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Chapter 95: Blue Star’s Evolution! The birth of a little atomic dinosaur! The death of Qi!

Various departments also gave the red light to research in medicine to a greater or lesser extent!

This led to the development of other disciplines as well.

Within 50 years under Han’s rule, the technology explosion since the beginning of Qi was caught in a bottleneck.

Part of the reason for this came from the resource constraints of the Blue Star itself.

This time, the population of the Xia Kingdom had exceeded one million people.

The area of Blue Star had grown a lot.

Iron ore began to be discovered.

But there were still very few reserves.

As for the other metals, the categories came together.

There were some that had not even appeared in Jiang Fan’s previous life on Earth.

But most of the reserves were not enough.

A lot of equipment could not be manufactured.

The main reason for that was the atmosphere of the entire Xia Kingdom that was slowly changing.

The frail Han had been in place for so many years and he was also getting old.

The latter was more concerned with the maintenance of the body.

There was little energy to care about the development of various disciplines.

The research was started that was focused on extending life.

There was a sudden explosion in its growth during this time!

All the officials shouted the slogan of extending life for Han and supported the research of life science.

However, some officials had used this slogan to start all kinds of corruption and enrichment in private.

When Jiang Fan saw that the development of the discipline was once again out of balance, he still did not intervene.

For Jiang Fan, this kind of story had long been accustomed to seeing in the history books of his previous life.

This was the inevitable trend of historical development and there was no need to spoil it.

As the saying goes, the old doesn’t go away and the new doesn’t come!

Jiang Fan’s gaze at this time was more on top of the second continent.

There, more and more lives were emerging.

There were weak rats.

There were also giant creepy crawly creatures!

“The time has come.”

Jiang Fan took the sealed crystal into his hand.

He was waiting for the time period which the system deduced.

He threw this sealed crystal in, by using a trace of the power of the origin.

It was thrown on the second continent.

According to common sense, no object could enter the planet from the outside world unless the crystal was used to seal the item!

To seal an item, it required a powerful planet master to control.

So, the sealed crystals were very expensive.

In addition, in the early stages of planet development, any external objects could destroy the ecological balance of the planet.

The only exception was Jiang Fan, who had a deduction system.

This atomic dinosaur was thrown to the second continent.

It woke up soon and looked at this strange illusion.

After yelling a few times, he actually looked directly for a hidden place and went to sleep!

As the largest creature in size here, this atomic dinosaur was not ambitious at all and did not go out hunting much.

He was just lying lazily in the same place in the sun every day!

It got some water only when it was thirsty.

When it was hungry it went to the nearby lake and caught some fish for his belly!

Jiang Fan was speechless when he saw that lying flat posture.

Jiang Fan directly named this atomic dinosaur — Lan!

Over time, there was a growing variety of life there.

There were many species, all were not present in his previous life on Earth.

Jiang Fan roughly judged what kind it was only by appearance.

Jiang Fan felt that the evolution of the Blue Star was moving in a different direction than it did on Earth in his previous life!

Lan was still very lazy but it still couldn’t resist the nature of animals.

After a passage of time spring arrived and all things were revived.

It was animal mating season again!

Lan while basking in the sun, a silly look flashed in his eyes.

when he was staring at one of the animals at the lake

Finally, after some fierce struggle, Lan was laying on the back of a large reptile that looked like a lizard.

Soon after that, this large unknown lizard laid its eggs.

Lan was not a good father so he was still basking in the sun.

It simply didn’t bother him and the large lizards hatched alone.

After one year, a few cute little beings broke their eggshells and crawled out.

The newborn little life was simply impossible to tell who was who.

But time passed quickly and three years later, these little creatures grew tall.

Their appearance was also more clear.

They were like a mix of Lan and a big lizard.

The body structure and biological characteristics were also a combination of both.

After ten years, these little guys were finally growing into adults.

These descendants were not peaceful like Lan.

They were doing all kinds of tossing and turning on land.

They were seeking hegemony.

They each found a mate that was pleasing to the eye just like Lan.

After one year, Lan’s grandchildren were born!

The difference between this generation and Lan was even more obvious.

Although the number was much higher, none of them inherited certain characteristics of Lan.

Thereafter, Lan’s genes went along with these offspring.

It was passed on from generation to generation and Lan was getting older.

As an atomic dinosaur, the life cycle was very long but this was the first generation.

It was still no different from ordinary creatures.

But after Lan’s fifth-generation descendants appeared, Lan’s life also came to an end.

Among the descendants of the fifth generation, a second atomic dinosaur appeared!

This atomic dinosaur not only inherited all the characteristics of Lan but also had been optimized!


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