplicable smile.

Sure enough, Jiang Fan couldn’t help but complain in his heart because it wasn’t that good.

In the treasure house of the city lord everything was not very valuable either.

Some things were just relatively rare.

Or it could be said that the City Lord of Jiangcheng had his eye on it.

Once picked badly, it might not even sell for a few dollars.

That’s right……

For Jiang Fan, the most important purpose of selecting treasure was to sell it for money because the treasure was of little use to him.

As he had only one hour, Jiang Fan quickened his pace.

He quickly looked at them one by one.

To be honest, Jiang Fan did not recognize any of these treasures

There was no way because he came from the bottom of the social ladder.

It was good to be able to read but it was naturally impossible to have any insight.

However, Jiang Fan still had a system.

Immediately, Jiang Fan was prepared to call out the system.

“System, help me deduce that in this treasure house of the city lord, the most valuable…… not right.”

Thinking about it.

Jiang Fan changed his mind and said, “What is the most beneficial treasure for the development of the Blue Star”

After a few moments, the result of the deduction came out–

Deduction result: No.




Jiang Fan raised his eyebrows and quickly walked to the treasure of No.


It was a giant creature sealed by a crystal!

Inside the treasury of the city lord, it was not just about having all kinds of valuable items.

There were also precious transcendent creatures captured from various planets by the lord of Jiangcheng City!

What made Jiang Fan feel a little strange was that, outside this crystal there was only a simple number identification.

There was not any description of this creature.

The old butler’s face became weird as he saw that Jiang Fan actually stopped in front of this creature.

Of course he knew why the creature didn’t have a name

Because this was just the legendary “strange creature”!

What was a strange creature

Those unknown creatures had great strength, but without a trace of transcendental energy in their bodies!

So far, no one could figure out the origin and formation of these organisms.

They were collectively referred to as strange creatures!

Due to the rarity, it was a favorite collection of all powerful planet masters!

On the market, the trade value was also quite high.

That was the reason why the old butler looked weird.

It was a strange creature from the outside.

It was also huge.

It was indistinguishable from transcendent creatures!

Even if it was the Lord of Jiangcheng City, he could not determine directly that it was a strange creature.

And Jiang Fan……

A high school student who had just awakened the planet for a month.

How could he recognize it

The old butler was somewhat unconvinced.

Coughing slightly, he came up and said, “Do you want to pick this one”


Jiang Fan nodded.

Listening to the system was certainly right.

“Do you know what kind of creature this is”

The old butler looked at Jiang Fan and asked.

“No idea.”

Jiang Fan said truthfully.

Although the system thought that the most preferred one was this huge unknown creature in front of him.

However, no specific information was given.

Jiang Fan really did not know.

“No idea”

The old butler was slightly stunned, and then asked, “You don’t know, and still choose this one”

“Just a feeling.”

Jiang Fan smiled faintly.

The old butler was a little speechless but he could only follow the promise of the city lord of Jiangcheng.

Jiang Fan could take anything he wanted to take!

The old butler moved his right hand lightly.

The sealing crystal of this huge creature was rapidly shrinking.

The old butler handed it to Jiang Fan and said, “The shrinking of the sealing crystal requires a large amount of origin power, and the higher the multiple of shrinking, the more origin power is consumed, so……”

“After you take it back, try to find a place and restore it!”

Jiang Fan said thanks and took away the crystal.

Under Tong Zhensheng’s insistence to personally pick him up, Jiang Fan went back to his relief house.

The house was too small.

Jiang Fan could only enlarge the sealed crystal to a size that the room could just fit!

“Gotta get rid of this thing fast.”

Jiang Fan thought darkly for a moment and then he asked the system, “System, help me deduce the origin of this creature”

The results of the deduction came out quickly–

Atomic dinosaurs, strange creatures born by accident on an unowned planet.

“Atomic dinosaurs”

Seeing this term, Jiang Fan’s expression turned a little weird.

Was this creature the atomic dinosaur from those movies and TV series from the previous life!


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