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Chapter 94: Blue Star’s Evolution! The birth of a little atomic dinosaur! The death of Qi!

This very small amount of power of origin could mobilize the surrounding time and space, moving this person directly to another uninhabited place.

In other words, the effect of this token was not that powerful, it could only allow one person to temporarily survive.

But because no one would try it, all of them were treated as divine objects.

It was treasured at the highest standard.

These soldiers were also aware that this token was a life-saving item.

More than that, it could be passed on and could only be used once.

As a last resort, no one wanted to use it!

Shortly after the death of Qi, Han officially succeeded to the throne!

In the succession to the throne this time, there were no twists or turns.

The brothers and sisters of Han were mediocre people with little ambition and Han followed Qi and participated in the competition.

A part of the reputation was already established.

Naturally, there was no controversy.

As compared with Qi, Han had some talent in medicine but there was only some talent not quite top-notch.

By this time, the development of the Xia Kingdom in various fields was all on the right track!

Jiang Fan also gradually reduced the frequency of direct intervention.

At the same time, a hundred portions of the power of origin weren’t bought for 100 million federal dollars.

It was Jiang Fan who rejected the City Lord’s acceptance.

Rather, it was after Jiang Fan refused the acceptance of the Jiangcheng City Lord as his apprentice.

As a replacement reward from the city lord of Jiangcheng, Jiang Fan also didn’t need to worry about the power of origin anymore.

He directly accelerated the time flow of Blue Star.

Jiang Fan once again disguised, as a bystander he was quietly watching the evolution of this planet.

It was not only the development of Xia’s technology, there was also the whole evolution of the Blue Star!

Following the system’s deduction, the best place to put atomic dinosaurs was another continent of the Blue Star.

There were only two continents in the Blue Star.

One piece was the continent where the Xia Kingdom was located.

Almost all lives existed there.

The other piece was much smaller, this piece of land was created shortly after the birth of life on the Blue Star.

But at that time, it was a small island that couldn’t be any smaller.

With the evolution of the Blue Star, it was gradually getting bigger.

This speed was accelerating even more but as compared with the land where the Xia Kingdom was located, it was just a little bitty.

There was a turbulent sea between this land and the Xia Kingdom.

No one could cross the great waves to get here.

It gave the opportunity for the complete development of life on land.

Due to the different environments, the life born on this piece of land was also not the same as on the main continent.

“Let’s call it the first continent and the second continent, and then name it later.”

Jiang Fan named this scrap.

For the time being, the two continents were given such names.

In this era, no one had noticed the formation of the second continent yet.

Within the Xia Kingdom, people were focused on recuperation.

Han also did not forget Qi’s explanation.

He also took scrupulous things as the foundation of the continent!

Various disciplines had been further developed.

Some interesting inventions were popping up like bamboo shoots after rain!

Within 10 years under Han’s rule.

The elements of the periodic table were proposed for the first time, and the concept of elements was fully formed!

Within 12 years of Han’s rule, some scholars had discovered the laws of heredity.

This discovery laid the foundation for genetics and the subsequent concept of genes.

But it was just a discovery.

The lack of adequate equipment made subsequent research progress slow.

Within 15 years of Han’s rule, there was a famous experiment done by a young scholar.

The scholar climbed to the top of a leaning tower in the capital and threw an iron ball weighing 100 pounds and a one-pound ball at the same time.

Everyone thought that the two iron balls would fall to the ground almost parallel to each other but with the results of this experiment, everyone present was dumbfounded and at a loss of words.

This beautiful story, which was hailed as the “Leaning Tower Test” by the scientific community in the future, had proved by the fact that objects with different weights falling from the same height, would not land at the same time!

This overturned the misconceptions of many previous scholars.

The foundation was laid for the law of free fall which was recognized later.

Within 20 years under Han’s rule, it was a year of great explosion in various disciplines.

This year, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Han’s accession to the throne, each discipline was officially established.

Medicine, physics, chemistry, biology, materials science, and a dozen other disciplines were established.

Under Han’s personal will, the final naming was completed.

Behind these disciplines, there was another discipline that was not publicly available and for which Han was personally responsible was not a pharmaceutical category.

Rather, it was the discipline of Transcendental Studies!

Han did not forget that beyond the Blue Star, there were other worlds too.

The Transcendental Institute was still operating normally.

It was just that, it had been twenty years and not once did Father’s instructions appear!

As the saying goes, the top was the bottom.

Because Han himself was an expert in medicine.

So medicine had been sufficiently developed during the reign of Han.

The school of Medicine became the most popular school.


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