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Chapter 93: Blue Star’s Evolution! The birth of a little atomic dinosaur! The death of Qi!

This kind of thing had only appeared in film and television productions, so Jiang Fan could not be sure.

Fortunately, there was a deduction system.

Jiang Fan directly asked, “System, help me deduce the biological characteristics, species category, body composition, and genetic sequence of this creature……”

Jiang Fan said a whole lot in one breath.

The system, on the other hand, continued to respond.

After a few moments, the results were out!

Looking at this huge pile of dense text, Jiang Fan couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow.

He could only browse through it carefully.

After reading it, Jiang Fan became more convinced of his previous guesses.

“This creature is not quite the same as the atomic dinosaur in my memory, but……”

Jiang Fan muttered, “Many characteristics still have similarities.”

“That means.”

“It’s hard not to……”

“Is this creature a more primitive atomic dinosaur”

In terms of strength, the creature wasn’t strong either.

There was nothing special about the ability.

It was just that the body was bigger!

It could be said that it was no different from ordinary dinosaurs.

“System, deduce the most suitable time and place to cultivate this atomic dinosaur on the Blue Star”

Jiang Fan continued to ask.

Previously in the City Lord’s Treasure house, what Jiang Fan claimed was the most beneficial treasure for the development of Blue Star.

The answer given by the system was this “atomic dinosaur”.

Apparently, it should be possible for this atomic dinosaur to survive on the Blue Star.

Soon, the system gave the answer again.

This time, Jiang Fan just took a look at this result and did not continue to dig deeper because he had something more important to do now.


When he was getting back to the Qi of the Xia Kingdom, he ran out of gas!

In the capital city of Xia Kingdom, the palace was heavily surrounded by the Great Desolate Army!

No one was allowed to fly in.

The soldiers of the Great Desolate Army had no joy in just winning.

Instead, it was replaced by a heavy sadness.

Shortly after returning from the triumph, there was not much time left for Qi.

After these continuous battles, he was exhausted!

He came back to the palace and after a short celebration ceremony, he collapsed.

Han and all the princes, concubines, and ministers all knelt outside the palace.

Everyone was silent because everyone could see that Qi was already running out of life.

He had reached the end of life.

In these last moments of life, Qi asked the Guards to drive everyone out of the room.

The only thing that left many people wondering was that the air shook for a moment.

Jiang Fan appeared.


Every time he saw Jiang Fan, Qi was extraordinarily excited.

This time out of excitement, there was more than a hint of relief.

The task given to him by Jiang Fan was completed successfully!

Qi silently watched the air.

There was hope in his eyes.

In his head, he recalled the first time he was called over by his father, the moment he saw the Father and all that he followed, Jiang Fan was not just his guide or the closest people.

“You have done a good job, and your achievements are not inferior to that of your father.”

There was no text displayed from Jiang Fan this time, instead, he used the air.

He was vibrating out the sound.

Hearing these words from Jiang Fan, a small smile appeared on Qi’s face.

He closed his eyes without any regrets and passed away!

Qi’s biggest wish was nothing but Jiang Fan’s affirmation.

The death of Qi opened a new chapter of the Xia Kingdom.

Later generations had a very high opinion of Qi.

It was the budding era of technological development.

It laid a solid foundation for the establishment of many subsequent disciplines!

According to Qi’s last words, Qi’s body was buried in that one mountain range outside the planet passage.

Starting with Qi, this became the final home of a succession of emperors.

Later generations called it “Royal Tomb Mountain”.

It was also in line with the saying –

The emperor guards the gate of the country, and the king dies in the society!

The 30,000 soldiers of the Great Desolate Army were not abolished.

They directly moved to Royal Tomb Mountain.

As the defending troops, they continued to exist.

The burial of Qi was short.

The captain of Qi’s personal guards was also his childhood companion and most trusted person.

With a box, he walked into the barracks of the Great Desolate Army.

He took out a small black token from the box.

“This is……”

The captain of the guard pointed in the direction of his head and said respectfully, “A reward for you.”

“Everyone take a drop of blood.”

“In the future, if you or your descendants have any difficulties.”

“Just trigger this token.”

“By this, a crisis can be spared!”

“There is only one chance.”

“Please use with caution.”

As the captain’s voice fell, the eyes of all the soldiers showed a trace of shock.

Having participated in the Grand competition, soldiers of the Great Desolate Army had been convinced that behind Qi, there was a god standing.

After the big competition, Qi naturally did not forget the generous reward of the Great Desolate Army.

He left a token for each of these soldiers.

On the token, there was a mark printed with the power of the origin!

As soon as it was triggered, they could touch the power of the origin in it.


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