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Chapter 96: Initial shape of the atomic dinosaur! The Ancestor of King Kong! Dong wins!

As the second atomic dinosaur, this little guy had been restless since he was born!

He was the exact opposite of the first generation of Lan.

He was naughty and mischievous all day long.

At a very young age, it showed a talent that surpassed that of its peers.

It had more strength, thicker scale armor, higher intelligence, and more flexible movements.

In short, it was exactly like two species, except for the similarity in appearance.

It was also even better than the first generation of Lan.

It could really justify the words “atomic dinosaur”.

Jiang Fan paid close attention to the second atomic dinosaur because atomic dinosaurs were not easy to create.

Lan’s genes had been passed down for generations.

Among the hundreds of descendants, he was the only offspring who inherited the Lan gene.

The genes of this generation of atomic dinosaurs were significantly more optimized.

Not only all physical qualities were greatly enhanced, but in addition, it began to have the consciousness and aura of an overlord.

Jiang Fan named this second atomic dinosaur — Dong!

Dong’s genes were better but the growth was extremely slow.

The siblings grew to adulthood in three years, while Dong, on the other hand, was still a teenager.

After five years, Dong was still an adult.

The power of the adult Dong was immense and it had a territorial awareness.

The lake where Lan basked in the sun before his death was the largest lake on the Second Continent.

It was completely occupied by Dong without any courtesy.

It seemed to enjoy these days when it was facing the big lake and the flowers bloomed in spring.

No other animals were allowed to approach there.

Anything that was disobedient was dealt with by Dong, dry and crisp.

The animals in the vicinity trembled.

Even the tall brown bears and saber-toothed tigers were not a match for Dong!

Jiang Fan looked the size of Dong, his head was small, and his tail was relatively long.

On the back, there were obvious thorns and his eyes were quite sharp.

“Why does it look like Godzilla, the king of monsters who likes to maintain the peace of the Earth, but there seems to be some difference”

Jiang Fan observed Dong’s every move but it was not possible to be completely sure.

He could only ask the system to help again.

As a result, there was nothing unexpected, Dong was not that little brat!

Besides physical fitness, everything was just a little bit off.

The most important thing was that there was no iconic atomic reactor inside Dong!

He was still unable to escape the range of ordinary giant beasts, but Jiang Fan was not anxious at all.

In his previous life, it didn’t happen overnight either in the movie.

Instead, it evolved from the dinosaur era, a little bit.

Jiang Fan had the power of origin, he just needed to evolve it slowly.

Jiang Fan was still very clear about the fact that he couldn’t eat hot tofu in a hurry.

Dong was very dominant but there was no escaping the nature of animals.

By that time, it was fifteen years old and was looking at the gaze of a reptile of the opposite sex.

Something was not right but finally, on a day when the rain was pouring down, Dong finally reached adulthood.

It was looking for a half-sibling that was closest to himself on the second continent.

Why half of the same kind

Because this was also one of the descendants of Lan.

It was a reptile that looked somewhat like Lan but several generations apart.

Basically, it was not even a family.

After one year, the descendants of Dong were born.

There were a total of seven little lives.

What surprised Jiang Fan was that, of the seven newborns of this generation, six of them were atomic dinosaurs!

There was also an untimely death.

Dong was a good father.

A handful of **, a handful of urine, and a handful of dedication to raising these children.

The six little atomic dinosaurs had a happy and healthy childhood, but the good times didn’t last long.

This time, on the other side of the second continent, there was a new race of creatures rising.

This was a strange creature with a body shape very much like a python, but with six legs!

It never existed on Earth in the previous life of Jiang Fan, nor in various film and television series.

He went to the Planet Association but he couldn’t find any information either.

Jiang Fan guessed that it should be a product unique to Blue Star.

“Let’s call you a six-legged python.”

Jiang Fan temporarily gave this creature a name.

He couldn’t figure out whether it was lizard-like or python-like.

In short, it appeared to combine the characteristics of a lizard and a python and it became powerful beyond measure.

The reproductive capacity of the six-legged python was much better than the atomic dinosaurs.

Besides, it actually contained poison as compared to a python.

Not a single animal had survived that was bitten by a six-legged python.

There was still plenty of food in the second continent.

The six-legged python was frantically hunting and killing all kinds of prey to grow its race!

In fact, the appearance of the six-legged python was earlier than when Jiang Fan threw Lan on this continent.

At that time, there were only three or two six-legged pythons but after a few generations, by the time of this period of Dong, the colony of six-legged pythons had grown to hundreds!

Unlike atomic dinosaurs, a descendant of the six-legged python was the six-legged python!

Hundreds of six-legged pythons frantically swept in the surroundings.

It dominated a large part of the land.

Although it was a continent, it was still small at this time.

Every single animal from various races was hunted by them and became their food.


A gorilla let out a scream of dismay.


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