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Chapter 97: Initial shape of the atomic dinosaur! The Ancestor of King Kong! Dong wins!

He was bitten by a six-legged python.

The last vision of his life was that he was staring at his wife, who was far away, and his own child, who had just been born not long ago in his wife’s arms, appeared unusually intelligent.

The track of the six-legged python finally stepped on the perimeter of the largest lake.

That was Dong’s territory at that time.

The six-legged python was ferocious but it was not simple-minded at all.

They were very smart and cunning!

After feeling the scent of the atomic dinosaur, the six-legged python didn’t behave as it did before.

It chose to retreat for the time being and sent two of their more agile counterparts to sneak quietly into Dong’s territory.

After a lot of twists and turns, two six-legged pythons found out about Dong and his six children.

Dong was still talking to his six children at that time.

All of them were happy to play the simple and uncomplicated game of throwing stones.

The two six-legged pythons observed for a while and sneaked back silently.

They told the other companions about their findings.

The six-legged python seemed to have reached a certain opinion and each of them dispersed.

They waited for the next day and got back together again.

After that, they quietly slipped into Dong’s territory again.

This time, it was discovered by Dong, who was enjoying the scenery and calming down at the edge of the alley.

When Dong saw the huge body of the six-legged python, he directly used a sliding shovel!

The six-legged python was sent flying with a single slap.

He was so strong!

This was the real-time reaction of the other six-legged pythons in the back.

The one in the front was definitely not their opponent but the six-legged pythons saw that the situation was not good, so they retreated immediately.

They instantly disappeared into the jungle.

After that, Dong ignored these six-legged pythons.

He went over and cleaned up the wounded six-legged python in a few blows.

As for its huge body, he threw it into the lake hard.

From here on, this area was a lot quieter.

The six-legged pythons never came back.

The six-legged pythons in other places also converged, when they saw the great power of Dong.

Other animals got more room to survive because of this.

However, it was just the calm before the storm!

As the saying goes, one mountain cannot accommodate two tigers.

On a small land, how could there be room for two kinds of giant beasts

The six-legged python sunk its teeth into the air, it was quietly looking for the right opportunity.

After three years, the opportunity was finally there.

As the six offspring of Dong had already taken shape.

They were not adults but there was also a trace of domineering and intimidation of atomic dinosaurs!

Dong’s discipline was also slowly decreasing.

Most of the time, he stayed by the lake but these days, it was found that not far away in the forest, there was always a chicken-and-egg-like movement.

With the noises, it could not be peace.

Dong was unable to bear it and roared.

As he roared, the forest was suddenly silent and the birds and beasts trembled with fear.

However, this deterrence did not last long.

Soon, it started to jump around again.

Very helpless, it didn’t bother to get up to see what was happening.

A few more days passed and there was more movement of chickens flying around.

There seemed to be a lot of animals, coming from further away!

Those who didn’t know thought they were going to the market.

Another day passed and Dong was keenly aware that the six-legged python was on this continent, which once made him wary and angry -.

It was one of the few things that could be a threat to Atomic Dinosaur’s babies!

Dong changed his usual Buddhist nature and rushed straight through.

By the time he arrived, he discovered that the six-legged pythons had already hurried away.

When they left, there seemed to be a red flower in their mouth.

Dong glanced around suspiciously and found out that there was a deep pond there.

Under the deep pond, a surprisingly delicate-looking red flower was growing!

“What is this thing”

Dong was a bit curious but the pond was too deep and the entrance was too small.

There was simply no room for his huge body.

Dong could only look at it for a few moments and then give up.

Under the deterrence of Dong, most of the animals around had run out but there were still a few left that was too late to run.

A skinny female gorilla that was holding a baby gorilla was shivering and hiding on the cliff beside him and was waiting for Dong to leave.

The female gorilla took a very wary…… look around.

She hugged the little gorilla and jumped down into the deep pond.

After picking a red flower, she flew away.

The animals in the back were not so lucky.

There was a big battle in the deep pond.

Eventually, the few remaining red flowers were taken away and hidden.

No one knew exactly what happened except for Jiang Fan who observed this scene.


Seeing this, a smile of anticipation appeared on the corner of Jiang Fan’s mouth.

The evolution of life in the second continent was completely different from the first continent.

On the first Continent, most of the species were still exactly the same as in his previous life.

While in the second continent, the birth of the species was somewhat unexpected.

There were giant brown bears weighing over a thousand kilograms.

There were six-legged pythons that looked like lizards and pythons.

There were weak but intelligent and very affectionate apes.

Jiang Fan guessed that even if it was one day, this continent gave birth to a whole new race of intelligence.

It was also very possible.


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